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Name Bani Pera
Location Darwin, Northern Territory, AUSTRALIA
Date April 1st, 2007

Since  has existed, I have lived in Vanuatu, Japan and now Darwin in Northern Australia. All places without Assyrians. This website has allowed me to stay in touch with issues relating to Assyrians, often being more informed than Assyrians living in Sydney which is my native home. I have also met many great people on this website which culminated in me meeting people in California and very recently in Amsterdam, 2 continents away from where I live or have lived. This website has brought together many different people with different lifestyles and different ways of thinking, but with their Assyrian heritage in common. Well done Ashoor for his hard work.



Location Toronto, Canada
Date Mar. 10, 2007

As the webmaster of this website, it has been a pleasure and one great experience, serving this great community.  It is a community unlike any other community. In these last 8 years, I have hosted, talked and communicated with literally thousands of Assyrians, an experience only a few have the privilege of going through.

Assyrian Voice has certainly changed my life.  It has given meaning to my life. It has helped me help and serve Assyrians in the best way possible. I am proud to say that this website has helped Assyrians learn their language again. It has helped singles find their soul mates. It has helped raise awareness about Assyrians amongst Assyrians. It has played such a big role in the life of our people, you can argue that the Bible would have predicted its future coming.