Assyrian Voice Network
-Terms of Service- 


1. Assyrian Voice Network {hereafter known as Assyrian Voice or AVN} is a free-of-charge Assyrian community and family-oriented website whose purpose is to help Assyrians build strong personal and cultural ties through the use of internet services. These services include but are not limited to communication tools such as text and audio chat rooms and message boards. Other services include photo albums, free e-mail, e-magazines, MSN and ICQ directories and online shopping. One of the primary aims of AVN is to provide education to the international communities about who Assyrians are, their history and their current events and achievements.

2. Users under the age of 14 are required to get the permission of their parents or legal guardian[s] before using the AVN website or services. Should the AVN administration team become aware of any user who had been using the said services without being granted permission from their parents will result in the immediate termination of any current AVN service. Parents of any user under the age of 14 should email their permission to

3. AVN considers all service users and members to be of equal merit and in equal standing. No favour or bias is shown to any user regardless of age, ethnic descent, creed, geographic location or accumulated time using the AVN website. All rules apply to all users at all times.

4. The use of AVN services requires that members and visitors abide by the rules and standards established by the AVN administration team. These standards have been created to maintain a family-oriented atmosphere and ensure the comfort and safety of the participants and subscribers. The abuse of those rules may result in an expulsion or ban from the AVN site. Further and repeated abuse will result in a permanent expulsion and cancellation of all services to which the abuser is subscribed.

5. By using any AVN service, you agree to treat other members with equality, common courtesy and respect. AVN will not tolerate any type of threat, fight or any form of violence on our network. NO Abuse of any kind will be tolerated. No insults, profanity, slander or racial slurs or any language intended to convey such meaning will be permitted. Using any of these will result in immediate disciplinary action from the AVN administration team. The nature of the disciplinary action will be situation-specific. This means that the severity of the disciplinary action will depend upon the level of infraction, up to and including a permanent expulsion from the website and any associated services. Legal action may also be taken, if it has been deemed necessary to do so by the AVN administration team.

6. Each AVN service user has an equal chance of expressing their views. Freedom of speech is heavily endorsed by AVN, but is limited to family-oriented expression. Profanity, slander or verbal abuse does not constitute freedom of speech. The use of the concept of freedom of speech as a means of communicating abuse or hatred is not condoned by AVN. Action will be taken to immediately stop such activity.

7. By accessing AVN services, you agree to have your Internet Service Provider’s Address [IP Address] monitored at all times. The use of any “IP spoofers”, “nukers”, viruses and any other internet software or programming tool designed to implicate duplicity and/or hostility is prohibited on our website. The use of such tools may result in extreme action against their users, up to but not including legal action.

8. Users of AVN services may choose the level of privacy in each service at their own discretion. The user may choose to remain completely anonymous or choose to use their real name and information at their own risk. The user agrees to be responsible for the management of his or her own personal information and agrees not to hold AVN or its administration staff responsible for any consequence resulting from the release of private information. PLEASE BE AWARE OF INTERNET SECURITY. RELEASE PERSONAL INFORMATION ONLY AT YOUR OWN RISK. At no time will AVN or its administration staff be held responsible for the user’s release of personal information. Under no circumstances will AVN or its staff ask any user to reveal any personal information unless solely for the administration purposes of the website services or in response to complaints of abuse. AVN and its staff will never solicit personal information for the sale of said information to third parties; nor will any monies be solicited from any user at any time in exchange for personal information or for the use of services.

9. The AVN administration team reserves the right to cancel or terminate any service offered to any user at any time should any abuse of the preceding terms of use be discovered.

10. The AVN administration team reserves the right to stop and/or remove any thread or message deemed unacceptable [as described in the preceding terms of use] in any service that it offers.

11. The AVN website contains links to other websites, but is not a member of any ring. The opinions promoted in linked websites are those of the webmasters and may not coincide with those of AVN. AVN does not endorse any other website or its content. Links are provided in the interest of furthering Assyrian issues, or are directly related to AVN website material.

12. At no time is the AVN or its administration staff to be held accountable for any action taken by any party outside of the parameters of the AVN website and its services.