Photo Albums F.A.Q


  • What are "Photo Albums"?
    Photo Album is a special service on our website that allows our members, users and visitors to send their picture so that it be displayed on our website, and be viewed by others visiting our website, from all over the world. The service is free and allows for a great communication between people of our website, and lets them get in touch with more people, or people they lost touch with.

  • How do I send my picture?
    Sending a picture to be displayed on our albums is simple. Just follow this link, and follow from there.

  • How often are Photo Albums released?
    New Photo Albums are released depending on the volume of pictures we receive as well as the commitment of the website to other projects. Typically, new release of new albums happens at least once a year.

  • How many new albums does each release contain?
    Again, depending on the volume of pictures we receive, typically each new release has anywhere between 10-15 albums. Each of these albums has between 15-20 pictures.

  • I sent my pictures but wasn't included in the most recent photo album release. Why is that?
    More than one thing could have gone wrong. Please review the list by clicking here to ensure that your picture met our requirements. These requirements ensure that we meet the highest standards of quality that ensure the best albums for our users.

  • I met all your requirements, but my picture was still not included!
    Other factors may have had an effect and these can be reviewed here.

  • I have a picture in the Photo Album, which I want to remove. How can I do that?
    Removing a picture is simple, and all yoyo need to do is send us an email, indicating your reasons, your relationship to the picture and your name.

  • Some of the pictures I sent, had their size altered without my permission.
    By sending your pictures to us, you agree to give us permission to alter any picture in accordance with our standards of quality. These measures are usually taken to ensure that the albums are as light as possible, resulting in better quality and less download times.

  • I still have more questions or need more help!
    If you still have more questions or need more help, please email us. You may also visit our Discussion Forums and pose your questions to our users there, most of whom are able to help with your questions (the use of Discussion Forums requires that you register first)


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