Rama & Nancy
Qamishly, Syria







Assyrians from Holland and France








L to R: Marlene, Rita, Maureen, Mary, Charlene.
Chicago, USA







Allen "Doma_For_U"






Steve and Sandra
California, USA






Assyrian wedding
Toronto, Canada




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Juliana. Filand






Hommy_2. Chicago, USA






(L to R) Bahjat with Oushana_23





Left: Chicago, USA





Oslo, Norway





Assyrian wedding
Toronto, Canada






From left: Faiz, Ed Belfour (Toronto Maple Leafs goalie), Homer, Ross
Quiznos Restaurant: Woodbridge, Ont, Canada






Jennifer and Marlene
Chicago, USA







George "Toronto's Finest"
Toronto, Canada







George al_Rikane and his fiance
Alqosh, Iraq







Arya_NZ, Dolma_NZ, Jimboon_NZ
New Zealand