Assyrian guys from Syria






Malina "ChicagoAzizta)
Chicago, USA




SANDRO_YOUNADAM  "AssyrianSkipper"
Florida, USA




Chicago, USA



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Assyrian Voice Network



Allen. Sweden




Bzaoona. Toronto, Canada





Ninev Nissan
San Jose, CA, USA





Middle: Kany albelaty in Greece with friends


Amy "Shikwanta"
Toronto, Canada




Michael. London, England




Dlse (AssyrianBokta20)




Ashor.  Modesto, California, USA






Vita Talia. Holland




Ninos Ayo. Germany





Ashourita Nangel4ever
San Diego, CA, USA




Ashur Jacoup "San Diego's finest"
San Diego, CA, USA




Eddy. Berlin, Germany



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