Left: Baby_Rena UK and Duly
London, England




Hinatom. Marseille, France




From left: Johnny, Clara , Gibbi
Detroit, USA




Basil. Jordan




Rosalinda. Sweden




Steve with his sister Christina
Chicago, USA



This album is brought to you by the:
Assyrian Voice Network



From left: Elbron, Rammy, and Danny
Toronto, Canada





Duraid living in
Gothenburg, Sweden




Left: Renee and Eva
Michigan, USA




Rafie Hannona "Rafster"
London, Eng;and





Sargon & Simon
Massachusetts, USA




 Samantha "SaMMaYBaBiE"
San Diego, CA, USA





Sami & Robin
London, England




Samir "WS1"
Chicago, USA



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