31st Photo Album
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       Singer Ashur Sabbo







                Bay Area, California, USA




"Khleeta_20" (Beirut_Girl)




           From the left standing: Albert, Jimmy, Ninos, James, Zaya, Fareed, Bassam, Sargon



MAHA "Sexy Jilwa Maha"
Detroit, USA



             Arsen , Finland                                 

Adad, Finland



Mar Yosip Assyrian Church of the East Youth Ministry. 
San Jose, California,



Sami "TALANA 9" , LA, California




Nabil Mikhael Oshana (Al-Shootey)
Brisbane, Australia




Leon "Arya_Atouraya"
London, England



George and Johnny Ivan from Chicago USA






From left:  Nov.,  Jacklyne
 Windsor, ONT, Canada


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