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Dawood Barkho "dodo Toronto"
Toronto, Canada





Madelene "brata_shoomanta"
Toronto, Canada




Isaac (GodPapa)
Hamilton, Canada



London, England




Freddy "SugarDaddy"
Toronto, Canada



Anita (Cleopatra) with a friend.
Auckland, New Zealand.





Sydney, Australia




Kelina "AssyrianChick" also known as "sugarlips"
London,Ontario, Canada




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Ammar Atoraya
Sydney, Australia







Bebeto AKA Primitive Man
Australia, and now living in Vanutau. 




From left: Diana, Estela and Shameran
Sydney, Australia



Danny Goriya And his firends Mark And Bahar
Melbourne, Australia



From Right: BlueIce (Dennis) with his friend TRA-J , 
 Chicago, USA



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