26th Photo Album Brought to you by the: Assyrian Voice Network. Seeing the pictures of our Assyrian friends from around the world is a great pleasure.  It makes us feel closer to each other more than ever before.  This has always been our goal here at the Assyrian Voice Network; To get all Assyrians together and in one place.           <<<<www.AssyrianVoice.net>>>>




From left: Jacqueline (ImUrngel) with her friends
Melbourne, Australia



Jacqueline (ImUrngel)
Melbourne, Australia



Johnny "joni valium"
Hamilton, Canada



DENA "DenaTheGina"
Toronto, Canada



Presented to you by: the Assyrian Voice Network
In the beginning, there was the interNET
then there was the WEB
then came AOL, ICQ and MSN
Finally, there is the
Assyrian Voice NETwork




Ninos (adidas)
Hamilton, Canada




Melina (ChicagoAzista)
Chicago, USA





From left: Ammar (Sugar Hill) with his friend.
Sydney, Australia




Melbourne, Australia




Toronto, Canada




Jackie and Johnny.
London, England




From Left To Right:  Jack Danny's Cuzin, Danny (AsSyRiAn FoReVeR)
Danny's Cuzin Marinal, Danny's Brother (Eddie - Xzibit)
Detroit, USA




Mr. Dragon
Sydney, Australia



Edmon Atouraya




Ramzi "ana_yala_shapera "  or " ram_103"  
Arizona, USA


From right: Janet with her friend
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada




Second row from right wearing white shirt with hand over friend's shoulder:
"OnLyGoDcAnJuDgEmE" with his friends.
Sydney, Australia



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