25th Photo Album Brought to you by the: Assyrian Voice Network. Enjoy your visit and have a great time browsing through the pictures. Our goal is to always have our Assyrian community come in one place to meet and unite as one voice. That is why we are called the Assyrian Voice       <<<<www.AssyrianVoice.net>>>>





Standing from left:  Ninos, Allen, James, Sargon, Bassam, Zaya, Albert, Jimmy, Alen
Melbourne, Australia




Standing from right : Ashtar 
Second row from the right: Asmahan
together with their friends
Chicago, USA




Wendy @7 Years old 




Standing from right: Swanprincess with her brother and friends.
Toronto, Canada




Daniel ( DAC or GodismyJudge as  ) with his sister Enschede,  Netherlands





Robi.  Sydney, Australia





Vian with her sons. London, England



Pic@so. Chicago, USA





From right: Brata khleeta with her sister
Sydney, Australia





From left : Redmon & Sargon 
Holly-Hill Wisconsin, USA



Hamilton, Canada




Mike "Menchwarrior"
Detroit,  USA




From right: Danny with some friends.



From left: Ninos,  Esho,  Dosha, Basil
Athens, Greece






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