21st Photo Album presented by the Assyrian Voice Network. Over 50 new pictures from all around the world. We have put a great effort into these new albums to make them look as great as possible. Enjoy your time and have fun.

21st Photo Album





From left to right (NEWS)ALEX. (SAM). (RAMSEN SHEENO).
Toronto, Canada






Steve12. Canada


Farid. Sydney, Australia


BaByReenA_UK. London, England



Hormez Al-Barwary. Sydney, Australia






Istanbul, Turkey



Nichola Kirwish JR.
Chicago, USA



Savian  82. California, USA


Malina "ChicagoAzizta". Chicago, USA




Hamilton, Canada



From left: Evan, "his dad", Ogin Bet Shmouel, Evan's mother.
London, England


Standing in the middle: Suzy with her friends. Sydney, Australia


Franco "barishta"
Toronto, Canada



Left: David "Genawa" & Franco "ALBAZ"
Arizona, USA


Toronto, Canada



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