Young Assyrians dying from heart attacks!


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Since late 2018 and through Jan 2021 (around 2 years) I know of 6 young Assyrians that have died of sudden heart-attacks and I am hoping this thread can bring some awareness to this silent killer. I won’t mention their names but at least their other info:

-Nov 2018: 29 year old from Chicago
-Feb 2019: 28 year old from Modesto (married with a kid and his wife was pregnant with a second child at the time)
-April 2020: 34 year old married man from Toronto, with 3 kid
-May 2020: 42 year old married father of 2, from Toronto
-July 2020: 27 year old man from Toronto
-Jan 2021: 27 year old man (I believe from Chicago)

Notice how 4 of these happened during the Pandemic and I wonder, and wouldn’t be shocked to know it is related.

Sad and tragic and may they Rest In Peace. And hope this thread can bring more attention to this silent killer.
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The Jan 2021 case was a cousin of a relative. The mother was said to be inconsolable. I can't imagine how she was feeling. His death was filmed. He was playing live X box and it was all on cam. He wasn't feeling well, seemed like he was dizzy. He falls and you hear a death rattle after 5 minutes. You don't see him on the ground though. I can't imagine how the mother felt to see him lying lifeless in his room. 😢

There is a cause for this silent killer apparently. At least judging from the Jan 2021 one. The man was involved with drugs. It was said he overdosed on cocaine. I am going to have to assume that all those in their 20s that you listed probably had affiliation with drugs. Also notice that they're in North America. I hear of a lot of Assyrians there who recreationally do drugs (especially the US). We need more attention towards illicit drugs killing our youth.