X’s (Twitter) 100x and explosive 48 hrs


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It has been a wild and electrifying 48 hours for Elon Musk's social network 'X'!

Let us go through some of what happened an why these numbers you are about to read are out of this world.

  • Trump’ interview with Tucker Carlson on X (Formerly Twitter) which has garnered a record over quarter billion view (so far!) in just 48 hrs. That is in addition to combined 1.1 million likes, reposts and replies.

  • The GOP Trump-less primary debate where Vivek Ramaswamy was not only the go-to candidate for attacks - the bests were on DeSantis- he was also the victim of an AI joke, where Christie accused him of sounding like ChatGPT. Must admit that was not only the zinger of the night, but funny as hell.

  • And if the above is not enough, we have another - dare I say - historical and unprecedented event where a first U.S president gets arrested at the Fulton County Jail on felony charges in connection with efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election results in Georgia. Also, In a first for his four indictments this year, Trump had his mug shot taken. It was released shortly after he left the jail.

  • But hold on, there is more, and yes it involves Trump again, if you have been paying close attention so far and noticed the pattern!
    For the first time since Jan 2021, Trump made his first post on X (Twitter) . Not surprisingly, his first post in 30+ months almost broke Twitter (sorry Elon, still not used to calling it X) : in just 24 so far , the post has been liked a record 1.5 million times, viewed 200 million times and re-posted close to half a million times. Basically 50K likes for every month he was on absence from Twitter.

View: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1694886846050771321?s=20

Wofff! I am out of breath just typing about these record and history shattering last 48 hrs. In addition to Trump being the centre of attention , with jubilation and ridicule on one side , and support and sympathy on the other, there was another huge winner. Actually, the biggest winner from this 48 hr political hurricane, is none other than Elon Musk, and more specifically his company X. Between the Tucker Trump interview and the Trump self-post of his mugshot, you have close to half a billion in network activity on X (from likes, views, posts etc) . Simply astronomical when you remember this is from just 2-3 events. Bonus points also go to Tucker Carlson and his interview’s massive numbers.

If this is a sample of what is to come next year during US elections, then Musk better start stocking up on lots of servers and data centres. If CNN owned U.S elections in the last 20-30 years, it is no secret their dominance is a thing of the past as X and other social networks will be the new battleground.

Trump's official mugshot (considered by many Republicans and fans of him as a badge of honour)
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