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Why Messi should retire from international soccer immediately!


Staff member
Argentina is in danger of missing the WC, though there is still a good chance they will make it, probably having to play NZ.

With that being the case, I strongly think Messi should call it quits regarding his career with the NT.

I believe Messi's international career is tarnishing his career: zero titles over 12 years and 7 combined WC/CA, controversially retiring and then coming back and now his latest 4-game suspension.

Messi, the best then to do is retire from the NT. It is not doing you any good!

Crocodile Bani

Active member
Miskina Messi.

Whilst his mouthing off at the referee in the last game was an irresponsible thing for him to do, the fact remains that Argentina needs Messi more than Messi needs Argentina. 

He had retired after the Copa America only to be talked back into being part of the team because they needed him.  They simply don't have anyone to replace him. 

He still has plenty to offer both Argentina and Barcelona, so there is no need for him to retire whilst he is still an outstanding player with plenty of years left in him. 

I don't see any sense in forcing Messi to retire.  He should only retire when he feels like it.


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Argentina will go through , but I doubt very much they will be able to go far in the world cup against teams like Spain , Germany and France and even against some of the lower teams  . Argentina team plays like Barcelona without messi , average , no rythme , no plan and they run like a headless chickens despite having some of the top players in the world  . Messi was better off playing for Spain , but too little too late .