This picture has caused quite the outrage for Assyrians online

I came across this a few days ago online and some people are losing their minds over it. I don’t know what the context is or been able to watch the video, other than what appears to be a mentally challenged young boy that the Assyrian patriarch Mar Awa is praying for to heal.

Obviously, the outrage and condemnation is over the fact that he was chained like a slave and thrown over the floor like an animal (I am paraphrasing what people are saying online).

I would like to mention that most of those who expressed this outrage - right or not- are Assyrian nationalist who haven’t stepped foot in a church in ages.

Let us discuss this in a respectful manner and not disrespect any religious authority please. I am just interested to hear your view on this, without knowing the full context here.

Thank you all and God bless
The photo on its own is not enough to spark outrage, unless you are a left wing woke nutjob. A photo is not enough to give a context. Until one knows what is happening there, nobody is in a position to pass judgement.
The guy needs a professional doctor, not a bishop. But unfortunately, mentally challenged people cannot be cured (for the most part). His parents should accept him the way he is, to be perfectly honest.