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This is what a computer simulation predicted for the 20/21 EPL season!


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Around early Jan I believe , I came across a headline from a UK newspaper about how they did a computer simulation and concluded that ManUTD wouldn’t be able to maintain their lead, with Man-city eventually taking over.

6 weeks later, my how that prediction came true! Not only did they take over, they are 12 points clear, with just one third of the campaign left to play (26 out of 38 matches played)

Of course, with 12 games still to be played, it is still a lot of time for things to change. But it also means ManCity has to lose some 4 times (while ManU maintaining a perfect record ) for the two to be equal in points.

At the current pace , ManCity is projected to finish with 90 points, which wouldn’t be nearly enough to put them in top 5 most points for an EPL league winner. Here are the top five :

1-Man City – 100 points – 2017/18.
2-Liverpool – 99 points – 2019/20. ...
3-Man City – 98 points – 2018/19. ...
4-Liverpool – 97 points – 2018/19. ...
5-Chelsea – 95 points – 2004/05.

Very interesting that for both of these records for ManCity, Pep was the coach. If they can top 95 points this year, he will hold the 1,3, and 5th spot.

Is he a better coach for a league than a CL format, where despite having won it twice with Barcelona, it is the teams he had rather than his experience that helped?
I agree Pep is probably better as a league coach than champions league style format. In fact, I could be wrong , but his FA Cup is not great either (a format that is similar to CL than the EPL) with that said however, I still think this season (as well as last year) has an astrick beside it due to covid.
I like my team ManU to make a comeback but I know it is wishful thinking ☺️


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Sorry TG, while I agree it is a different season without the fans, it applies uniformly to all the teams :)

And I am not even a ManCity fan. I am a fan of any team that has Brazilians (and MC has more than a few) ;)