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Starting Assyrian language schools?


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using sunday schools to teach the language to the kids is fine n'all but I think we need some real dedicated buildings to teach Assyrian studies (language, history, etc.)

The building doesn't have to be large but it should be able to hold a good amount of the Assyrians kids within the area.

Another thing is to debate whether the schools should be free or paid for. Reason for this is to further debate whether these will be public or private schools.

best decision for here in the USA, we make them as charter schools. Charter schools still get government funding BUT the school still operates independently from the state school system.

What do you guys think, let me hear/read your opinion.


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How old are you mrzurnaci?, curious, but l think it should be free for public, paid for private. this is really a good idea, l wish we had this in sweden.


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Cascade said:
So you're my age?

I thought you were rather older, like 29-33. Maybe because you've hung around on AVN since prehistoric times. Lol.
I am 26, We are quite young here...