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Spiritual Message of Hope a Book of Love and Light šŸ„°

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By Abbey Mikha

Therese Light has published, ā€œSpiritual Message of Hopeā€ which is meant to be an inspirational story for people in the mental health community and their families and for any human being interested in the story of someone who has suffered from a mental health condition.

The book is available for free from Thursday, March 25 to Monday, March 29 because Therese believes everyone should have a chance to read her book which was written to share hope and inspire. She wishes from the bottom of her heart that it will help anyone who needs help right now especially in these difficult times that everyone is experiencing.


Therese wrote the spiritual and kind words in this book because she knows what it feels like to only have heard a few words of compassion in life and in hospital.

She wants to spread a message of encouragement to people in the mental health community and let these individuals know that although they suffer from a mental health condition they can still recover especially with early medical intervention, therapy, and love.

Therese believes in her heart that a mental health diagnosis does not make a person a bad person. On the contrary, even such individuals can be people of the light with warm hearts.

The book is filled with insight and words of wisdom for people in the mental health community. There is also a special message of thanks for families who are helping to care for someone with a mental health condition.

Therese is an individual who has benefited from the kind words of a few people, which she met in her path in life, and she believes in the power of words and spreading love and compassion to everyone in the mental health community and all humanity.

As it says in the Bible in the book of John, ā€œIn the beginning was the word.ā€ Her words flow from a spiritual heart that wants to touch the hearts of people in this community who have been many times stigmatized, marginalized, and forgotten.

Therese wants everyone to know that even people in the mental health community can be believers and people of prayer.

Therese studied psychology in university and she wrote this book to be a friend to people in the mental health community by guiding them according to what she has learned so far on her mental health journey.

This is her message of hope, love, and light.
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