Small Proof that American Leftists despise Assyrians


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Here's some small evidence I posted where I was arguing with some jerk how Assyrians are being attacked and killed for being Christian and he posts some B.S.
Leftism is dying, you can see their remnants lurking in news sections and reddit.

The Alt-Light is considered to be the new Left due to the collapse of SJW and Marxist numbers in the last couple years, the new right is fascism.
We're seeing a revitalisation of the right-wing in response to left-wing inadequacy and incompetence.

Whether it'll be a big enough counter-movement is a different question.
Don't get too deceived.

This guy could be a leftist ex-Muslim who still has the hots for Islam and its 'persecuted' people. He could be another Cenk Uygur or Linda Sarsour.