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I just finished watching the film. Its such a romantic movie. I love Tom and Meg together in flims.

What do you guys think of the film?

and they kept referring to "an affair to remember" has anyone seen that? Is it worth watching?


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I dont like this movie. I cant relate to it at all. They hardly share any screen time together too. I dont understand why it was such a big hit.


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It's one of my faves. It's the old romantic notion of 'I knew I loved you before I met you'...it's nice to think that those things exist in this world  :)

Never seen An Affair To Remember...I've always wanted to though


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That's all I have to say to you, young man:

"I'm gonna do my kind of dancing"  I'm getting so emotional right now...



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Pumpkin said:
What movie are we talking about??? All that  :spammer: confused me...
Don't ask me how I know, it's just a wild guess, but I think they're talking about "Dirty Dancing".



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Tom Hanks son in the movie annoyed me to high hell but on a better note Seattle is an awesome city.


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I like Renee's input into this.....it's nice to see love that exists in the old fashioned way!