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Record for most calories burnt in one day!


Staff member
Been going to the gym for well over a decade and today I broke a record-as far as I can remember-for most calories burnt at the gym in one day.

Doing one hour on the stepper (level 12) on 'random' mode, I was able to burn a record 865 calories!

I wanted to do more and get to 900 at least but I was literally soaking water.

I still want to get to 1000 calories burnt in one day. That will be my next challenge.

What is the most you have burnt in one day at the gym?



Active member
Not at the gym, but I probably have burned around 200 calories when I was strenuously digging in my backyard one day (for hours).

It's not good for me because I'm rather thin. I need the calories... Lol...