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Post Your Favorite Music Videos!


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You can post any music video of any genre you like. Here is one of my favorite music videos of all-time. Its called "Hey Lover" by LL Cool J featuring Boys II Men.



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yaaaaay i finally figured out how to use the mytube thingy  :clap:

my love by JT.. i loooooooooooooooooove the beginning  :2hearts:



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Madonna - Live To Tell (live at confessions tour)


Kamelot - The Haunting


Hisham Abbas - Nari Nareen

They are all good, like mini movies.





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It's not the official video to the song but I think it rocks.

Rob Dougan's Furious Angels




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System of a Down - toxicity


Wu-Tang Clan - Triumph



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Gangstarr - Mass Appeal


Gangstarr - Full Clip




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One of the best,
Nas - It ain't hard to tell.............

When Jigga actually rapped
Jay Z - Dead Presidents II


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Shami said:
Yara  :2hearts:  Twasa Feyee

First of all, I absolutely love Yara. Her voice is breath-taking. Secondly, I sampled her vocals from that same song into a Jay-Z remix, which I composed myself. Its probably one of my finest remixes I've ever done - thanks to Yara.


As for the topic, here is a music video called "Classic" by Kanye West, Nas, KRS-One & Rakim. Its produced by DJ Premier.



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Bombay Rockers Feat. Overseas - Ari Ari (Remix)


Bombay Rockers - Sexy Mama


Bombay Rockers - Rock Tha Party