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Neymar to PSG...


Active member
Ashoor, how do you feel about your Brazilian GINGA master being the most expensive player in the world? Do you think he will start challenging messi and ronaldo for the ballon d or and maybe win a few himself? he had to leave messi's shadow I believe

Crocodile Bani

Active member
His wages are worth exactly the entire Australian Football League players' salary.  He will be set for life after one game.  That is some serious money being offered to Neymar.

I think for the sake of his "brand name", Neymar needed to go to a club where he is the undisputed superstar of the team.  Though I will miss the MSN combination at Barca. 


New member
The move from sporting point of view is big mistake and unprofessional choices .  PSG will never win the champion league as long as Bayern munich , barca and Madrid are around , so the move is just for money .

We all remember the wonder kid Robinho and how  his carrier was shattered trying to be #1 . You are either the best or you are not and Neymar is third best and will remain this way until messi and ronaldo retire .

Crocodile Bani

Active member
Old topic but now that PSG has a good chance of winning it with Neymar in the team, interesting to see how our old predictions were.