New Book by Abbey called "Beauty by Inanna Brady: Spirit of Wisdom"


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By Abbey Mikha (Dalale)

I hope everyone who reads at Assyrian Voice E-magazine is doing well in these difficult days that the world is facing as a result of coronavirus. Each one of you is in my daily prayers.

I just wanted to let you know that I have written a book called, “Beauty by Inanna Brady: Sprit of Wisdom,” which is going to be available for free on Amazon for five days from Thursday, May 27th to Monday, May 31st. Just want the readers at Assyrian Voice to be the first to know about it. I hope you take advantage of this opportunity and read about Inanna the lady of the humble heart.

The story is a romantic short novel. It was downloaded into my dream by the universes on an evening in 2019 after my mom gave a lady an extra thirty dollar tip for picking grape leaves for my family so that mom and I could make dolma all throughout the year.

The night we picked up the grape leaves, I had a dream that was so vivid. I dreamt of the principal characters and their names and the general storyline of the book. I woke up in the middle of the night and started inputting the information into my phone and saved it for the next day when I started outlining the story.

Let me tell you a little about Inanna. She is a mature, wise, courageous, and conservative young lady. Even though she’s seventeen soon to be eighteen, she has in the past considered becoming a nun, but she does not end up going on that journey.

Inanna feels like she has the spirit of a priestess but is living a normal life at home in LaSalle, Ontario. She always longs for the spiritual life and wishes she could have gone on that holy journey. This vocation however is not available for girls, unfortunately nowadays, which she thinks is very sad.

Inanna though lives a spiritual life independently, and she seeks the wisdom of the ages. She loves nature and notices all the little flowers and creatures on her walks with her dad.

Her Zodiac sign is the golden-hearted Leo, and she lives her life with the golden rule in mind, which is to do unto others, as you would have others do unto you.

Inanna was named after the Sumerian goddess that the Assyrians call Ishtar, who is sometimes also referred to as Venus.

She is from a mix of cultures. Part Irish from her dad’s side, and part Assyrian and Lebanese from her mom’s side. She is very proud of all these cultures and they are a big part of her psyche. She considers herself an ancient being of the light and loves the concept of humankind’s origin from Atlantis, although she does not know that much about it.

Inanna has a small circle. She’s best friends with her parents and her aunt Rainbow and has two other best friends named Maria and Joy who attend the same high school. Maria is a YouTube creator and Joy plans to attend university to study psychology.

Inanna loves Jesus Christ, Buddha, and Krishna, who are her favorite ascended beings of the light, and she memorizes quotes that are attributed to all three.

When she graduates from high school, Inanna’s family is in a difficult situation, so she becomes a professional makeup artist and entrepreneur to help out. She is an expert at enhancing human beings’ beauty and she never discriminates against anyone. All she wants is for people to believe they are beautiful.

She is trying to avoid relationships because she knows she needs to be successful before mixing her life with another. The thing is though, that she can’t stop thinking about love. Who doesn’t think about love? She’s a romantic.

She ends up meeting an individual named Alexander, during dance lessons, who is a website designer and a sweetheart. He’s mixed from beautiful cultures mainly Macedonian, Dutch, and German. She wonders if he will be the love of her life, but she tries to take things step by step. She always loved the name Alexander because of the stories of Alexander the Great who historians have called a demigod.

Inanna is always manifesting the future by reading, thinking, dreaming, and praying and the law of attraction is at work in her life.

The most important thing to Inanna is family, genuine love, and finding meaning in life. She has a close bond with those in her life and has found that meaning through a beautiful simplicity and by being immersed in independent learning about ancient history and civilizations, which she takes seriously and doesn’t believe to be mythology.

What is important to Inanna is gaining knowledge and understanding and always expanding her consciousness to help be of service to all deserving people and all of humanity.

I really hope you enjoy this book. If you have a positive message about the book feel free to email me at <>.

I wish each of you the very best in life. God be with you all.
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