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MSN memories.


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Ever been guilty of doing this back in the day? LOL! It is funny, we had so few rights back in the day when technology wasn't that advanced...



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i think im too young for this lol. I do remember once using MSN but it's a blurry memory for me.


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I was in my teens in the MSN days (2004-2007). I used to do this and I did think that people done it to me too Lol...I also used to appear offline just to see who was coming on and off - If I saw my favourite friend come on I appeared online just to chat with them.

I used to do so many mischievous things on MSN, like make fake accounts and deceive friends. Two of them fell so bad for it, when I made myself some sort of a psychic and a sexy woman. One guy started to suspect me and said that it's me and I should give up (he was a typical know-it-all). But I always refused to say that it was me.  :lol:

Seriously, we were more social when it came to MSN chat. Facebook and other "social" medias are all about photos, posts and other attention-grabbing things. Your MSN avatar was the only photo you'd ever need to display. With MSN it's all just chatting and having fun.

I hope somebody, just anybody, revives a chatting program in the likes of MSN and make it a thing again.

mrzurnaci said:
i think im too young for this lol. I do remember once using MSN but it's a blurry memory for me.
I think people born after 1995 wouldn't remember it much. They were 14 when its popularity started to die out in 2009, and at that time they were probably introduced to Facebook. I was born in 1992 and I remember it like the back of my hand. For one, I did use it up until 2010, as did a couple of my friends.