Most popular Assyrian song of 2023!

Btw , without naming the song or singer, some Assyrian singers came out to express their displeasure with some of the lyrics in the song. Mainly where it says

‘Edoukh la dree go sadry, sortewan’

I kinda agree, this line is inappropriate, whether in our culture or most other cultures, especially since this is a young girl saying this.

Of course, the intent behind the lyrics is not sexual but it comes off that way.
Yeah, this song's everywhere. I cannot stand it to be honest. Its melody is cringe.

I realized the "sadry" part, I thought he was telling her to not place her hand on his chest (alasas she's all over him and girls these days have more entitlement to do this). Lmao. But now, since she is the one telling him to lay off her boobs, the song has become khacha rapey. 😁