Massive earthquake measuring 7.9 hits Turkey and other countries


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This is one of the biggest earthquakes to hit Turkey and neighbouring countries like Syria and even parts of north Iraq.

Entire cities and villages are almost gone, with thousands dead.

I remember the 1999 earthquake that hit Turkey that caused so much destruction. This seems to be even worse.

Not sure how credible these theories are, but came across videos and articles of some scientists (French and Arabs) saying that Turkey’s relentless building of dams - against the wishes of Iraq - contributes to this earthquake.

What is interesting, this earthquake did occur in the same region where Euphrates start and where Turkey has built these dams and which deprive Iraq of so much water and has been leading to both rivers drying. BTW Iran is also guilty of building dams over Tigris.

Death toll is now over 20K, most of which are in Turkey. In fact I read about an Assyrian mother and son who died in the earthquake as well. AE834D08-F028-44A5-BD16-2A7DE651787A.jpeg