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lakha or akha ?


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mrzurnaci said:
correct form is "-tha" since the origin word is "atha" which makes sense since Taw is the second letter following a vowel, it has to be softened.
In Classical Syriac grammar, does that revert back to a t sound instead of th sound since the first Alap is omitted in the imperative?

I'm quite confident that nowadays, "ta" is the most common version. Since many dialects use the t sound as apposed to the th sound, and since our modern dialects descend from sister dialects of Syriac, I think that there is every possibility that "ta" is a very old and equally authentic version. If that's the case, it feels rather arbitrary to lean towards one way or the other. That is why we need to gather together to develop and standardise our language with a team of talented and enthusiastic members who will decide these matters systematically. I have proposed this many times before and am gathering like-minded individuals for this very purpose so, anyone, please inbox me if you are interested. Mrzurnaci, we need people like you with us.