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Do any of you support rojava? I do because they let syriac being taught, its a country which gives us a possibility to learn our language. Its official language is arabic, kurdish and syriac, i dont know if syriac is taught to kurds or arabs but l know that we are teaching syriac to assyrians/syriacs in syria in rojava. I can accept a kurdish country in syria:) but not in iraq, its our home there....
Ezidi Kurd said:
Is Shengal and Lalish your home in Northern Mesopotamia?

Actually all of northern mesopotamia is our real home, but really you can have iraqi kurdistan, as long as you dont take nineveh plains from us. But the truth is that you belong in iran, that is were you should create you country!
Ezidi Kurd said:
LMAO, Ezdi PREDATE Assyrians by thousands of years.

My ARYAN West IRANIC religion Ezidism is 7000 years old. And it is native to the Northern Mesopotamia. When my ancestors believed in Tause Melek your Semitic Afro-Asiatic ancestors (where you got your language from) were still savages in Africa.

I don't have any power to take anything from. If you 'can' take Qamishli, Amed, Mehabad, Hewler, Lalish, lol. You see, it is not in our power. All what matters is where your villages/towns are.

You can bring up fake Assyrians maps and I can bring up maps of the Median Empire. Median Empire far stretched from Lydia to Bactria. It doesn't mean that all regions of the Median Empire should be Kurdistan, lol.

Forget about fake ancient maps, it is like fake news. All what matters is your current Assyrians villages/towns.

I dont believe it at all, show we sources that arent kurdish please LOL, like l said earlier hurrian, or others are just speculaions about being kurds.
Ezidi Kurd said:
You don't believe in Median Empire?

This is the Median Empire:



But that doesn't mean that GREAT Kurdistan should be like the Median Empire. Just part of it, where Kurdish NATIVE areas are.You see, Rojava was part of the Median Empire!

Like i said, commection between you and the medes are possible but there arent any proof of how median became kurd, you dont know. Even if you are the descendants of the medes that doesnt mean mesopotamia belong to you ,we were there 2000 years before the medes and the people living there werent iranians at all!
Ezidi Kurd said:
The Medes were WEST IRANIC like Kurds. The only WEST IRANIC people in the region are still Kurds.

So, that means that NORTHERN Mesopotamia has always been WEST IRANIC and not AFRO-Asian Semitic.

My religion is Ezidism. I believe in TAUSE Melek as a ruler of our world. My religions is WEST IRANIC religion an it is native to Northern Mesopotamia. My relgion is 6000-7000 years old.

My religion of Ezidism PREDATE Assyrians or any other Semitic AFRO Asian people from Africa.

My ancient WEST IRANIC religion is evidence that my people are native to Norther Mesopotamia and much older than Assyrians. Original AFRO-Asian Assyrians were native to and from AFRICA, period.

The territory that the medes conquered were assyrian, medes come to assyria from iran in 600 BC, before that it was assyrian.
Ezidi Kurd said:
No, it was Kurdistan. 'Assyrian' area was multi ethnic. Assyrians occupied some Kurdish areas, but the Medes liberated some West IRANIC tribes from the Assyrian rule..

Ancient Assyrians territories were not ethnic Assyrian. Assyrians from Africa occuoied some areas in Northern Mesopotamia, but the Medes liberated those areas.

You can compare ancient Assyrians to Arabs. Arabs of Iraq are occuping Southern Kurdistan, but that doesn't mean that people of South Kurdistan are Arabs. People of SOuth Kurdistan are North West IRANIC Kurds. So, Assyrians occupied some West IRANIC areas in Northern Mesopotamia, then the Medes with other IRANIC tribes liberated it.

Kurmanji Ezdi Kurds predate any Assyrians and Assyrian region in Northern Mesopotamia by thousans of years.

Ezdi are West IRANIC people. We are NOT Semitic and NOT Mongoloid/Turkic. Ezdi Kurds speak Kurmanji. Kurmanji = West IRANIC. The religion of Ezdi Kurd, Ezidism, is also in Kurmanji. Ezidism predate Assyrians, that means that our language Kurmanji/Ezdiki also PREDATE the Assyrians.

Those west iranic tribes werent iranian at all, its just speculations to connect them with kurds, assyrians were assyrian in 2000bc it went multi ethnic in 900-600bc. Many people of different ethnic groups even iranian became assyrians, the assyrian policy is to make them assyrians. You later see in the neo assyrian empire that families with non akkadian names were gotten akkadian names, hurrians, sumerians, akkadians ,babylonians etc all became assyrians after many generations of assimilation into the assyrian culture and language and society.

Ezidi Kurd said:
Assyrians are SEMITC people who speak Assyrian. Assyrian is a SEMITC language. Afro Asian Semites are from Africa.

Assyrians are a mixed race who absorbed many people, from Armenenians/Hurrians, Iranians, Turks etc. But the origin and the roots of Assyrians are SEMITIC. Your most important and major ancestors were Afro Asian Semites from Africa!

Ezdi Kurds were NEVER Semitic Assyrians. And Ezdi Kurds predate Assyrians in Northern Mesopotamia by thousands of years. Ezdi Kurds belong to West IRANIAN race. Ezdi Kurds are actually the PUREST West Iranians on this planet

Why are you on pupose ingoring my facts about the Ezdi Kurds??

Are you now a wannabe West IRANIAN or what , lol! You FAIL big time! Stop spreading nonsesne then I can retire and quit this site. I don't want to return, but you force me with your nonsense to come back.

asnwer this question: Are Assrians Semites or West Iranians?

You are taking all your sources from kurds, which we all know is not reliable, the sumerians were mesopotamians not iranians. Akkadians absrobed the sumerians and mixed with them, then assyrians the deescendants of the sumerians and akkadians rules the world. They later becam mixed with all nationalites, the assyrian empire were a multiethnic state, with multi ethnic people, most neo assyrian kings had aramean wives and most of them spoke aramaic as their mother tongue.

Let me tell you something, why are you saying your religion predates all mesopotamian religions when your religion probably established by shejk Adi in 1000 AD in northern mesopotamia and your religion is based on islam, christianity, judaism, zoroastrism and Manichaeism?
Your religion isnt mesopotamian at all, stop trolling! Mesopotamia is ours, you name is kurd=nomad and your history wich you have evident of comes from the middle ages, you can possible have connection with the medes but without evidence on how you became kurd , you cant claim descent. END OF STORY!
Can someone ban him.... hes very annoying

PS: Noone know the origin of the sumerians so stop your bullshit
As a vestigial strain of Zoroastrianism, your religions origins can be dated to a time-shrouded point between 1000 and 1750 BCE. So it means its not the oldest religion. I belive that you are right in some points. But sumerians were not iranians, they were mesopotamians,like us, and kurds were not mesopotamians, they were iranians.
Ezidi Kurd said:
And you like it or not,

West Iranian Kurds will always celebrate the defeat of the Assyrians during Newroz. And you and your people will never be able to do anything about it.

You can troll the Kurds, but Kurds will troll you much more and you can never out troll Kurds with Kurdish Newroz.

Bye, bye.

"The people called Sumerians, whose language became the prevailing language of the territory, probably came from around Anatolia, arriving in Sumer about 3300 BC."

"Akkadian was never really an influence on Sumerian, but Sumerian was definitely an influence on Akkadian, mainly in vocabulary.  Sumerian, ensiak, "governor" became Akkadian, ishiakum, etc.  Despite this historic association, the two languages remained totally different.  Iranian, being an IE language was certainly not the language of the Sumerians." End of story!

Clearly we being mesopotamians might be the closets descendants to the sumerians, you might be descendant of the medes, both being northwestern iranian, but you are not the descnedants of the sumerians.
Ezidi Kurd said:
Akkadian was an AFRO Asiatic Semitic language from Africa. It was NOT related to Sumerian.

Sumerian could never result into Semitic, because original Semitic was from Africa.

UBAID Sumerians are much older than 3000BC. Ubaid Sumerians PREDATE any Iranians and I'm sure that Sumerian brought West Iranian language into existance.

Assyrians have NOTHING to do with Sumerians. Assyrians speak a AFRO Asiatic Semitic language from Africa. Semitic could NEVER evolve out of Sumerian, because it was an immigrant language from AFRICA. My West Iranian language came into existance and evolved because of the Sumerians. Sumerians was not a 'static' language. It continuously evolved. Sumerian language evolved into West Iranian language, period. There is still Sumerian ergativity in our West Iranian religion.

But he said sumerians didnt speak iranian language, l know akkadians arent related to sumerian but it influenced akkadian.
Assyrians took and evolved the culture of the mesopotamian sumerians and religion, thats why they are more related to them and thats why they are called mesopotamians.
Ezidi Kurd said:
At the times of the Sumerians modern West Iranian speakers not existed. Sumerians evolved into Iranian speakers. West Iranian language was born out of Sumerians. Sumerians were daddies of modern West Iranians

At the times of Sumerians West Iranian didn't exist. That's why I'm sure that West Iranian evolved from an ancient Sumerian dialect.
No way. Assyrians stil speak Afro Asian Semitic language. At that time of the Sumerians, Semitic language already existed. Therefor Assyrians have different roots than Sumerians. Assyrians are from Akkadians, who were neighbours of the Sumerians.

Assyrians language is related to Akkadian. And this is the most important fact that Assyrians evolved from Akkadians and not Sumerians. Afro Asian Semitic Akkadians were from Afrca and not native to Northern Mesopotamia.

Assyrian religion is Semitic Christianity. Jesus was a Jew. Christianity evolved from Judaism in Palestina. Christianity is definitely NOT Mesopotamian. Christianity was from Palestina/Levant...

Then why are they called mesopotamians??? Sumerians, akkadians, assyrians, babylonians all have the same culture and religion.
noone know the origin of the sumerians, its just speculations but we are most related to them both being mesopotamians and had the same culture and religion.
Ezidi Kurd said:
Because Akkadians, Assyrians, Babylonians had their own political entity in Southern Mesopotamia.

Akkadians were maybe the first Semites in the regions and Akkadians took the religion of the Sumerians. Like people in Africa are Christians, Akkadians took the religion of the Sumerians. Assyrians and Babylonians evolved from Akkadians. They got their pre-Christian religion from the Akkadians and NOT from the Sumerians.

Assyrians are evolved from the Akkadians and not Sumerians. Akkadians lived at the same time as Sumerians and had their own Afro Asian Semitic language different from Sumerians. Assyrians evolved from Akkadians and got their language from the Akkadians and Arameans from the Levant. Nothing to do with the Sumerians.

Still they were mesopotamians, had the same culture and mixed with the sumerians. Sumerians became assyrians and babylonians, thats why they disappered.
"The Akkadians admired and copied Sumerian culture even as they invaded them."
"Babylon and Assyria could both be described as successor-states to the Akkadian Empire; their people spoke the Akkadian language and their religions incorporated Akkadian and even Sumerian elements."

No, you are wrong.

Your homeland is in north-western Iran, in the region known as media, if you are the descendants of the medes that is where you should create your country! NOT IN ASSYRIA!

Am i the only one who feel insulted when the kurds celebrate when they conquered our capital nineveh?LOL its like we assyrians are friends with them in kurdistan then they ask: what are you? I say, l am assyrian, then they say okay, well now l must celebrate when we conquered your capital nineveh! HAHAHAHA
SonOfAssyria said:
I do not support any Kurdish state that is not in the native Kurdish land (Iran)

They will never get a country anyway, noone want a kurdistan, so it wont be independent. Kurdistan got enemies everywere, not even USA want a kurdistan.
Ezidi Kurd said:
What you fail to understand is that Kurdistan was never 'Assyria'. Kurdistan has always been populated by West Iranian people and not Afro Asian Semitic people. Kurdstan has alwasy been home for West Iranian race, since the ancient times of Ubaid Sumerians. That's why Semites nor Turco Mongoloids will never get Kurdistan.

Now you are attacking the Kurds here because you are insulted over Newroz. Get a life!

Sumerian wasnt iranian, what is this bullshit, sumerian was the first written language along with egyptian, noone know the language of earlier people because it wasnt written down....
SonOfAssyria said:
I do not support any Kurdish state that is not in the native Kurdish land (Iran)

Maybe he has right about everything, l think we should give a chance to him. How do you know hes wrong?