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How will the Covid19 virus lockdown affect soccer and sports in general?


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How will the Covid19 virus lockdown affect soccer?

-No Euro 2020
-No Olympics 2020
-No Copa America 2020 (centennial edition)

I guess this will suck more for older players as their condition will be impacted. One player comes to mind: Messi. Poor guy was going to play in this year's Copa America, in his 6th CA (and 9th international tournament with Argentina) in hopes of winning his first NT title. This will have to wait and he is already turning 33 years in June.

What about the Champions League? still hoping that can somehow be salvaged for this year even if it is late in June.

Crocodile Bani

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Nasha, what is it with you and Messi? hahahahhahah

I work in sports betting as you know and it was an amazing time this "lock down". Despite no basketball, rugby league, Australian rules football, etc, we still had horse racing around the world, Belorussian soccer and Russian/Ukrainian/Armenian table tennis. "So what" you think? Who cares about Belorussian soccer or Armenian table tennis? Punters do. My company was kept afloat die to people being locked down in their homes and looking for something to get excited about, so they got into Belorussian soccer and Russian/Ukrainian/Armenian table tennis. Now that various sports around the world have started, there are fewer table tennis bets coming in but the sport of table tennis has found some new admirers as several other punters are still betting on table tennis.

Copa Ameica 2020's cancellation is a blow to Australia as they were meant to be one of the invitational teams. In fact, you may know that they were asked 2 years ago to be the host as nobody in South America wanted to host it (Thank goodness for Argentina and to a lesser extent Colombia for picking up the tab).