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How are ISIS still around?!

Number of ISIS members have died in each war...

Mosul Offensive: 711 killed (+ 200 executed)
Deir ez-Zor clashes: 5000+ killed
Battle of Aleppo: 6000+ killed
Battle of Qalamoun: 1400+ killed
Inter-rebel conflict during the Syrian Civil War: 2196 killed
Syrian Civil War: 46 301 - 65 803 killed + 15,422 foreign fighters killed

So... 61 808 have been killed (The minimum) and these mother fuckers are still around?! And now there strength are rising to 7000 - 20 000 (up to 6000 in Iraq, 3000 - 5000 in Syria)



New member
Dude, its a tool they use to redraw the middle east. You would not be able to create new boarders if there was not a chaos like we have it now there.

The West needs a "Wall" against any possible Iranian Invasion of the Middle East. The plan is to build up a Kurdistan that would at least put some harm towards invading forces (Israel has to be secured!!!).
Now a Kurdistan would never find any acceptance within an "peaceful" or "stable" Middle East. Therefore they put ISIS on the map, they slowly brought in more and more of them from other moslem and western countries. Having sold all this to the Media as an "Arab Spring", it actually was meant to what we just see now, pure Chaos.

By bringing in now ISIS more into Greater Assyria (Northeast Syria, Northern Iraq,..) they were able to put in much more chaos, making all this innocente Assyrians, Yezedis and other victims of this dirty game flee from their towns and villages. Do not forget, that Kurds look since long time to seek their independence from Iraq, but that was not possible due two main problems:

- they lack the weapons and technology
- surrounding Middle Eastern country would not have been "okay" with a new State.

Therefore again they create all this mess and chaos in the ME. If you have followed the news very well, you could see that they always would proclaim "Kurds wants to stop ISIS, but does not have the weapons" etc. Now the US and the WEST is deliverying weapons in mass to them and those new weapons will make a Kurdistan which is able to defend its self much more possible then without those necessary weapons.

So what we got is:

Chaos = New Boarders
Kurdistan = possible due to the delivered technology (weapons)

Nevertheless for us Assyrians its difficult to see all this, since we are/were busy with anything but "watching", as Jesus said...watch watch watch!!!
On top of that we gotta ask ourself, is a future "K...stan" a better place were we might achieve an  autonomy or are we more likely to get completely extinct from the Middle East.

One can argue that having all Assyrian areas within one boarders is a better oppertunity for us, but then we are not sure about the intentions of the West and its new enclave on assyrian soil....

I just know one thing: If we keep having sell outs and self hating Assyrians, then we will be lost for once and all.