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Help with Assyrian Font


New member
Okay, so this is sorta a bit complicated so bare with me.

I'm looking for the font (or maybe it's called a language pack?) for an APPLE MAC, so I can see the Assyrian words on websites (especially the Wikipedia article on Assyrian Language) rather than a box or something.

I've been trying to learn how to write but it's next to impossble without it.

I'm pretty annoyed because I been searching for it for ages and I can't find it....

basima raba



New member
there is a post already about this try the search feature for "assyrian font"
or just "font" in Culture & History and Learn Assyrian im sure you should find it.


New member
AVN search doesn't work, which is a big shame so I can't :(

and I've looked for ages for it without luck, so if anyone has bookmarked it please give me the link


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Ninos, did you try http://www.bethmardutho.org/support/meltho/download/index.php (after you scroll down and accept)? It says at the top that they "are currently supporting the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Linux/BSD, Unix, and Mac OS X." Looking at the options, though, they have Windows, Linux, and Unix labelled, but no Mac OS.