Google searches for the word "Assyrian" declined by more than 70%!


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So I was on google doing some research and found that searches for the word "Assyrian" has declined by about 74% since Google started keeping data in 2004. So that is over a 14 year span.

What do you attribute this to? I guess back in 2004 the web was still in its infancy and lots of people were joining and were interested to read about Assyrians or any other topic of interest. Can we also put some of the blame on social media, where people are too lazy to do research and browse the web the way we used to do? We can also blame it on apps, which basically take a big chunk of people browsing the web.

On the other hand, if you compare it to searches for 'Chaldean' you can see the big gap between the two. In fact, the best days for 'chaldean' are still not as good as 'Assyrian's worst days.

I'm guessing people search "Assyrian" more on YouTube and Facebook nowadays rather than on Google. If they want to watch Assyrian content, they'll go on YouTube to search for it. If they want to see photos of Assyrians, they'll go on Facebook. I do that too. Mainly because I get to the desired contents easier. Furthermore, they'd probably also use Wikipedia to search and read about us.