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Convention 2010 Review: Your thoughts? Did you Enjoy it?


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AssyrianBookTa said:
Rum rum it was chosen during convention and not years before to schedule a good hotel,plan events. It's the same way they choose Arizona.
Arizona was chosen because it falls under the west region and it was their "turn" to host it this year.  It was between Arizona and San Diego...San Jose would've been distant third.  Other western cities were LA and San Francisco.  They voted on Arizona because like Jonadona said, they finally were mature enough from an organizational perspective to host it there. 

So next year, the East Region, they voted on Detroit.  Probably because it's the easiest one to find a cheap hotel and organize easier as well.


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Convention was over all good, I agree with most of what Hookah and rumrum said about the hotel and convention-I didn't have as much fun at the parties as I did last year, I was generally chilling and chatting by the bar....but hanging by the pool during the day and night with everyone I knew and got to know was great, esp. since I got to work on the tan as well!!!

Assyrian chicks do rock bikini's :lol: and I think every single Assyrian guy had some sort of Assyrian tattoo on them!

Hopefully next year I shall hit up Canada and then head to the convention...See ya all there  :mrgreen:


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What was so poorly organized about it? and what could they have done to make it more appealing? The parties were great, the hotel was beautiful. I used to love the political round table, but realistically we are past those days. Do we really need to see irrelevant Assyrian "politicians" getting owned by ADM all the time?  :ROFLMAO: Or how many times do we need Michael Youash telling us to get off our ass? Lets face it, the conventions have changed from 1990's. People come from around the world to see relatives, friends, and to meet new people, they come to have a good time and that is exactly what everyone did.


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rumrum said:
Will this stupid rumor please come to an end already?  NO CITY/HOTEL IS EVER BANNED FOR A CONVENTION!  EVER!  :) 

Also, they did play it all day on Sunday at the convention but I guess that wasn't enough so they played it at the party too.  It was a clusterf*ck of organizing to begin with but it should've been handled properly on both sides.
umm downtown chicago hotels want no part in the assyrian convention and nither does CCTB and u can't tell me its not true i've worked with those poeple.


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i know i'm late, but I had a blast seeing all you ppl and partying with you ppl. As for the hotel...it was like saddams compound.