Congratulations to the new patriarch of the Ancient Church of the East


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Congratulations to His Holiness Mar Gewargis III Younan , the new Catholicos-Patriarch of the Holy Apostolic Catholic Ancient Church of the East.

We wish him all the best in his new role.

The new patriarch was born in Baghdad on July 15, 1980 and was only 40 days old when his family left Iraq for Greece, where they would stay for 2 years, before arriving and settling in Chicago, USA. And that is where he has was raised and lived for the last 40+ years, before relocating to his ancestral homeland to server as the head of the Ancient Church of the East.

Since taking over his role, HH has hit the ground running, actively visiting and meeting with his church's parishes all over Iraq, and soon abroad. His relative younger age and the energy he beings is exactly what his church needs. It is not much different from the blueprint of its brotheren Assyrian Church of the East patriarch Mar Awa Rowell who took over his role 2 years ago and has been very active in energising the church and its various parishes around the world.
Sad news: his holiness's mother, who was at his official consecration ceremony in Baghdad a few months ago, has passed away!

May she rest in peace!