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Chaldean Folk Song. Hoy Mani Mani. Batnay village.


New member
Hi everyone. I am Chaldean. I am looking for a folk song from the chaldean village batnay. The song is called Hoy Mani Mani and I have seen a version on it on YouTube but it is the wrong song.

The Youtube song goes like this: Hoy mani mani mani. Baibatnetha bqatlaly.

The one that I am looking for goes like this. Hoy mani mani mani. Ketwa bleleh ksaprali. kBakhya w keeba gwrdana. Mzabnin bethy w aqari.

Please tell me where I can find it or someone who sings the REAL version. Adnan Mansour sings the one that I do not want.