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Assyriska FF 2013 Season Discussion Thread

The game yesterday wasn't a 3-0 game. The other team had like three shots on the bar/posts before AFF scored 1-0.

I think I wrote before that the first three games were against teams we should beat. From now on the schedule gets tougher, two away games in a row against difficult opponents. Four or more points would be very good.

The most positive thing of the season thus far is that it's actually the strikers who have scored most of the goals. That hasn't really been the norm in AFF the last few seasons.


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Free_Assyria said:
we might actually get promoted this year our start hasnt been perfect :)
lost the last two games. However I watched the game yesterday it ended 3-2 for landskrona, but we could have won it, if our strikes would have used their chances better. Anyway I see alot of potential in this team, they played some nice football the whole 90mins...two of the other teams goal were more or less "lucky".
They played some nice football the last 45 mins, the first 45 were horrible though, pretty much not a single shot on goal. It was strong to get back to 2-2 in an away game and the midfield and attack has some potential, the new goalkeeper was a good buy, but the central defense is a couple of divisions below. I expect us in the middle this year, but I hope they give the new coach some time to create something and don't sack him like the hundreds before him.


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It is unfortunate that people don't have much interest in Assyriska as they once did, and understandably so.

For the 2013 season, in their effort to go back to the Allsvenskaen (Professional Swedish league) , they now sit in 6th place with 27 points. They need to finish top 2 to qualify automatically. If they finish 3rd place, they play a qualification round with the bottom teams of the Allsvenskan for this year.

Link to the standings table: http://www.superettan.se/tabell/

I believe the season is only half way through and there is still a lot of games to play, but not sure if they can crack the top 2. Will see.