Assyrian Voice Yearbook 2005!

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Here it is: AVN 2005 Yearbook. Please be nice and generous enough and give a reply back if you see your name. If you don't, your name won't be included next year LOL :mrgreen:

This is the power of AVN. Once you are a member and are noticed, we will not forget you. I tried my best to include as many people as I can. If I forgot anyone, I deeply apologise.

Merry Christmas and thanks for continuing to make this community your home.


? Phenomenon: bizarre, phenomenal, funny, odd, unpredictable and now engaged, are some of the few adjectives to describe his behaviour/life in 2005, as far as AVN is concerned. He posts his views no matter how bizarre.
? BrownEyes: aka ?Pinky?, gone with the wind. Don?t you worry, she will come back one day, she knows we miss her.
? HeartOfFeather? heart of what? I don?t know much about her; not my fault.
? YouWereMyFavoriteMistake: a better year than 2004, although still needs more posting.
? CP: Very nice guy, but more posts would be better. Helping get more Aussie presence online!
? Uneek: Could easily win ?best avatars for 2005.? Open-minded and lots of good contributions for 2005. More in 2006, please? Very fun to talk to over all. ash knows which girls to choose!
? Angel2: changed names and goes by two names, but she is still a sweetheart and a smartie. She became more active lately, and she is already a good citizen of the AVNation. She was seconds away from burning her university, literally!

? JerkFace: don?t know who this is, but the girl on MB who is in love with you, clearly needs you. Love the name, sounds so AVNish.
? JROK: He didn?t spend a lot of time on AVN this year, as he is very busy. But Mr.Popular doesn?t need to stay on AVN long, because he is popular no matter what. I am still not sure who he likes or who his gf is!
? ED: problem is not in your absence from the forums and chat, but rather in knowing which one of the many EDs are you?
? Ed: again no comment. Sorry just can?t tell who is who. Distinguish yourself people, I mean EDDies.
? Smart_Souraya: he left us (we know he will be back) and we are still nice enough to remember him. Was one of the first to pioneer the idea of ?ban me so I can study?
? Senalco: lots of great contributions in the Religion and Serious forums. Very nice guy after all these years. Pope Benedict won?t be happy if he ever sees you!
? BellaMafia: AVN Traveler of the year? Most posts of the year. Most appearances at AVN Gatherings. For the third straight year, she has been the highlight of AVN. Queen of AVN, and much more. Staring to face some serious competition though!

? Jacob: brief appearances, all that matters, Go Brazil Go
? Maximus: you made them hate you. They didn?t just decide to dislike you. Some damage control wouldn?t hurt.
? Armenian: you left us but we still love you. Your joke 2 years ago was one of the funniest on AVN!
? Vindigo: this may be the last time I remember you and honor you here.
? Shalatee: same as above, although he did make a few appearances.
? PeterVocal: his visit to Holland overshadowed any traces we had of him on AVN. But lately, he has been very active once again. Remains one of AVN?s popular voices with some strong opinions.
? Had: don?t know why, but I always confuse this guy with Rad_Rides. Sorry khon. You have some good active role here, and I encourage you to post even more.

? Hunky: made sure he doesn?t miss any picnics or parties. Also made sure he missed AVN gathering in Toronto. Very nice in person.
? Acid Burn: Ok, I will give it to him this year since he is new.
? TheBride2b: same here, but for some reason it seems like we have known this girl forever.
? Salem: the Czar of the forums. Has given the forum the professionalism it needs. Every girl he banned, came back and loved him more than hated him.
? Tleeqa: the nickname says is all?I bet you, the name will still be the same in 06, because he will still be lost by then. Come back!
? DeePrincess: finally decided to join the forums, although is still a loyal MB visitor. Loves to debate, and she is pretty good at it most of the time, at this young age. In fact, I would love to have a three way debate between her, annieeeeeee and No-RE. An extremely smart and beautiful AVNer.

? BOOMER: Congratulations on your new baby AVNer ?Gabriela? Make sure you raise her in the love of AVN. Very good posts in the sports forum, covering various European leagues.
? GEORGEToronto: the webmaster?s brother although it still doesn?t look like it even after 6years. Very quiet online.
? Hauleen: She joined at the end of 2004 and managed to have her personality formed strong on AVN.
? SeXy SiMo:eek:nly a reader and virtually no posts, even on the MB. Shame!
? BRATAKHLEETA: You could have put more time in coming back to your online home. Having said that, your few visits were still enough to remember you.

? Dunya: just like your twin above. In fact, your sister did pop out a few more times. We still love you though!
? Nazik: people say you no longer need ESL classes, although some people will always recommend it.
? Ammar26: time to tie the knot man.
? Bronet_Garag_Ammana: he started the year strong, despite his poor English. Then left with no trace. There have been some reported sightings of him on chat.
? PLAYBOY: wow, I mean wow. How quickly this guy fell from grace. Was extremely popular, but is now gone with the wind. If you forgot him, this is the guy who was in love with Haifa Wahbi
? Charlene: started the year very strong, then completeled faded. Will make a come-back!
Sexy_Walto: do us a favor and educate some people in the chat about your great village. Not now, it is too late. In 2005. Some people think of the word Walto as something else?

? Sweety: she sounds a lot like Chicago?s KrayZ. Very nice overall, although always on a wild ride! JooJee was watching her in the mall and she didn?t even know, that is not fair. Would pair great with Uneeek
? chaoswarrior05: very nice over all and a regular posted. Hope to see more from him/her in the new year, and yes I am not sure what he is, although I think it is a male.
? SpicAssyrian: Your play on the letter C is what Caught my attention and helped you get here, with zero posts!
? SexcAssyrian: see above.
? Mona: It was a rough year, and our hearts are with you. Glad to see that you are still online, since 1998.
? Kebob_King: he is new but if it wasn?t for his weired ?I have a foot fetish?, he wouldn?t have made it. Is he preparing us for a big and active year with his strange thread?
? AssyGal: If this was made two years ago, she would barely made the list. This year? Well she invades the list and leaves a big mark on it. Spammer and Hijacker of the year, and the one to have gained the most popularity in 2005. The highlight of most of this year?s gatherings!

? Anita_Bonita1: I just know that this girl went to the same high school as me and BabylonX, and that is about it. Seems very quiet. We appreciate her coming almost daily, too bad little posting though.
? TheSadCafe: very nice and always smiling. Don?t know much else or any deeper.
? Kirwish: I am saddened to say that this was the first year that AVN had virtually no presence or appearances from you; but we know why, and it is perfectly OK. Will wait for you in 06.
? Serenity: She went from a Storm to a Serenity, wow! Keeps a low profile yet very nice and beloved by most. Oh yeah, still waiting to get people to attend her ?AVN Belgium Gathering?
? Daggo: This Hamilton son is not new to us, in fact he has been here forever. On and off for 2005, but always there to give his 2 cents on some interesting topics. Finally AVN has a mascot.
? Jovian Remix: a nice name, but I am sorry I didn?t know a lot about him. Who cares, you made it into the book, that is all that matters.

? Atour: just crossed here from the other side (MB) and let me tell you, it is great reading her posts, especially those on the Serious forum. What took you so long to finally join us?
? LightForce: Lucky enough to have watched Ronaldo play live in Chicago. That is all that should matter for 2005.
? Iris: Who? Just kidding. We are all busy, yet we still make time for AVN.
? RumRum: well, RumRum is RumRum. On the upside, going for his MBA, and still making a big impact on AVN. On the down side, BellaMafia thought he complained too much about things. Finished the year great by getting his MBA, you rock brother!
? AssyrianTV: another great crash with no trace of any unbroken pieces left.
? Nat: Talk about consistency and stability; no matter what the year, she will always be the same sweetheart. Her Toronto fans had something to cheer about on Halloween. No matter how much you expect, she will deliver!
? TheGame23: made a good come-back in 2005. Of course, the no.1 Pistons fan. Glad to see him getting interested in soccer.
? GeOrGiNa: so cute, especially if you knew her age. Her writing still puzzles a lot of us.

? Savian82: his pictures still making an appearance in every new album
? Snoopy: an extremely professional writer, and a Christian re-born. The little girl you love will make a come-back to you in 2006.
? Dimitri: what can I say? Made a fool of himself all year long, although he is nice in person.
? Riza w Shorba: extremely popular this year, and oh yeah, his name helped even more. Some of his views were a bit too extreme, but hey, the man has lived through it all.
? Assyrian100%: although the name sounds good, few people believed it. 05 has been a rather dark year for you. 06 will be the same. A name change is good.
? Alchemist: aka ?Book Club Master?, did a great job as a Text Chat as well as the Music Forum Administrator. No matter what the topic is, he has to go deeper and ask deep questions.
? SATANTA: the name says it all. Will soon be a lawyer, and will anyone dare to even think of suing Assyrian Voice after that? Great job on the chat, despite the busy schedule.
? JustZipIt: Sounds quiet and peaceful la? Wrong! She is a chat moderator now, and that requires that she becomes wild khacha. Very nice indeed.

? Sargiye81: a change in looks has taken place with the new built body and the mustache. Missed his ?ewwww_looking? photos!
? Malingering: What a great name and a great memory, but that is about it.
? Ashurina: Extremely nice, and notoriously Assyrian. She was AVN?s Cartoon and media critic. Disappeared for some time, but will come out again.
? Replicant: first he started OK, became popular, and finally wanted to become a music forum moderator. Then it was all history. Is only a reader for now.
? COOKIE: Still the ?Ambassador of Love and Peace with no rivals. I strongly think and believe that 2005 was her best year ever, as more people came to appreciate her kindness and sweetness. What a true AVNer is all about. And who can forget her fresh baked cookies for at the picnics?

? AtinEwitKhaye: started great as usual, then had to take it easy due to some difficulties. Nevertheless, she is still one of AVN?s sweetest, hands down.
? Lovemoon: Extremely popular in 2005 and even more beloved by people, especially Assygal and Torontonians in general. Very funny too, and oh yeah, great manners. Gotta love her combination of humor and kindness!
? Ilonty: If not for the Leafs, she would have zero posts. God bless the Buds, they have an impact on AVN too. Good girl if you know her.
? Shoemaker: last year, this is what we said about him: ?it is amazing how the NHL lock-out impacted this guy. Watch him come back strong once the NHL season is started again.? Well, hasn?t our prediction been proven right? Oh yeah, some of his humor is legendary, especially when it involves Maximus. People are confused as to who he will cheer for in the World Cup. Well here it is: BRAZIL.

? sydney_dude: one of Australia?s most popular on AVN for this year, with his charming and friendly personality. The events of late 2005 made him busier than usual, but that is a good thing.
? Peach(y): An absolute fans favorite and chat legend. One of those, who don?t need to post much, as fans will still relate to her. But hey, she doesn?t like preachers and that is not nice!
? Biryani: when you ask people about some of the most popular names from AVN, some names you will hear include: Dabasha, Kirwish, Jrok, BellaMafia, and oh yeah Biryani. How can you forget him? Made us jealous with his PC description. I wonder if he will stop his habbit of ?coming back for a few days, then leaving for months??
? ALEXKhooba: He is now a different man; he is now engaged and we are happy for this great guy. Let us just hope that this doesn?t keep him off from Assyrian Voice. A great and a very kind gentleman.
? Azizta: how did the wedding go? I know you are back, but on mute. Someone hand me the remote control please.
? Michi: Another one of those ?the_name_says_it_all? Been going strong for almost a decade, dating back to NOL and till now. No AVN gathering is complete without him. Oh yeah, girls? favorite! Gotta love his love for his nation and church!

? winged angel: one of those cute AVNers, with a cute name and a cute avatar too. Gotta love her work stories, especially those involving Chinese customers.
? MrCharming: not bad at all from this Chicago AVNer. Such a nice name too.
? Cherchuneta: spotted on chat many times, and oh yeah, registered on the forums too, but with zero posts so far. I bet you, it is not that she has nothing to say, she just doesn?t know how to post. Kekwanta will be happy to assist, so will I, if you know who I am first.
? Bkatour: a good AVNer, lots of good contributions this year. Thank You!
? ToolNila: the dentist has finally been found. Smart and funny, and controversial comments at times.

? Cheetah: the good news: she registered. The bad news: her name is taking space. But, if you get to know her in person, you will have a second addiction beside the already annoying AVN addiction.
? Assyriansoul: Nomore, or maybe under a different nick?
? AssyrianAnimator: see above again?
? Asu: good views on things, but need more, whether here or on other parts of the website
? Mari: cute girl from Modesto, but she should post more.
? Patriot: her strong pro-American and pro-Bush views will always land her in hot water, but knowing how Tkhumneta she is, she is a hot head and won?t give up! Me, Noora and everyone else strongly appreciates your help, you know with what.
? Audacious: this year was better than last year, which was better than the year before, which was worse than the year before, which was worse than the year before. So, in other words, you started on top in 2000, went downhill, reaching the buttom in 2002-2003, and now you are climbing back up. Will only say something when he has something to say, and believe me, it is usually interesting stuff. Hates posing for pictures, that is why you have more luck finding a picture of Mullah Omar than a finding his picture.

? Tashi: no longer new to the scene, but already an AVN sweetheart. She has no enemies, no hate and will never get in trouble. Again, what a true AVNer is all about. Oh yeah, extremely smart too, another characteristics AVNers have.
? Malakha: the year has been rough trying to convince us you really are one.
? Fady: do you guys remember him? I do, because I am so nice. He was smart.
? Mama_MIA: such a cute name and glad that we are getting more from her finally.
? Katwana d Shere: do you guys remember this as well? He captured many hearts on the chat. But that was about it. He has sank in AVN?s waters and never been recovered.
? VINDICATED A.Y.: this pretty girl no longed needs more than one alarm to wake her up for the exam. Kept a low profile for most of the year, but it is ok, school always comes first, even before AVN.
? Anastasia: nothing?
? Tanya: nothing. Well I think nothing, unless she changed her name or popped into the chat a few times.
? ChaldeanBlondie: this guy was asking about you in the chat some day in June.
? WoodBridge_Guy: his name has changed, then went back, but now only God knows.
? Ashetnaya: gone is the great Ashetnaya of the old voice chat. You will have a hard time replacing it. Keep tryin. If you read this and I know you will, give a shout back.

? JewelsinChicago: where is my promised dinner? Too bad she left! Will have to ask Rum or someone else from Chicago about her wherabouts.
? Emil Sulyman: great guy and a pleasure to have him, too bad he reads much more than he will ever post.
? Marroush: congratulations, your brother is the first Assyrian to make it to a major OHL team. One of AVN?s originals, but has been mean enough not to pay us a visit in a long time. Or maybe she does?
? Happy Girl: cute name, seen on chat occasionally.
? Barishta: achieved popularity early but then lost it due to inactivity. His sister has already inherited his legacy, and maybe even better.
? Noonie: although not as popular as her sister, she is lucky that we put her name some 15 pages above her sister. A very nice and cute girl, and I expect a big year in 06.

? QURDAYA: helloooo, how would such a name not make our list? Especially when it is written in an ironic way!
? theItalianVoice: he is not Assyrian but we are thrilled to have him.
? Hebrew: same as above, plus some great views on things. Skipper may disagree but hey it is all about good debate.
? Iraqi_Irani_Al-Farabi: same as above, keep it up guys. You are all welcome here.
? KiwiGuy: finally the Kiwis are making a come-back. Ludikristen, be happy!
? fred1980: strong view, and usually against the current. Some of his views are great, while others are so~so

? JennieCat: she is cuter than a cat. She is also a sweetheart, whom Toronto AVNers had the pleasure of meeting this past summer. Keep it up, especially in your school. A special and big thanks from Ashur for the nice Brazilian flag.
? Lidia: new to the scene, but her sexy email got her here.
? Dragon: second or third Assyrian with a black belt? Will wait and see.
? Nor-E: very popular in 2005, even without all the hot-headed arguments. She should and could have easily won the ?best female custome on Hallween? but she didn?t, because judges thought ?AVNers can?t win this too, let us give a chance to others?? A hottie?

? vanity_fair: a new to the scene but is already popular enough, having started one of the longest threads on the forums, as well as her Santa hat factory.
? NBL: The pro-Bush, pro-Christian voice has been silent for some time. But don?t let that fool you. He will roar again, and even stronger.
? Creator: it is a name, with views (excuse the pun) but no post (excuse the pun again)
? Art Vandelay: some significant contributions which we couldn?t just overlook.
? Samma Gu Libakh: sometimes, names like these can give the website a bad image. But let us not kid ourselves, AVN is not perfect, and does have its negatives too.
? Honest: honestly I can only remember your name and a few posts on the old forum.

? Lilshushu: what a year, wow. Very nice, cute and sweet girl, who loves to party. I promise to get her a free ride to attend one of our AVN Gatherings in 2006.
? SweetAsKandi: indeed she is, and the come-back was even sweeter.
? SweetColaGirl: Hi this is ASHOOR talking. You see how nice I am. I remembered you even though you forgot all of us. Even Senalco wonders who this girl is.
? Spizmatic: aka WesternAssyrian this legendary AVN historian and politician was on and off this year. Made some name in the various AVN gatherings this year.
? Reality: I now know who you are and you won?t believe how I found out.
? Myth: the god of wisdom. I have been looking for her for years. Could pissibly be reincarnated as another new AVNer.
? SweetCaroline: Joined in late 2003, and disappeared in early 2004. We are so nice to still include her; to find out why you did what you did on that day on AVN. Only few people remember.
? MarkyGino: some people would easily rank him as most nagging and complaining on the forums. Having said that, he is a nice and intelligent too. Something happened at the end and made him leave for some time. Still a member on the chat, according to some AVN sources from there.

? Eanna: joined late this year, but has been such a sweetheart to be loved by so many. Yes Holland needed more AVNers, and it is only getting better. Salem loves hitting on her and vise versa?
? CARRIE: it was nice to see her register in the forums. But what is the point? She hardly posted. But I still include her because she is one of the originals, and has a cute name.
? Khabooshta1: you too same as above.
? Dinaa: still known by posting once every two months or so. Shorten your intervals please
? MrGreenEyeZ143: he has been more popular on the photo albums than anywhere else. Oh and on chat too. Is a veteran of AVN from 1999.
? ramsiN: gotta love his ghetto way of writing. Very nice given his slang, living in slot city, and always hitting on Bunzz, Shusshu and others?
? Linda: this London, ON girl has been a member of the website since 2001 or so. Very nice, educated but poor when it comes to her AVN participation rate for 05.

? JanetL the friend of the above, very nice and educated, but poor when it comes to posting in 2005. Beautiful AVNer.
? Kooryakoos: I have already talked about you above. It is ok, you deserve another mention. How are the sheep doing?LOL
? SHYGIRL: finally got her to register and post but that only lasted for a few weeks. A sweetheart, nevertheless. Been here since 1999, and even before that when AVN hadn?t even started!
? ASUK: a professional AVNer from UK, but haven?t found him in some time.
? DALALE: one of the nicest and oldest (internet age) AVNERs on hand. But the sad fact is: 0 posts on the forums. Nice to see her picture on the photo album. Oh yeah, she is honored to be the first Assyrian ever to be on our voice chat, 6 years agoo.
? FallenAngel: this nice girl has been here for along time now, and she has got one of the cutest avatars in place.
? Dsbabygirl: been on the site for a few years, but this was probably her best. She is a nice girl, and together with LightForce, would make a great couple. I always thought BackStreetBoys were extinct until this girl showed us the pictures!
? Holland: Br atiel, Godi smyJudge, Boomer, Ea nna, and others had to work hard to compensate for your disastrous disappearance. Happy new year!
? JackieeeUK: still the nice cute girl, but unfortunately only found on the message board and even that was rare
? Vertigo: I forgive you for the sake of getting more of our own Assyrian doctors.

? Claudia: Good to see BOOMER watching a lot of soccer without any consequences
? BigBeautifulEyez: started very strong but somehow faded. Very very nice.
? Olivia: friend of the above, but only made a few posts on the message board.
? Kekwanta_Marian: one of the founding fathers of the idea of Assyrian Voice, had a great year on AVN, both online and offline. A sweetheart and as real as she can get.
? Dina: new to the scene, very cute and lovely, if we could only get more posts from her. Can be found on chat, but only a select few know her nickname which changes every day.

? Honda_Racing_Girl: admit it, even the name change from the legendary ?XENAAA? didn?t lower her AVN stock. Still giving it her best, and oh yeah, giving sho emaker a run for his fame and face. Her, Nore and anieeeeeee have a lot in common (no need for a list)
? M*A*C*Girl: 0 posts so far but she is a regular and a hottie too, so I decided to include her.
? Blue: go to our Politics and Religion forum and you will realize why I included him.
? Noor: same with this one.
? Nahrain: again one of those names that lose their popularity due to many people using same name
? Nahren: same as above
? Nahrin: same as above and the one above. But all these three nahrains are good girls from what we have seen. More on chat.

? CuttonCandy: her being Cookie?s sister helped her get this line. Nothing more.
? Hookah: man, we never knew this guy could have such interesting and funny posts. He is also there whenever you need a question about the NBA or MLB. In fact, could easily win ?AVN Baseball Insider?
? Tina: totally disappeared lately. I believe the name change to Tantooni cost her a lot. Who could believe this nice girl was a moderator on the message board in the glory days of that place
? manuel: his controversial/weird topics would make KrayZ and Kevin?s posts very ordinary and even interesting. No one knows what he wants other than to post once every 2 months, and try to get on the nerves of as many people as possible. You know what is amazing though: no matter how much insults he gets, he totally shrugs them off
? WiseGuy: wise who?

? Secret: who again? I mean I know her but what about you? Indeed, leaving AVN makes you rust. You don?t have to be a metal to rust.
? SexyChaldeanBabe: nice girl from the chat. Wont accept private messages though
? MJay: talk about great runs; this guy can give a lesson or two. He can also give a great lesson in humor. Still waiting for him to go head to head with one of either Ultoma, Shoemaker or even Phenomenon for AVN?s ?King of Humor and Sarcasm? which is a different title from that of ?King of Jokes? for which others are nominated.
? JohnnyBandoleros: it has been some time, but who can forget your legendary voice from the voice chat?
? Francis D'Anconia: some strong views on so many issues, and we just need more of him and his posts.
? RESHA GORA: him, along with BLUEICE and JROK formed a scary ?Axis of Evil? which has now been broken. Almost nothing in 2005.
? MeMeUK: An avid reader of the message board, not sure about the forums. Cute, and beautiful, but, and I hate to repeat, AVNers are born beautiful, cute, nice and smart.
? SeevanMaroogi: 2004 wasn?t his year and most of you know why. 2005 was a better year, although he could have made more stops.

? MAPLE-LEAFS: The guy is no lo longer just a Toronto celebrity; even AVNers from Chicago know him. Of course, one of the most popular on the message board and text chat, unfortunately not on the forums yet. But he is almost there.
? IllwillUK: missed his soccer posts. Is he preparing for a come-back by the time the World Cup is underway? Or maybe we already have him under another name?
? Rexdalezfynest: no one cares, nor does anyone believe it!
? Machiavelli: gotta love his soccer posts. I hope Arsenal win something this year just for him. Great personality.
? SoccerTalena: another soccer fanatic on AVN, but a chick. May help us attract more females to soccer talk on AVN. Few posts in the later parts of 2005, I wonder why? Even with Brazil winning the Confederation Cup!
? Sqeeda: He was a big shot in 2002, and I thought I would see him but I haven?t yet. He is from the land of Shakespeare.
? MrBurns: sorry I can only remember the name. Where are you so we can remember you collectively.

? Hip_Hop_Producer209: I am tired of saying the word ?nice? but if there is anyone that deserves it, it is this guy, because he is one of a kind. He wasn?t only nice, he was there whenever you needed him for any music or gaming questions. The guy lives and drinks music and gaming.
? Born2drv: sorry, I know he changed his name to ?Mr.Worshipper of Falafel?, but I still prefer the old nickname. Gotta love some of his interesting views on the Serious Forum, from those on Gays, to those on Google. Takes insults and just ignores them, professionalism at its best.
? Maria 7867: I always thought she looked like Ashlee Simpson. Then I found out that she is AssyrianBookta?s sister, who happens to look like Jessica Simpson. Coincidence? Indeed it is. Nice and quiet girl.
? MikesBike: strong views on things although it would be good if he can see both sides of the issue, whatever the issue is.

? Miranda: this sweet and cute girl is still representing us at the Pacific. She can yell West and Salem and co. will hear her. Or, she can choose to yell out to the East, and we, here in the East Coast and Europe will answer. Doesn?t matter what she wants, we will do it. Just about everything! Gorgeous, cute and nice. Who is the lucky AVNer that will see her first?
? WiggerWillUK: A great Real Madrid fan. His trip to the California was a win-win situation; seeing beautiful Cali. and winning the hearts of so many girls. A very good guy too!
? Valantina: back in 1999, 2000, 20% of AVNers were from NZ. Now they make up less than 5%, but we are counting on Valentina to raise this percentage once again. A sweet girl.
? Melly: you made it, thanks to your association with your friend whom we address below. Cute!
? Thomas: another stable personality with very stable views. Lucky bastard will get to watch World Cup games. In fact, he has already been lucky enough to watch Brazil crush Argentina in the Confederation Cup final. But he was soaking wet, thanks to smart German engineers. ss
? Precious: well you were, but don?t know about now.
? Nanette: no longer a chat-only AVNer. Had fun reading her arguments with Pistons fans. Yes, the sports forum is full with these Pistons-Bulls hate threads. A nice and lovable girl indeed.

? KhIgGaAaAaAa: what a difference between 2004 and this year. What happened man? I know you still post, but nothing compared to last year. Gotta love his music discussions and patriotic feeling. Had to add this line in the last minute: he is now back and stronger than ever. Funny and crazy.
? NICK ROCKWELL: one of the first AVNers to start giving out real cash on the forums. And this was even before the genius invention of ?Assyros? A great guy and a great DJ. I would hire RumRum as his manager and form a bigger music company.
? GodismyJudge: very nice again, just like last year and the year before. Only problem with him: he doesn?t like Real Madrid, but it is ok, because he still likes Brazil. Great job with his new moderation duties on the Tech/Computer Forum.
? Andreos: this guy is from England and has 0 posts. Move on to the next one.
? BratetMichigan: started well then completely vanished, then came back, then disappeared again. The highlight of the year? None I can think of!

? Ashur: Thanks God, we didn?t get any ?who farts in public? posts from him. Of course not, he is now a different man, with a girl on his side. Funny!
? Winged Bull: One of the most popular on AVN for 2005, thanks to his already-legendary Youth Parties. Girls loved his shots! Proud of his pride in his nation.
? Kikhwa: strong views, on everything ranging from Church to Cheney. One of many Koumnaye making up a big population on AVN. Very nice too! Has gone missing lately. A very educated girl.
? Lit33Kevin: Honestly, I don?t even know how to write his nickname, and I didn?t even bother to verifiy. Lots of things to write about him, but I would rather write what others said about him, but that would take me another day. Overall, very interesting posts, weired at times, and according to so many, a big complainer and nagger. But that is what makes him interesting as an AVNer first, and a person second. There is two things he doesn?t do: swearing and lolling, and while we are happy for the first one, we would love to see him do the second one some times.

? Shannia: When I saw Paris burning, I was so worried. They better not get close to the beauty of AVN in the city of lights! Gorgeous, sweet, and oh yeah, BellaMafia?s biggest rival as ?AVN?s Best Traveller.? The only difference between the two: BellaMafia travels North America, while Shannia tours the European Union.
? JJ: if this was written in 2001 or 2002, we would need one page to describe this legend. Unfortunately, few lines are enough this time. WAS funny.
? Chamcheeta: started posting more at the end of the year. Maybe just to get on this book? Naaaah, she would anyways, because she is a sweety! And a bookta too. And of course, extremely quiet and consistent, no matter what the setting. I am still a fan of her cute name. Such a cute face and a cute name.
? Skipper: while we complain about the weather, he is somewhere in the Caribbean, enjoying his time. May turn out to be the first medical doctor from AVN. A good and smart guy.
? CAROLINE: a sweety, a sweetheart, and one of the nicest ever. I bet you, the year book entry in 20 years from now, will only get better. So cute, she is happy we have a Chucky Cheese here in Woodbridge!
? DetroitKing: his fascination with the Williams sisters was enough to raise a few eye brows. His good attitude though, made him a favorite. Very nice for his age, location and gender!
? imaginary_friend: he was just that, imaginary. Exists only in the minds of a few and in the AVN database. That is it!

? classybella19: didn?t live up to the hype, but based on the few instances we have seen her, she is a very nice girl. Come out!
? Sagie: from Hamilton, a very nice and funny guy. Finally decided to join us, thanks to assyrian_dude, I think? he will be all over all of our gatherings in the new year.
? Lunatic: mmmmm eeeeeh, not so much.
? Sweetlife19: if I am not mistake, this is the girl with that cute little puppy, the first dog I have ever found cute. But she is cuter but it would be good if she posted more.
? Bratiel: a great great Assyrian, and a very classy girl. Has always been an attraction to male AVNers and will continue to be.
? Charlie: no longer new to the scene. A smart UK kid that may give Mj ay a run for his money. Actually, this guy is more into politics and hating Bush. Mjay is more into mockery and jokes.
? Abul Eeeesh: extremely popular on the voice chat in 01,02, and Mafia187 may know a thing or two about him.
? A.K.47: see above.
? Rate_Assyrians: given his young age, he is very oumtanaya and an expert on our church?s issues. The guy goes the extra mile to defend these two things. Over all, a kind and smart guy. Until when will Haoleen and khleita65 keep bothering him about doing his school work?
? Xx~FELICITY~xX: still sad about Beckham no longer being there?

? GENAWA: one of the pioneers who introduced a new style of language in Assyrian Voice. Come back when you have something new. Notoriously good when it comes to colorful language.
? Mizzchaldo: joined like 1 month ago, and she is already beloved by so many. This cute Michigan girl looks to have a great future on AVN. I have a feeling Candy is looking to snatch her and add her to her gang. Don?t spoil the poor girl yet.
? Gibbi: this great music player has been busy, but was nice enough to remember us at times.
? Cazzy0418: is she crazy nice or what? Here is another new AVN sweetheart. Thanks to Jennie for bringing her in.
? TO-Forever: very nice and professional poster. Great views on social issues, as well as local Toronto matters.
? SHAPIRA_82: back just like every year, though with ZerO posts. A Swedish chatter again.

? David: one of the nicest guys from the forums, and he is finally a regular and let us hope he keeps it this way. Good views on lots of topics.
? TheWiseOne: enjoyed her posts a lot. Come back, I will make it worth for you.
? Helena: your image on the beach is still on our mind. And so is your amazing tattoo. But you are not. Because you are not here. I will ask Atouriina about you or maybe even Meroona. An Iraqi, a Syrian and an Iranian: but at the end, all three are Assyrians.
? Christina: come with your cousin above, but you have better chances of doing it.
? ThirstyNinos: this guy needs no introduction, but I will tell you this much: he is one of the most popular, very nice, and beloved by pretty much everyone. Loves talking to lovemoon and Atinewatkhaye in a special language, that few people understand, also known as Arabic. Go Brazil Go. Gotta love the way he uses colorful language in a humorous way.
? Baggio: expired in 2002. If you changed your name, let us know in the forums.

? Ludikristen: ?hey, where is this cute teacher from NZ? Bani may know more.? Was her entry last year, but thanks God, this year she is back, and we just hope she stays because she is one of the nicest and brightest.
? SexcAssYriAn: your visit was very brief. I am sure your second come back is in sight.
? Sami3224: a Chicago fella who faded quickly, came back, only to fade again, only to reappear again, only to fade once again until God knows when
? Sota_Shaperta: shareh this girl wrote a few posts just so her account doesn?t get deactivated. This is what I (ASHOOR) call a ?good AVN citizen? But now she is much better with a lot more posts.
? SweetCheek: she is from Australia, and pretends to be nice; but we don?t know, because she is too private. Sorry girl! JK.
? Dunia: York kept her away from us, but she still gives her 2 Cents, which are usually worth it.
? soccer_talenta: it is always nice to have soccer fans. But to have female soccer fans is all the more exciting. Keep it up sister, and Brazil is always the best.
? Python: the water here is no longer poisonous, but you never know. Nice in person.
? rams: a legend, loved by so many, for his great sports knowledge, singing and jokes at various AVN gatherings.

? DON_Talga: a chat legend whom Miranda continue to stack.
? TIGER: this Woodbridge girl has been very nice to everyone, although her posts weren?t that many.
? Ateeqa: how can anyone go from being so popular to NOBODY? This guy will teach you, but good luck finding him ;)
? DesertFoxx1: his basketball tournament has united AVNers like never before. One of the most popular AVNers in Detroit, year in and year out.
? SomethingToThinkAbout: still don?t know what you want us to think about? Was quiet good in the beginning and nothing ever since.
? HONANA-TORONTO: lived up to his name once again. This Toronto guy has been stuck in the message board mostly. Didn?t go on strike this year because Ass yGal wasn?t there to help him through it. A very nice guy with a good heart.
? Paul: it was SHORT, brief, and SWEET. Would rather have it long, and sweet. Steel town that is?
? StrawberryIce: a great come back at the end of the year from this ?avn fans? favorite? Took care of all the Models and reality show posts along with BellaMafia. I don?t know what she looks like but I have a feeling she is a beauty.
? GoodFella: Few posts but extremely consistent, stable and quiet. Pleasure to have him, although a few more posts would be better. He posts a one-word replies.

? Dr.StrangeLove: what happened to all the hype you created in early 2005? Was it all fake like your name? still a very good contributor to some controversial issues.
? NamelessNarrator: been a quiet year, busy with work khena. Will Salem keep hitting the door in 2006?
? Remon_UK: pops on the message board once every few months, and on chat every few weeks. Trend will continue, and it is his loss.
? AssyrianBabe88: made a late run at the forums, only because the chat was down. Don?t expect much from her in 2006. She could challenge me and prove me wrong however.
? Chicago_Jenny: made a brief appearance and went into private mode again. Shareh she wondered where all the people from the forums had disappeared. FORUMS!
? Chico: Jenny?s brother. Still lives in the message board. May move to the forums in 2006
? Ninara: quiet year in appearances, chatting and posting, but a great role in transforming the message board into a political and religious hot-bed for discussions. Amazingly, he is virtually the only popular AVNer who hasn?t made the transition to the other side. Still the ?super star? according go miichii

? Ramta78: a great girl, great posts in 2005. Oh yeah, great artist!
? infidel videl: don?t you just miss his desert and behind-the-pyramids stories?
? AssyrianPrince21: man, what in a name: this guy did so much in 2005, we need an entire book. Finally got to see Mariah Carey. Also the highlight of Halloween along with BellaMafia in Toronto. For the second year in a row, he was Forum MVP. Keeps getting stronger and more popular, although at a slower pace due to busy schedule. Another great guy!
? Teffo: has been gone for some time, but Assyrian Voice is too nice and generous to forget its lovely members. Cheers and kisses for this sweet girl.
? ChooChoo: the bird is no longer free, but hey, this is the way she likes it probably. We miss you and we love you. Thanks for making some time for us despite your changed routine.
? Lil-irba: cute name, started strong but finished weak. Even your cousin (youweremyfavoritemistake)did better.

? AlvenaMaryam: can?t forget her, at the same time can?t forgive her for making few stops in 05. One hell of a sweetheart!
? Rita_Lazar: a great girl, although we needed more stops from her in 2004. She has Alvena, so she has enough of everything.
? TorontoJigga had the privilege of being compared to Massari, and he didn?t mind it at all. In fact, there is something else he didn?t mind: annoying the hell out of BellaMafia at the end of the Youth Halloween party in Toronto. Was great at the end of the year, helping rally as many Assyrians to vote as possible. Great job!
? Shikwanta: remains one of the smartest ladies on AVN, although she kept a low profile in 05. Thomas is still a fan, hence his fondness of then ?Shiky Award?
? ALCHOHOLIC: he is no longer the ?RecoveringAlchoholic?, although we are still not sure what he recovered from. Good presence over all, but shame for breaking your promise to BellaMafia when she came to Toronto.

? Gilbert: hey, he is no longer a funny dude who likes to spoil threads with his smart_you_know_what comments. He is now a moderator, an excellent one. Some people hate his reformation and radical changer agenda, but he is good at ignoring them. We miss his humor, but it is coming back.
? GingerSnap: ?Oh and she has got a lovely avatar? was the comment we gave her last year. This year, she is finding avatars for others. Oh and she still has a place in AVN?s Hall of Fame for being the first member ever to register in our text chat. Very nice!
? BeBe: ?genius in making people fall for her and adore her? was our entry for this two-faced girl, but no one caught it. Was I foreshadowing something? You bet!
? Melka_Ashur: has been missing for some time. Half the people miss him, half don?t. He is only in his early 20s so I doubt he is ?KACHALA?

? Toronto-Girl: Extrmely quiet and nice. She couldn?t wait to see the photo albums, and when they came out, she had already disconnected her internet!
? ChicagoLover: last time I checked, you were still looking?No AVN trace though!
? PrincessNahrain: so many people are still waiting for her return, some for good intentions while others for bad ones. Was a great debater and a sweetheart in person.
? Assyrian_Sweetheart: no longer relying on her sister Atourina to help her become popular. Her presence at the Youth Party in Toronto helped her a lot. And she is a sweetheart just like her name suggests.
? MeMeUK: One of the cutest girl from the UK, but hasn?t been found in a long time.

? Amanda_CHALDO_FOR_EVER: for those who have been on text chat for long, you guys will recognize this girl, whom we predicted to be the future of AVN, but looks like we were dead wrong.
? Assyrian10: one of AVN?s originals and we are great to have him. I am sure Bandoleros are also happy to have him.
? Saksuka: was ushered in through his cousin hunky, but looks like hunky is no longer needed. His eyes are his pass to AVN?s ultimate fame.
? Yoyo: good job on the website, but we still need to see you more often.
? Dalil1: extremely nice, but too bad we had very little of her this year.
? Telgath Belshaser: this guy sounds a lot like Mj ay, although he is more into the Assyrian and Oumta stuff, while Mjay is more into??
Has been missing for some time, and would love to get him back.
? ChaldeanNasz: he too had a run at ?AVN?s most hated? but did a good job improving his image after.
? zazGirl: such a sweetheart, too bad no one is nice enough to show her the way to the forums

? Assyrian4life: he is from Chicago and can be found in the chat. Oh and ladies, he is a guy.
? MaliktaUK: if it wasn?t for the great memories from 2000,2001 and 2002 on the message board and voice chat, you wouldn?t get this line. There is some hope however,a s some of her posts were found on the message board recently.
? NahoUK: same as above. But what a hit she was in 2001 wow.
? Renia_UK: well almost same above.
? Jane_UK: no difference from above
? Art_UK: much like above and even worse.
? RaymondUK: same as above, although I believe he is in with a new name.
? Whatever: can you believe this girl has seen and met Pele face to face? Anyways, great sports posts, and man did she make a lot of enemies when she revealed that she is a Chelsea fan. Oh and what is with the constant arguments with Mojo Moja, M Jay and others. I tell you, she has some strong views on things, and oh yeah, never or hardly ever lolls.
? Nocheyeta: kept a low profile on chat, but was still visible at times.
? game which got so many people interested. Oh and not to forget his legendary and hilarious remarks and jokes about Canada. More and more girls are starting to like him?

? MAFIA187: after being put on the ?cold list? for most of 2004, 2005 was a great year for him. His favorite line on chat was, you guessed it Tashi ?khosh???. W dmoukh?? AVN will soon get its first cop!
? SlitUrAnkle: The UN voice on AVN, was a huge year for her. Extremely sensitive to racists issues and comments, but hey, they will always exist. When it comes to Salem and her, who likes who?
? Destiny: destiny had it that this girl would leave us, and probably never come back. But we still believe she will, that is why she is listed here. Hey Venus may talk her into coming back! I believe she has a new nick, but I will stick to this one. She is very nice I tell you.
? SWEETIE: One of the originals and still nice enough to come by every now and then. Like I said, very very nice.
? Tony Zamara: We are thrilled and proud to have our great singer here.
? VENUS: so what happened? No one will ever know. We must mention however, and despite all the controversies, she was very nice in person. Would get along great with Chicago?s Assyrian_Bookta.
? ASHOOR: everyone is wondering about who wrote this line. The answer will come next year at this time and it will shock you all. Anyways, I know 2006 won?t be a good year for you if Brazil don?t win the World Cup, so I ask every member to pray for Brazil so that they win it again.
? xzotic eyez: busy being a mom, but we appreciate her taking the time to visit us occasionally. Her kid is so cute, AVNers already adore her. Her kid along with Kirwish?s kid will take over AVN in about 15-20 years from now.

? Tutu: started the year well, but then got busy with something (I know what) and was hard to find. Nice to see her come back once in a while. Even nicer seeing her pictures in the AVN gatherings.
? SwEeTNeSs: where is she? Was very active in our music forum, but this year she was inactive, period.
? Siko: on and off, but what he gave us, like always, is always well-worth it. Another AVNer who deserves the nickname ?Gym Rat?
? Assyrian_Cuttie: almost nothing from this Windsor beauty.
? Maryam: nothing!
? Maryam Y: hahahaha??????? (it is ok, friends don?t mind friends doing this)
? steelcity_guy19: what a year this has been for him, even though it was his first and even started late. He basically dominated the Sports forum, giving his opinion on every sport. He was also a big hit in the general forum, and many girls were after him. But one girl is really after him and that is?
? california_love: we appreciate his coming so we honor him.

? Johnnnnnnny: an intelligent young guy. Unfortunately, we didn?t get much from him either. Watch for him in the summer.
? Bolero: new but already making noise.
? Gina Gal Gal: totally dead for 2004. But is she even???.?
? Sugar Baby: rumours had it that you don?t even exist. Now we believe it!
? SimonSays: says what? I am just kidding! Very nice guy, mostly on chat.
? Hallow: made a fool of yourself in 2003, and hasn?t been found ever sinceBuy I have a feeling that he is back, improved, and with a new nickname.
? ACE: A bad bad boy from the days of the voice chat. Has been spotted on the text chat a few times, although it is not credible. May have changed names too to puzzle the AVN police and public.
? Vixen: last seen in 2001, but we remember her because of her connections.
? Frank1001: this guy has been missing for some time from the chat. Would fit perfectly on the forums.

? Nadeen: changed name to???..
? Malka_Shoomana: absolutely one of the funniest and most popular on AVN. Was also a big star in all of AVN?s gatherings this year. His two funniest comments for this yea?, well here they are ?you are a nice guy, but you have a big mouth?? and ?Bella tawerta??
? Enas: lots of changes have taken place, but few people realize it is still you.
? Flora88: a nice girl from Toronto, Canada. She is only 17 so more to come in the years to come
? AssyrianVoiceSUCKS: you are on chat more than half the people here, to the point where I remember your name. Congratulations: you made the list. Keep coming to the site you hate, so we will always remember you. Will once again win the prize of ?Most Contradicting of Oneself
? Suzan: Engaged? If so, you are excused but not forever.
? sweet_as_candy: hails from the message board and probably has no idea what the Forums are, but hey, the message board is just another part of the bigger Assyrian Voice website. Sounds like a very nice girl.

? CHICLETA: same as above, although I think she already registered on here.
? ASSYRIAN_BEAUTY: again same as above, and I think I will introduce all three of them to the forums in the new year.
? Khelana: this guy is askig me to ask you to take him off block list. You know who he is?
? Caput: another UK fella, if you guys remember him. But hey, it might be another case of ?back with a new nickname?
? GT: he always teased us on voice chat that he had cable internet, and that he could grab the mic faster and before anyone else.

? God Papa: the man of controversies for the good causes and reasons. Totally empty for 2005. The guy has got some serious business to take care of now. Jrok may know a thing or two about where he is.
? Miguel: a nice and intelligent kid from the UK. I am sure he love his trip to California. Hey, we finally have an AVNer who can cook; making salad and preparing it counts as cooking.
? MusicMan: he can be found on chat often, and is a member on the forum as well. But he doesn?t say anything on either places.
? TNT: one of the originals from the voice chat, hailing from Australia. Have no idea where he is now, although he still checks our photo albums on a regular basis.
? MALIKTA.... NICOLE: stop leaving the chat every few seconds?
? ChaldeanHunnie: we remember her for her website, but that is about it.

? dEdEUK: omg I can?t believe we no longer have her: guys, this is the ginger dede, she was so active on the message board. Man someone tell her to come back.
? Ramsen: thanks for posting the picture which everyone was asking about.
? Ron: your picture caused a revolution amongst girls in 2003. But they forgot you so soon. Your trip to North America did more damage than one could ever imagine
? Atoreta Brata: I made sure I don?t forget you, given your nice name and good spirit.
? Christian: good early year views on things, but needs more activity. Nice name.
? TheOne1: his Detroit Pistons helped inflate his popularity a lot. To him PM is Public Messaging since he often posts his personal messages on the forums instead of using the PM feature.
? chaldean_ree: brown_eyes?s sister, very nice and often quiet. Seems to come for a few weeks, then disappears for months. Doesn?t know what it means to hate or argue, according to what I have seen.

? sweetAssyrian: you couldn?t prove it in all of 2005. Will see for the new year which I still doubt
? Mesopotemian: good posts but is now gone, don?t know till when.
? sweetlips: see above?.also??it is hard to really prove or disprove your name directly?
? shamoosey: new to the scene but seems like we have know her forever. A sweetheart and one of the nicest, and oh yeah a bookta too. AVN can?t wait for her and a lot of the London crew to be at the 2006 convention in Chicago.
? Kiss Me Sweet: three words: I am sure a lot of members who know you would love to do that, if they only knew your secret ever-changing nickname on the chat.
? Tyaraya: great, although rare poster.
? Tyareta: I can remember the time I was in Tyareh, but can?t really remember the last time I saw you on AV
? WHAT: another one of those with not such a great nickname yet with a good profile. Disappeared in the later half of the year.

? NZChick: found on chat, but don?t even try getting her on into the forums; very hard.
? Freddy: not a bad guy, on the chat only though. May cross to the other side in 2006. To the forums that is.
? Jessica: how is your English now? Well it has been more than 5 years now.
? LivingDeadGirl: left the forums for the chat only, and even that involved a name change. She may cross back, or maybe she already has.
? Gabartaa: did you ask the permission of the girl below?
? GABRTA: Did you grant your permission to the girl above? Wild WW is over thanks God. I know one of the two is from Toronto who was a frequent member of our old voice chat
? Gabara: did you ask Ashur?s brother permission to use this name?

? Dabasha: we are proud to see you being the main man for the new Ashur RV. Another AVNer hitting it big. Keep it up.
? Sawanta: her name may be what it is , but all her posts are about beauty and hair styles. Always smiling and laughing in her posts and that is great.
? Esz: seen often but heard from very rarely.
? In Christ Alone: a great name but with little posts so far.
? decorus<>celebrus: she is not new to the scene, it is just that she is more active now. Very interesting posts just like her sister whom we also address in here. For some reason, she hates her Jewish neighbor.
? RadRides: great views on church and politics posts, and great guy over all. Who could believe this is the same annoying kid from the voice chat? According to him at least.
? AssyrianConvention: an extremely professional writer, although we see little of it on here.
? Mishtutho: gotta love his Assyrian pride, keep it up man. Of course, his sports posts too.
? ~*Merooona*~: new to the scene but such a sweetheart already. Another smart AVNer with a great future awaiting. Isn?t her name so cute?

? DaIllestAssyrianInDaHouse: man do these AVNers from the UK have some interesting nicknames or what! Can?t say much more than this though.
? Candy Shop: one of the most fun and crazy girls at the same time. One of those that make the forums more fun and entertaining. Keep coming girl, you keep so many of us glued. Leads a big gang at the text chat that include Sweety, 70bak_Waja3, Mafia187, Tashi and others?
? BELLAAAAAA: Still thinking Jason Allison is the best? I doubt it. Friends with AANIEEEEEEEEEE, which is why she has all these As at the end of her name. Very nice, if she only keeps coming on a consistent basis.
? Daliya: first Assyrian to enter the chat from Baghdad and that is a big honor. You have started an amazing trend.
? platinum head: not bad actually and his name helps even more.
CaliforniaLove: a smart girl, with some good posts, although they come very rare.
? Melbourn_Guy: wasn?t doing bad, but looks like his services are no longer needed since Uneek, Senalco, Wesam and others are doing a great job.

? SwedenGirl: If you had only given me a sample of your DNA, it would have been easier now to find you. We know you are somewhere on the website, but under what name, God knows!
? 7obak_Waja3: such a nice and sweet girl. We are happy that she chose her studies first. AVN will always be there for her khena. Another member of Candy?s gang
? Chosen_1: man this guy was hilarious on the voice chat when he went at it with Americans. Some people actually provoked him on purpose just to hear his nice Aussie accent.
? Alandinho: still a bad boy? It is ok, since half of your name is half the name of someone a lot of us like. A case of changed nicknames again?
? Danialdo: see above. Both have been lost.
? LindaGeorge: people no longer believe you and that is a good thing. We had enough confusion with other things and we certainly didn?t want this one too.
? carro: such a sweet and cute girl, and her cute avatar helped her even more. She is the new face of AVN, and expect her to be there for years and years to come. Let us just hope this prediction doesn?t turn out like others.

? CAMPPAIN: do you guys remember him posting about new hair cuts he was trying. Well that was part of his new Public Relations campaign in his come back to Assyrian Voice. I don?t think he needed it, since he has always been a decent and nice guy. Very interesting way of writing too. Oh yeah, did you rip that Iraqi passport yet?
? Dabanja: The second worst chatter of AV ever. But I assume you are grown up now
? A2RETA: has 0 posts on the forums and exactly 1 Assyro. How does that happen? Someone was nice enough and donated her that one Assyro just like we are nice enough to donate her this citing.
? A2reta: the original girl from Toronto, with the great Assyrian pride. Keep it up, we will always need your pride.
? Bella: lovely and peaceful as Sweden is. Cant ask for more. Actually, we could ask for her come-back.
? My Immortal Morpheus: proud to know that this AVNer won the book cover award for a major new Assyrian release. Very educated and talented in various fields.
? BABY: this 6oron6o girl was a bit quiet, but she posted when it mattered.
? al: was a big shot in 2003 and 2004, but almost nothing in 2005. You guys should remember him with his pro_Bush views, He is from Arizona.
? AL: I didn?t feel like spending some time to see what his new nickname is. But you guys know him, it is the guy who is at every Assyrian basketball game in Chicago and Detroit. Tall and tanned.

? Khoobanta: this girl made it to the most popular list of 2001. ever since we haven?t seen her.
? BLUEICE: was wise enough to reverse his nick change to what it is now. A lot to be said about this funny guy, but the highlight of the year remains his ?Families?
? Sags: was quiet loud on the politics forum, but has been absent for some time.
? ??g?l?c????: her avatar was an angel and no wonder so many AVNers confused her with an angel because that is the image she had given us. Now it is all memories, one of which was her interview with AVN.
? Basima: back to the chat, hard to convince to come to the forums.
? ilonty: very nice girl, Leafs lover, but with very few, and to-the-point posts. Her sister must love her a lot since she uses her account whenever she is????.
? Peace A Amore: following the Brazilian thrashing of Argentina in the confederation cup, I hope you are now convinced that Brazil is much better than the crying Argies?
? EddieBrock: a special talent just like Lay_EZ, but the events of last few months overshadowed everything else.
? Elissa: she was a big hit on the chat, albeit with a very quiet and cute personality. She joined the forums under another alias, which I am trying hard to pinpoint.
? SARGIS: AVN was In deep need for some one to balance the equation.

? THIS IS FUNNY: is back after a long absence in 2004. Great person if you get to know him in person, and great job in all these youth parties. Who is annoying who when it comes to him and atouriina?
? VIANA_UK: how can I reach you?
? Lebanese Girl: I can?t smell or feel beauty. I can only see beauty with my eyes
? ASSYRIANdk: Denmark? Hello?
? d-o-o-m-a: doom day is close, so better get ready for it, than be on AVN? I don?t think so!
? SandyBell: so cute. That is a cartoon isn?t it?
? Nosa: what a big difference between Amman and Manchester huh?
? Khoshaba: a name so easy to spot, I am never worried about him getting away from us. You can always recognize him when he is back.
? LindaBellati: and now you have a partner who is even more silent. See below.
? Belati: tried PMing you a million times to let you know that I know you, but hee meka, wara men kha natha, w plata men de kheta.
? Linda: the spirit of Christmas. The lost pride of the Dutch presence on AVN. Not to worry, others are doing a great job replacing you.
? RideOrDi
? Peach(y): An absolute fans favorite and chat legend. One of those, who don?t need to post much, as fans will still relate to her. But hey, she doesn?t like preachers and that is not nice!

Ashoor you put that last sentence at the last minute laa...LOL

I can live in being not nice according to you :p
SO SORRY GUYS, I posted the wrong version, that was missing so many names.

here it is again.

? Shater: another extremely funny guy, but notorious in swearing. In fact he was creative in swearing.
? Tera d Khooba: DABASHA stole the show but your voice was good enough to be distinguishable

? R@W@Y@: he actually went on voice chat drunk several times.
? Annoshky: finally she registered on the forums, but no posting yet from this nice girl.
? BambinoGuy: his name is still a hit but not himself.
? ChaldeanChick: she was a big hit on the message board, text chat and voice chat of course. Hasn?t been nice enough to come back and ask about us.
? Danisuryoyo: Man was this guy opinionated or what? I would be shocked if the old members don?t remember him.
? A2reta4Eternity: formerly know dremendu, this girl is back and is stronger than ever before. Gotta love her strong love and pride in her nation.

? KingSargon: all the glory of those voice chat (Phase II) has been lost.
? EESH: had a clear and sometimes loud voice on the discussion forums. Was also part of ?AVN?s Toronto gathering in June of 2004.? Nothing ever since!
? Woxow: woow, if I only knew your new nickname.
? Ziggy: just like I was telling your friend above, you guys are so fragile. You can only survive with your VOICE, and not with your ability to type your feelings
? SHEDANTA: do you guys remember her? She was so popular at one time. Her name has recently been removed from the ?waiting list for an avn interview? shareh she got tired of waiting. Over 2 years.
? Subby: not sure if this is someone who changed nicknames, but she was so popular on the voice chat, along with her friend below. From London, ON
? Ashley: same as above, and with a very nice and gentle voice. I am sure she is somewhere on the site, but not sure about the new nickname.
? Moja Moja: what a year this was: Australia qualifying to the world cup was enough. His sports and soccer posts continue to be legendary. One that make the forums a better place!
? tihe-othur: another great Assyrian from Holland, it is a thrill to have such people. Great soccer posts too.
? Joy: such a cutie in person and in AVNess. A hottie too?
? Damail: good views, although we have to wait for them at times. We know she lives in Ontario too, which is why she doesn?t mind Tsunamis.

? NinoslavBirkov: Amazed us with his amazing knowledge of Assyrian history and literature. Did a great job in moderating, and will not cease to amaze.
? assyrian_dude: Mr.Beloved to all girls. Great guy, lots of fun on AVN and all the gatherings. Keep it up, and may we see you in Hollywood soon!.
? DUDE: started good, then faded with the wind; we know who he is, but we won?t say it. Maybe he will reveal it himself.
? Ultoma: been very busy this year, making us laugh, making us confused, and oh yeah, bashing Crosby! One of AVN?s funniest for 05, hands down.
? Bunzzz: what is with your multiple appearances in certain people?s dreams? Extremely consistent throughout the year, and very hard to turn into one?s enemy. Simply put: lovely!
? Sharon: On and Off, but was still there when you needed her great articles and advise.

? PlakhaCashMoney: well, you can still see him on text chat. Is officially the biggest government fraudster on AVN.
? Rakhmanta: a very nice girl, can be found in chat. Although not sure if she is still using the same nickname till now.
? Asshur_Shuraya: pure Assyrian, in thought, mind and spirit. He is so serious, he will never use ?LOL.? Why do some girls get annoyed by what he posts? Especially you MidEasst Lady!
? WEE EEE SAM: nice and funny guy, obsessed with so many things including Polls. Changing his signature and avatar, and of course Brazil! Great year, and I am sure his many girl fans agree!
? AtourayaGQ: thanks to atouriina for introducing him to the forums. He is new but seems like a nice guy, and very oumtanaya. Good hockey posted too.
? BD: thanks to sloturuncle for introducing him, seems like a nice guy, with lots of open-minded views on things.
? WhenUcallMeIHangUp: a funny name, but with a good presence. If I were you, I would post even more.
? NONTA: changed names, but don?t know to what?
? Anitaaa: joined, left, then came back again.
? Noonta: no longer single but still nice enough to come and visit us.
? Perladk: kmat cute, she always types in Assyrian!
? Sweet_boy_87: I longer believe that he is the future of AVN. If anything, he is the past, and even that was brief.
? NiNi: nice guy, and quiet quiet as well. NorE is his best friend and vise versa.
? ash: extremely nice at times, but lately he has been hating on some mods, for no known reasons! Took some people up to six months to realize he was a guy and not a girl.
? linda: linda from Chicago, wasn?t very busy this year, but then again it was her first year. Girls were nice enough to offer some advise on how she should do her hair. Nice and quiet!
? Diamond_7: your name did help a bit but not a lot.
? Someone: not sure if he is the same one we have on the forums, not that it makes any difference, since the current one has 0 posts.

? Noone: making a case for himself on the forums, getting involved in some heated debates. If he can raise the level of posting, he will be all over our lists next year.
? Yala_Nasha: was in voice chat in mid 2000. Never to be found again. He is from California. Anyone?
? Just-Radiant: I am honored to be the only here who knows who this fine and smart girl is. One of a kind...
? Assyrian chick: non-existent.
? Roman: am I the only one who doesn?t remember this guy anymore? Did he change his name or just no longer has internet?
? 3agrab: he had a weird voice man. But one of voice chat?s most popular.
? Hard_Kiss: God knows how many times she has changed nicknames ever since we captured this, but I am sure I got a sighting of her/him on the chat this past September or so.
? Atouraya_4_ever: long live your and your name. 03,04,05 and forever.____!
? 504boy: boy was he a hit at a very young age. He created a twist by associating with the bad kids of the voice chat but was good enough not to be as bad as they were.
? Zazoo: boy oh boy. Those voice chat veterans will always have their names stamped on our memory walls.

? Yogi the Bear: I know a lot of the new people don?t know you, but let us just say that the voice chat owes you, your sister, Boomer and others a lot.
? ZAMARA: still using the chat to sing. Good thing he never changed his nickname.
? AssyrianVoice: without you, we wouldn?t have this big Year Book. Actually, imagine life without you! What a scary thought!
? Playboy_UK: bad attitude, but in 2005, there was no attitude to speak of.
? Blah: blah!
? Lisa: welcome Chicago girl. Anieeeeeee, bunzz, AssyrianBookta, BellaMafia, Angel2, Tashi, kikhwa, HeartofFeather, Shamirum, NOONI, KrayZ, Doosha, Maria8676, JewlesChicago will be more than glad to show you the way.
? TOSS_MY_ZALATA: didn?t see or experience much of you, so can?t comment. Hey, at least you made it.
? Romeo: Remember the time you were banned because your brother was swearing using your computer? What a lesson that was!
? QTpie: Nice Toronto girl. On and Off, so not much going on.
? Sailormoon: you didn?t know this was coming on, but you are lucky you wrote something on the website in the last few days. So your name made it. THAT IS IT! Oh hold on. Didn?t you change your name to????
? Rodana_1: the funniest of the funniest. Too bad you can only talk.

? MR GRIMM: good man, but we almost forgot him. Who else can remember him, let us know in the forums.
? Rmsin: created a controversy with his XxX avatar, but was nice enough to put a poll on whether he should remove it or not.
? Kisskiss: nice girl, with a sweet name. As long as they don?t say your name in Arabic though! (candy, don?t laugh)
? DooshaNZ: this voice chat girl is back and stronger than ever, doesn?t matter if is only on the message board.
? Jennie: this Hamilton cutie had her best year ever, attending all these picnics, and AVN Youth parties. Very nice and sweet, and we are expecting more in 2006.
? Cracker: again one of those names who ring a bell but nothing more.
? Seniorea: not much?
? Rami_NL: man I can only remember the nickname but not much else. Sad isn?t it.
? Baz_King: representing baznaye with dignity and respect

? chaldean86: very nice guy and quiet too, but he gives his good 2 cents on some good topics be it music, education or even local Toronto matters.
? Melka_Ninos: nice guy. That is all I will say for now?
? assyrianprincess001: thanks to Atouriina, she is starting to become a big hit. Nice and sweet girl.
? Tucker 16: must be happy that Tucker is the leading scorer for the Leafs. I am also assuming he is 18 now and not 16!
? Liz: a very good and sweet girl, unfortunately she changes nicknames often so we can?t keep track of her. Still stuck in the message board even after her sister has moved on.
? ~Chicago_Girl~: she was a big hit with 1classy?s company. The key word is ?was?
? 1 azizta ashetneta: no luck in 01,02,03,04,05 but hopefully 06 is the year to make it
? Angel_UK: hey where have you been? You and that ginger DeDeUK
? AsSyRiAn^LeGeNd: Now that AssyrianCentral is folded, you are no longer the center of attention in Melbourne. It is ok, you can do something new instead.
? FoXyChick: winning Ms. Assyria title is what helped you make it. But that was 03, this is 05. It is all about getting your new nickname.
? RUFFRYDER: a very nice guy from the UK with some very intelligent sports posts. United till death! Too bad ManU is out of EUFA. Counts on Rooney for moments of brilliance. I bet you if he ever spots Glazer on the street, he will eat him alive
? ???`??????then?????`???: I bet you even she couldn?t remember how to write her name this way. Not with AVN though, once a chatter is in, we will never forget them.
? BIRQA: You have been switched off since 02. what a popular hit he was in 02 when his photo appeared in the albums.
? CHiCaGosAzizTa: finally got to registered on the forums. But still no posts. Always thought this was Bunzz and vise versa.

? DVD: talking about extinction?believe it or not, this guy was an admin on the voice chat in 2000. Kma ateeqa la?
? Raed: Ironically representing Nineveh at Assyrian Voice, but we need to mention that he is no longer a minority since hundreds and even thousands of Assyurians are connecting from Iraq
? ?v?? ?~????: your days were numbered in the voice chat. Has turned from a bad kid to a nice and smart one. This is what AVN does to those who come in unprepared: you come in as a bad kid, and in a few months or years, you will be turned into a bright and great person.
? AssyrianMOM: I am proud that you haven?t forgotten your culture. But where are you?
? GeorgeUK: an old member of the website, and some good national views, but can only be found on the message board.
? DBOY: was nice enough to organize the first AVN gathering in Hamilton, too bad some people were too lazy to attend. Very good and quiet guy.
? MALIKAT ALHAYAT SARDINIA: so? Will you ever appear again?I thought you were larger than life
? Melina (twin): a different girl now. Had some of the classiest fights ever.
? Kelina: exact same as above. Well they are twins, what do you expect. I need one of you two to page me, I have something to tell you.
? ~Miss~Thang~: it is a just a matter of time before we know your new nickname.
? Night: unfortunately you only come out at night, so we can never see you. Hold on. You didn?t come out even at night in 05?good news, his picture will be in the upcoming albums. Oh yeah, he is from Sweden in case any girls are interested.

? NightCrawler : on and off, but that is fine, getting your Doctorate is more important.
? SweetKiss: sounds very nice, but don?t know much else.
? WestSide: it has been ages man?
? Atourina: can you believe, just six month ago, we didn?t know this self-proclaimed ?Assyros Digger? A big big first year for her, and she is already topping the popularity chart in everything. Keeps going stronger. Mjay is starting to think twice about his treatment of her.
? AssyrianBlondie: the answer to ChaldeanBlondie. Very quiet and cute looking girl. Unlike her other sister though, she may need atourina?s help to get some name.
? DUNIA: one of the originals on AVN, has been missing for some time. Has the honor of being the first AVNer to be interviewed 5 years ago.

? Shamirum: a great and a smart Assyrian, and we are thrilled to have her. Most innovative when it came to finding ways to earn Assyros.
? asdf: has a lot to argue and prove and that is good. But I, and I am sure many more, are suggesting a better name. The nick sounds more like you were trying to learn KeyBoarding!
? Nenos: from Sydney, Australia, congratulations you made it, but don?t know much else.
? Mosty: is a submember of one of those gangs that Candy leads. A very nice girl.
? Reflection: good member with a good nickname.
? JuJu: A sweetheart as always, and this was her best year ever, despite being a member for close to 7 years now. And who could forget her extremely popular Assyros trivia game which got so much popularity. Her dog was popular too.
? PrincessMary: proud to have her since the days of the voice chat in 2000, and ever since, she has been sugar, and very helpful with everyone. RadRides is lucky.
? pRiNCeS: I am trying to remember more about this girl, but my memory is too weak. I know she was a big hit at the end of last year on both chat and forums, but not sure after that.
? Za3eem: the girl who claimed that you were after is no longer here, and we hope that is not a reason for you to stop coming.
? Zac Vee: although has gone cold in the last few months, this British AVNer got so many people puzzled and curious with his picture on the beach.
? Rebelrebel: started the year very good, helped by his popular picture in an AVN gathering between girls, went missing for months, and only to come back with some new art work, some of which was controversial, but hey, some people don?t mind it!
? JohnnySydney: if there is anyone that gave Aussies their lost glory on AVN, this was a big part of it. Great jokes, great stories, and oh yeah, don't you just love his typing in Assyrian?

? KrayZ: was probably her best year ever, but too bad some people voted her as ?weirdest? although I don?t see why, because she only does it for fun. A big big J-ROK fan!
? KingofMic: not that he is part of AVN anymore, but his name was a big thing in mid 2000 to early 2001.
? KingofNothing: your earned your spot here with your nickname, that is about it.
? Alexandra: nice and cute girl from chat. A shame that we know her and she doesn?t know us.
? atouraea_khelana: started strong, and was almost promoted to a chat moderator, but then disappeared. He is back once again, not sure under what name.
? MicieBlueEyes: only me and Alvena_Maryam would probably remember you. My brain has developed a special area in the last 5 years developed to everything AVBN.
? Rosalinda: nice name, great attitude, sweet words.
? JooJee: one of the sweetest and nicest. In love with Christiano.R, although I would rather that she was in love with the real Ronaldo. Her avatar pictures of herself are one of a kind.
? Geeshana: was so active when the new forums went up, but then went flat. I am still not sure if he wants Assygal banned or unbanned?
? Knowledge: his name wasn?t just a nickname, this Chicago son did know something or two.
? Seductress: posts on rare occasions, but when she does, she often has good input.
? Whatacreation: seems like certain AVN chemical reactions make this guy boil and rise out of the dead.
? LadyJay: another AVN cutie. Had a great time attending a wedding in Michigan. Ever since she came back from the wedding, she rarely posts. What is the connection?
? Yasmine: not sure which one she is, but we know she can be found on the message board.

? SHAPERTA_TORONTO: I remember her very well from before and it is great to have her back, albeit on the message board.
? Stella: thanks for introducing your brother from ?American Idol? to the site. He did great.
? california_love: ashetnetha, studying pharmacy, living in Califonia, and is an AVNer: how much more can we ask for?
? McCharming: I see his name more often than I see my name, yet I don?t read much from him. In his profile he claims to be ?very charming? but he is yet to present us with a solid proof.
? ramsiN: writes like a ghetto, but is very nice, especially with girls. His capital N is what sets him apart from the many other Ramsins on the site. Oh yeah, he is our rep. at Vegas.
? AssyrianPrincess07: extremely nice and sweet, and I think she is much prettier than the actress to which ?ash compared her.
? ?ash: sometimes this guy is too nice. And sometimes he lashes at mods for no reason. Man how happy he was two days ago when he got his motorcycle. May you always be happy.
? HoTcAcHik6: go Zowaa go, love your pride girl, and rams wouldn?t mind another Vegas trip with you and the boys.
? Carlo: don?t expect to see him in the chit-chat or even the real chat, he is busy in the more serious forums, and he gives some good views on things.
? TED: are you sure about this?

? sota_shapirta: stopped at 1000-something posts. Taking a break or what?
? LaDyMiDeAsT: gained so much popularity in less than a year. She may be young but she is very mature, smart and nice too. Addicted and hardcore Leafs fan. Man, I couldn?t believe how much she knows about sports, when I saw her talking ?batting averages? and other baseball terms with Steeles_Guy. I was like ?whaaaaat, she knows about this too??
? KhleeTa56: extremely calm and nice, and Hauleen?s all time sweetheart. Is she hitting on Steeles_Guy or is it the other way around? Beautiful!
? Renee: how can anyone forget about this girl who started ?human trade using Assyros? on Assyrian Voice. Overall, very nice, peaceful, and oh yeah ?only Aussie into Hockey?
? IntriguedWithYou: can be seen online almost daily, yet refuses to post. I will make her post in the new year. How did I know she was a female?
? AsHy07: very nice and cute especially when she found her first job. Speaking of that, how did your first day at Walgreen go?
? .CaNdLe.: very nice and sweet, and of course, Hip Hop is her source of attraction.
? Assyrian G Fo Lyfe: very nice guy, played in so many contests, and eventually won one of them. Oh, Assygal, have you got his attention yet? By the way, Assygal is a big Assyros Digger (still doesn?t beat atourina though) and Assyrian G Fo Lyfe has so many Assyros. So is that why Assygal is after him?
? eYe_Candy: left for some time now but I will get her back. I know how. I just didn?t have time! Very nice of course, but that is not the only reason I will get her back!

? John_5_24: it is a thrill to have you, keep it going.
? _diesel_: very good views on things, although I still don?t know what his stance on some things is.
? Cognac: not much information available, nevertheless, he managed to crack in.
? S_L: same as above, but controversial at times, but then again, this is AVN and this is what makes it fun.
? Cuttie: being assygall?s friend, she found it easy to adopt here. Nevertless, she is what her name says and more. Extremely nice too.
? Annieeeeeeeeeeeeee: Last year we had put you last, and had warned that it was a case of ?last but not least?? well this year is not much different. This was probably her best year ever, and why not, especially if you realize that her long thread that she started has generated more replies than an entire forum would. One of the funniest females on AVN. She had some heated arguments with Pistons fans, trying to defend her Bulls. She won the arguments but Piston?s fans won the last real battle.
? Books: you still made it. He is the guy who thinks I "ASHOOR" suck! It is honor that you got added in injury time.
Looks like the post was so big, it split it into two that is why half of it didnt come out, so i had to make a second post.

Good thing you didnt rat me out this time ASHOOR. you know what they say,
'loose lips, sink ships"

Long live the family!
? WEE EEE SAM: nice and funny guy, obsessed with so many things including Polls. Changing his signature and avatar, and of course Brazil! Great year, and I am sure his many girl fans agree!


? MJay: talk about great runs; this guy can give a lesson or two. He can also give a great lesson in humor. Still waiting for him to go head to head with one of either Ultoma, Shoemaker or even Phenomenon for AVN?s ?King of Humor and Sarcasm? which is a different title from that of ?King of Jokes? for which others are nominated.

Bring it on!!

I bet 86kg of Kilecheh I win..
god i think ima have to read that when its not so late

but thanks for that ashoor, interesting read so far :mrgreen:
ASHOOR said:
? Salem: Every girl he banned, came back and loved him more than hated him.

? Eanna: Salem loves hitting on her and vise versa?

? NamelessNarrator: Will Salem keep hitting the door in 2006?

? SlitUrAnkle: When it comes to Salem and her, who likes who?

Ayya modeela nasha, di mor "sarsari" w proqla qissat. Everything that I've done this year, and all the mention I get is related to women!!! Di khosh mkhee farra, I'm resigning. :mad:
? MJay: talk about great runs; this guy can give a lesson or two. He can also give a great lesson in humor. Still waiting for him to go head to head with one of either Ultoma, Shoemaker or even Phenomenon for AVN?s ?King of Humor and Sarcasm? which is a different title from that of ?King of Jokes? for which others are nominated.

lol what the hell is that????
shoemaker said:
? MJay: talk about great runs; this guy can give a lesson or two. He can also give a great lesson in humor. Still waiting for him to go head to head with one of either Ultoma, Shoemaker or even Phenomenon for AVN?s ?King of Humor and Sarcasm? which is a different title from that of ?King of Jokes? for which others are nominated.

lol what the hell is that????

fancy name for "Burger King."
? shamoosey: new to the scene but seems like we have know her forever. A sweetheart and one of the nicest, and oh yeah a bookta too. AVN can?t wait for her and a lot of the London crew to be at the 2006 convention in Chicago.

found it hehee
? Atourina: can you believe, just six month ago, we didn?t know this self-proclaimed ?Assyros Digger? A big big first year for her, and she is already topping the popularity chart in everything. Keeps going stronger. Mjay is starting to think twice about his treatment of her.

MOOT 6 MONTHS!!! more like 4!!!! i sooo rock! :2hearts:

tomorrow.. ill read the rest
? Riza w Shorba: extremely popular this year, and oh yeah, his name helped even more. Some of his views were a bit too extreme, but hey, the man has lived through it all. some!

Politicially incorrect would be a better discriptive word. In any case, I stuck by my beliefs and hey, what happend on the 23rd in Toronto??

Torontonians know. No need to start a fight on this thread :)

Merry Christmas Ashoor! See you soon aziza!
Guys I am leaving to church and can't answer much.

assyrianlovely: I will get a lot like you tonight, asking me why they weren't included, when in fact they were.

Go look again in the second posting i made.

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