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Assyrian Sports Hall of Fame


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Name: Esho Youkhanna
Date of Birth: N/A
Club: Al-Shabab
Position: Midfielder

Played in Al-Shabab Club in Baghdad all his career as a franchise player.

He played for Al-Shabab during the early 80s, helping the club to 2 Iraqi Cup Finals in 83 and 84.

He played among the best such as Basil Gorgis Hanna, Ghanim Orabi, Haris Mohammad, and the great Falah Hasan.

He played as a substitute in the Iraqi National team for a short period of time from 1983 to 1985.

He left Iraq in 1991 to Europe.

Name: Anwar Oshana
Date of Birth: 1973
Birthplace: Syria
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 168 lbs.
Reach: 69-70 "
Hometwon: Hoffman Estates, Illinois
Record: 15-0 (9 ko's)
Division: Super middleweight
Ranking: IBO-10

IBF-Regional Super Middleweight Champion
Illinois Super Middleweight Champion
Three times Chicago Golden Gloves winner

Trainer: Sam colonna
Manager: Bob O'Donnall
Personal Advisor: Raman Oshana(Assyrian Athletic Club/Chicago)

The following is an interview with Anwar Oshana before his first professional title, state of Illinois title (fight number 14).

Hitz Enterprises, Inc.
Championship Boxing
February 8, 1997 Ramada Plaza Hotel
Illinois Super Middleweight Showdown
Page 8 By Jeff Carlson

There is a belief that guides Anwar Oshana's boxing career:
"If not for the fans, the fight is pointless"

From his amateur days as a reckless warrior (and winner of three Chicago Golden Gloves titles) through his first 13 professional fights, Oshana understands that flash and finesse is better left to the boxers of the world.

"I hate boring fights," Oshana said. "I go in there to take care of business. I like to give the people a good show that's why they like to watch me . People like my style. It's aggressive; banging, banging and more banging."

Oshana goes for his first professional title tonight when he challenges Patrick Swan for the Illinois Super Middleweight Championship. As far as Swan's track record and reputation, Oshana said he could careless. "I don't know anything about him and it doesn't matter to me as long as I do my work, "Oshana said. "I just go in there and fight,fight, fight. I put the pressure on and that kills anybody." Oshana, who's never been past six rounds, said he's been training diligently and a distance fight (10 rounds) won't be a problem. "I'm ready. I train every day except Sunday," Oshana said. "I'm prepared, I've been going 12, 13 14 rounds with three or four different people.

"I'm a little nervous because it's a state title but I want one of those belts. I want to be world champion but a state title would be nice right now." Oshana needed sixty seconds to destroy Rick Jester in November 1996. A left hook to the head in the first few seconds staggered the Detroit veteran and Oshana toasted him without taking a punch. "I hit him hard and knew he was hurt and I had to finish him," Oshana said. A native of Syria, Oshana believe that 1997 will be the year his brand of brains and brawling starts attraction some national attention. Oshana realizes he has a lot to learn but his confidence and enthusiasm have already paid dividends.

"My manager (Bob O'Donnell) said the iron is getting hot and it's time for me to move up," Oshana said. "I'm stronger, better conditioned and use my head more in the ring." "I'm moving my head a lot more than before, using my jab and it's working." Swan will be the test partner. "He's in my way and I have to take care of business," Oshana said. "I don't see it going 10. If he's going to box me, it might go six or seven but I don't think it's going to go 10. I don't care what he does." The following is an interview with Anwar Oshana after his second professional title, IBF-regional super middleweight championship (fight # 15).

"Oshana grateful for fans"
Chicago Sun-times
April 10, 1997
page 81 - Sport

Anwar Oshana had all this going for him as he entered the ring Wednesday to box Bruce Rumbolz at the Inland Exposition Center in Westmont : two capable fists, a large and vocal contingent of Syrian immigrants in the audience and a truckload of confidence. "I can become a world champion, that's how good I can be," Oshana said. "I can be as good as I want to be."

In a battle of unbeaten super middleweights, Oshana (15-0) and Rumbolz (17-0-1) squared off for the International Boxing Federations Great Lakes Region championship. Rumbolz, 23, is from Sterling, Ill. Oshana, 23, is a Chicagoan who trains out of the Windy City Gym. Though heralded as one who can dish out and withstand punishment, Oshana appreciated his large following, considering Tumbolzs reputation as a puncher.

"It will mean a lot to me." Said Oshana, who predicted a victory before the fight. "It will put more pressure on me, especially in the later rounds when you need that extra push." With a chance to qualify for an IBF Intercontinental title fight one step before a possible world championship bout-Oshana and Rumbolz recognized the fight as the biggest of their careers. But Oshana also fought for the sheer love of boxing. "I love it," Oshana said. "The training, the conditioning, the fighting, you name it. When I fight, that's the best part."

Source: Mr. David Daoud K. Marzah
Assyrian Information Medium Exchange


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Brief Profile Name: Ayoub Odisho
Date of Birth: Not Available
Club: Al-Talaba
Position: Defender

One of the many Assyrian players who had to earn their fame and position the hard way through a club that encouraged youth and pure talent.

Playing along Iraqi superstars like Husain Sayed, Adnan Dirjal, Haris Mohamed, and many others, Ayoub started to show what he is capable of during the late 70's and early 80's when he earned his spot on the Iraqi National team.

He recently is the driving force behind the success of the Lebanese Club Akha Ahly as he lead the club as a manger for the team.


Name: Waad Hermiz
Date of Birth: July 1, 1960
Club: San Diego Sockers (MLS-USA)
Position: Midfielder
Ex-club (s): Al-Zawraa (Iraq)

Started his soccer career with a one the best clubs in Iraq, Al-Zawraa. He played for the U19 team when he was moved up to the 1st team after the great Fallah Hassan broke his leg in a league game.

Shortly after, he moved to the United States were he continued his career with the San Diego Sockers in the MLS.

He won six Sockers Championship Rings during his seven years with the club, and finished as the club's fifth All-time regular season and playoff scoring leader.

Even though he stopped playing on the professional level, he continued his soccer career in coaching as he coached the U-17 Southwest Soccer Club in North County, USA an The Boys Varsity soccer coach at Fallbrook High


Name: Akram Ammanoel
Date of Birth: 1967
Club: Al Quawa Al Jawiya (Air Force)
Position: Forward

Started like most players in the local teams in his neighborhood, Bataween. In 1978 he was called to play for the Shorta Junior team and immediately he was promoted in the following season for the youth team.

In 1980, he moved to the Quwa Al Jawiya Youth team under the directions of the coach Jarges Ilias and then Kathem Waal. Being the top scorer with the team, he called up the attention of the first team coach, Mijbil Fartoos to include him in the Club's premier division team for the 83-84 season as he stayed with the team since then except for two season as he joined the Jaish (Military) Club during his Military Service.

His started to call up the attention of other coaches and teams in the 91-92 season when he scored 27 Goals even though he missed many games with his club.

In the season of 1996-97, he was chosen as the second player in Iraq after his club won every trophy at hand in that season.

He started his International debt in 1988 as he was selected for the Iraqi Olympic team and then after for the National team, yet did not get his true chance until 1992 to play as a starter.


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Arkan Najib Shamoun

Date of Birth:
February 7, 1982

Al-Talaba (Iraq)


Ex-club (s):
Al-Zawraa (Iraq)

One of a number of young hopefuls players at Talaba Soccer Club in Iraq, which rose to the international level in Tehran, Iran during the Asian Youth Championship in 2000 with the Iraqi U-20 team.

He was given a call for the Iraqi National team for the 2002 WC qualifying squad by the former Yugoslav Coach Milan Zivadinovic, however after Milan was sacked by the Iraqi F.A., Arkan was one of many players omitted by the newly re-appointed coach Adnan Hamad, formerly coach of the Iraqi youth team.

Arkan is recognized as a talented versatile player capable of playing anywhere in midfield or on the wings.


Name: Saad Binyamin
Date of Birth: Not Available
Club: Al-Zawraa
Position: Defender/Midfielder
Ex-club (s): Al-Rasheed, Al-Shourta, Club Africain (Tunisia)

Saad Abdul-Hamed was a talented Assyrian player, who was capable of playing at left back or left side of midfield. He started his career at Al-Shabab alongside another Assyrian player, Basil Gorgis. Al-Shabab were a talented team that had made 2 consecutive Iraqi Cup final appearances in 1983 and 1984, while Falah Hassan was Captain of the club, in 1990 the club repeated the feats of the early 80s reaching the final against Al-Zawraa, but lost 2-1 on penalties.

In 1988, Saad was called up to play for the Iraqi U-19s in the Asian Youth Championship in Doha, Qatar, where the team won the tournament and qualifyed to play in the 1989 World Youth Championship in Saudi Arabia.

In 1989, he was given his international debut and become a permanent fixture of the Iraqi national team until 1995.

After the large flow of top players turning professional and moving abroad, Saad decided to move, playing for Tunisian team Club Africain during the mid-90s


Kennedy Bakircioglu

Date of Birth:
November 2, 1980

Hammarby IF (Sweden)


Kennedy Bakircioglu is one of the brightest players in Sweden. The youngster was born on the 2nd November 1980 in Sweden. His father Benyamin, known as M?ller to his teammates and fans was an amateur player for the Swedish Assyrian club Assyriska FF where he scored a record 49 goals in the 1979 season. Like his father, Kennedy started with his local team Assyriska FF playing for their youth team before making it as first team regular alongside the likes of Assyriska Captain former Al-Zawraa and Iraqi international defender Basam Rauf Headed and his brother Gassan.

After making a name for himself at the club, he moved to Hammarby IF where he has become the darling of the fans. Bakircioglu can play as an attacking midfielder, as well as an out-and-out center forward. He's described as a player with pace and ability on the ball.

In 1999, he was given a trial by Manchester United playing one reserve game for the great club, were United beat Aston Villa 5-1, but Kennedy failed to impress the United manager Alex Ferguson to gain a contract at the club.

However with the form he has shown with the Swedish Under-21s and Hammarby, a big move for Kennedy is surely around the corner. He has already become very well-known for being the one of the best players in the world's best-selling soccer strategy game, Championship Manager.


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Thirstyy Ninos...

THank you soooooo much. I used to have a calender with all of these stars on it.

If I can find it, I will scan it and post

thanks again

khaya atour


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thirstyninos said:

Started Shining on the National level in 1951 with the Iraqi School Soccer Varsity.

He then developed and sharpened his skills alongside great players such as Ammo Samson, Youra Eshaya, Awia Shawel, and Hermiz Gabriel when he joined the Assyrian Soccer Club in Habbanniah, Iraq. In 1954 he joined the Iraqi Air Force soccer team for which he played until 1964.

Ammo Baba, exploded into the Arab football scene at the tender age of 17 in a schoolboys football tournament in Cairo for the Iraqi schoolboys against the home nation Egypt in the early 1950s.

He is still revered by generations who never saw him play, was an instinctive out and out goal scorer, known for his bicycle kicks, heading ability, defense splitting pace and the power of his shooting. He had an opportunist's eye for goal but also displayed magnificent technique and virtuoso skill of a great centre forward=z?U#???0D
Moved to Employee Football Club in 1951 replacing legendary striker Aram Karam, where he played with the likes of Captain Hermiz Gabriel, Ammo Samson and Youra. In 1954 he signed for Baghdad based club Al Qowa Al Jawea where he was a huge success, scoring bundles of goals, season after season. The prolific marksman was once the captain of a short-lived Arab national team during the mid Fifties, in a Nasser-inspired experiment in Arab unity which failed due to the fact that, which Ammo Baba puts it 'no one wanted to play against us'. After brilliant scoring exploits for both Iraq and Al-Qowa Al-Jawea, he was spotted by English 2nd Division side Notts County and was offered a contract to play for them, but when the call from Meadow Lane came, he could not leave the country, due to a sudden coup led by the Iraqi General Abdul-Karim Qasim on July 14, 1958.

His playing career came to a premature end at the peak of his game due to a serious injury in 1965. In a career in which he scored around 850 goals, Ammo Baba is still seen as one of the Assyrian worlds most talented strikers.

He moved into management after his retirement and took over the helm at Public Transport Club in 1966. He became the Iraqi Military team manager in 1971, winning the World Military Cup twice and later became Iraqi national manager in 1979 helping the national team to qualify for 3 Olympics Games (Moscow '80, Los Angeles '84 and Seoul '88), winning the Gulf State Championship twice, Asian Games Finals victory over Kuwait in 82 and helping Iraq to qualify for their first World Cup appearance in Mexico '86. Ammo Baba is recognized as one of the most successful Iraqi Assyrian Footballers and managers of all time.

He was recently named as the SPORT MAN OF THE CENTURY in IRAQ.

He scored approximately 850 goals in his playing career which included 85 international games.

Ammo Baba with the Iraqi Military Team of 1965.

With The Iraqi Youth Team that won
the Asian Youth Championship of 2000

p.s i will post more about other assyrian hall of famers one at time every day

i got these infos from www.aina.org

my dad played with him back in iraq.


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Who is your dad? his full name if possible and what club did he play for? where in Iraq did he live?



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Sharbel Touma

Date of Birth:

Fc Twente (The Netherlands)

Attacking Midfielder

Ex-club (s):
Assyriska, Halmstads BK (Sweden)


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Hi Ninos, i had 2 post this.....its a old pic of my Grandfather"s team ( Sheba Benyamin , marked with an X :lol: ) Cup Winners 1938/39


you might have some more information about that team and Players


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Ninos Yukanna the Dutch tae kwon do champion in 2002 and 2003.

Ninos Yukanna

Date of Birth:



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my dad told me about how he kicked the soccer ball against turkish team i belive and basically kicked it so hard against goalie chest that the goalie went inside the net and killed the goalie as well


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.CaNdLe. said:
Hi Ninos, i had 2 post this.....its a old pic of my Grandfather"s team ( Sheba Benyamin , marked with an X ?:lol: ) ?Cup Winners 1938/39 ?


you might have some more information about that team and Players
? ?;)
thats an awesome pic, and im sure you're very proud of your grandfather


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steelcity_guy19 said:
.CaNdLe. said:
Hi Ninos, i had 2 post this.....its a old pic of my Grandfather"s team ( Sheba Benyamin , marked with an X ?:lol: ) ?Cup Winners 1938/39 ?


you might have some more information about that team and Players
? ?;)
thats an awesome pic, and im sure you're very proud of your grandfather

awwwwwwww at last someone has noticed this pic.........thxxx my? dear? :bigarmhug:....and yes am sooo proud of my sawoo.?


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thirstyninos said:

Khoshaba was one of the most outstanding footballers of his generation. As a youngster he started playing football in Habbaniya alongside his friends and the airmen at the RAF base. The talented left-sided player was one of the last players to come out of Habbaniya after the likes Aram Karam, Youl Gorgis, Ammo Baba, Edison and Youra Eshaya, who all started their playing careers there before moving onto greater things in other places in Iraq.

Like many Assyrian greats, Albert participated in a variety of sports while growing up at the RAF Base but there were no questions about what Albert wanted to be when grew up, a footballer.

He started his playing career in 1954 when he joined the R.A.F. Employees' (Assyrian) Club, a year later he was called up for his national service and played for the Army team known as the 3rd Battalion (Al-Fareeka Al-Thalatha) until 1957.

After his discharge from his military service, he moved across Baghdad and joined the Passenger Transport Department team (Al Maslaha Naqil Al-Rakab), where he played for two seasons.

During the midst of uncertainty of life in Iraq brought upon after the 1958 revolution, Albert immigrated to the United Kingdom in 1959 in the hope of living there.

However little under a year later, he became homesick and returned back to Iraq. He quickly joined the Baghdad based club Police team (Al-Shorta), where he was one of the star players in their team before he returned to his former club Al-Maslaha playing alongside Mohammed Thamir, Hormis Goriel, Qais Hameed, Mohammed Majid and Youl Gorgis.

Albert was distinguished from other players due to his agility, calm and composed nature and his remarkable pace and speed, while he was also a fine dribbler with the ball.

Albert was a regular in the Iraqi national team during the mid to late 60s making nearly 40 appearances for Iraq alongside players such as Hamid Fawzi, Hassan Balah, Jabar Rashak, Shidrak Yousef, Gorgis Ismail, Gilbert Awekam, Mahmoud Asad, Nouri Dhiab, Hisham Atta Ajaj and Qasim ?Zawiya? Mahmoud.

On the pitch, Albert was the matinee idol; his blond hair, olive skin and broad smile enticed him to the fans, especially the girls, while off it, he was boyish, modest and admirably intelligent. ? ?One of his greatest accomplishments came in late 1966, when he was selected by coach Adil Bashir to play for the Baghdad Select team in the opening game of the Iraqi People?s National stadium against Benfica of Portugal, who included the greatest player in the world at the time Eusebio in their side.

Albert played on the left-side of midfield with fellow Assyrian Shidrak Yousef in attacking midfield and Hussein Hashim on the right in a more defensive position in a 3 man midfield, part of coach Adil Bashir?s 4-3-3 formation.

Benfica went into half-time with 1-0 lead but 10 minutes into the 2nd half Shidrak and Albert combined to set-up the equaliser for Captain Qasim ?Zawiya? Mahmoud, who hit a thunderous shot from 12 yards to beat the stranded keeper.

Alberto as he was sometimes known to his adoring fans because of his South American or European style, even outshone Eusebio on the day as he picked up the man of the match award however, he was unable to help his side to victory as the Baghdad XI lost 2-1 with a goal from the Portuguese giants in the last ten minutes of the game.

After the game, the 1966 World Cup star Eusebio came up to Albert commended him on his excellent performance and exchanged shirts with him. During that night, the Mozambique born Eusebio told everyone that he had never seen any player as good as Albert on the left side of midfield.

During that game, Eusebio ?(1966 World Cup MVP), came to Albert after the game at the field and took off his shirt and gave it to Albert as it is ceremonial between players.
?His fakes and faints were incredible; his style of play was very European. ?
As many remember an incident that illustrates his talents and the fear he installed in the opposing teams defense of the memorable game between Al-Ahli team vs. The Military team. Albert was playing for Al-Ahli.
He took the ball to the defense, as he usually does, and kept on dribbling with the ball and all of a sudden, there was no ball !!!
He was dribbling and faking on air ... he had passed the ball "back heel" with the fake to one of his teammates, but he kept dribbling as if he still had the ball to draw the defense, and the defenders followed him for a moment realizing too late it was a fake.

The pass surprised his teammate too, and even though he had an open goal, he hit the side of the net, narrowly missed. keep in mind that The Military Team's defense was probably the best defense in the Middle East. Prior to that game, they stopped East Germany's all-stars from scoring, in a 0-0 draw.
Not much has changed!!? I recognized his picture before I even read the name!? Still looks the same.? Lives in Birmingham I believe.? Very nice guy.

P.S.  What -- no Andre Aghassi?!  Yeah, I know he denies it, but we all know what he is!  :mrgreen:


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mechwarrior said:

my dad told me about how he kicked the soccer ball against turkish team i belive and basically kicked it so hard against goalie chest that the goalie went inside the net and killed the goalie as well
He's related to my dad...The story I heard was he ripped the net of the goal...i've heard he's also broken goalie ribs!  Great pictures!


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Benjamin Bakircioglu father of Kennedy Bakircioglu who plays for AJAX today.


do you guys think that Kennedy Bakircioglu should also be added here?


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Sanharib Malki Sabah (born March 1, 1984) is a Belgian footballer with Assyrian roots currently playing at K.F.C. Germinal Beerschot. For K.S.V. Roeselare, his previous club, he scored their very first European goal, in the first qualifying round of the UEFA Cup 2006-07 against FK Vardar from Macedonia.

Sanharib Malki
Personal information
Full name Sanharib Malki Sabah
Date of birth March 1, 1984 (1984-03-01) (age 24)
Place of birth    Al Qamishli, Syria
Height 180cm
Playing position Forward
Club information
Current club K.F.C. Germinal Beerschot
Youth clubs
1999-2002 Scup Jette
Senior clubs1
Years Club App (Gls)*
2002-Dec. 2005
2007- R. Union Saint-Gilloise
K.S.V. Roeselare
K.F.C. Germinal Beerschot


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Kennedy Bakircioglu (born November 2, 1980 in S?dert?lje, Sweden) is a Swedish football player of Assyrian origin.[1][2] He currently plays for Ajax in the Dutch Eredivisie. He has also played for the Sweden national football team.

Bakircioglu's family arrived in Sweden in 1972 from Mardin,Turkey. His father, B?nyamin (Benjamin) Bakircioglu, was one of the first to play for the new club Assyriska F?reningen, a club established by the Assyrian diaspora. Kennedy started off his professional career with Assyriska in 1996 and stayed at the club until 1999. In 1998-99, Bakircioglu had a trial with Manchester United, but did not do enough to secure a contract with the English club. In the summer of 1999, he joined Hammarby IF, and remained there for the next five years, during which time he led the team to its first championship in 2001. In his time at Hammarby, Bakircioglu was well known to many players of the computer game Championship Manager. Bakircioglu had the reputation of a legend in the game.[3] In 2005, he was elected Hammarby's fourth greatest player of all time in an online poll held on the club's website.

In 2003, Bakircioglu moved abroad to play in Greece for Iraklis. As he had played the 2003 season in Sweden, he joined his new team half-way through their season and only managed seven league appearances. In his second and last season at the club, he was unable to hold down a first team place and was soon on the move again. He joined the Dutch team FC Twente prior to the start of the 2005-06 season and impressed his manager Fred Rutten straight away to become a first team regular. In fact, in his two seasons at the club he only missed two league appearances and managed to score 23 goals. His efforts didn't go unnoticed and on 5 May 2007, Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf announced that Bakircioglu would be playing for Ajax in the 2007-08 season.[4] He was officially signed by Ajax ten days later on 15 May 2007. At Ajax, he immediately secured his second career trophy when they beat PSV Eindhoven 1-0 in the Johan Cruijff-schaal. In his first Eredivisie match for Ajax, he scored one goal in the 8-1 drubbing of De Graafschap.

ason Club Competition                          Apps Goals
1996 Assyriska F?reningen  Division 2            1 0
1997 Assyriska F?reningen  Division 2            8 1
1998 Assyriska F?reningen  Division 1 Norra  25 9
1999 Hammarby IF  Allsvenskan                  25 2
2000 Hammarby IF  Allsvenskan                  26 5
2001 Hammarby IF  Allsvenskan                  26 8
2002 Hammarby IF  Allsvenskan                  25 11
2003 Hammarby IF  Allsvenskan                  25 12
2003/04 Iraklis  Super League Greece            7 2
2004/05 Iraklis  Super League Greece            17 2
2005/06 FC Twente  Eredivisie                    32 9
2006/07 FC Twente  Eredivisie                    33 15
2007/08 Ajax  Eredivisie                              2 2
Total 252 76

he also played for the u21 swedish team and also a few times for swedish team itself.