Assyrian Powerhouse Takes Over Podcasting and Media World: But one big name is missing!


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Did you know that one of the most popular and fastest rising podcast and non-MSM personality is an Assyrian and so is his co-host? but a third is missing which would make it a perfect Assyrian trio!

You have likely heard of Patrick Bit-David (PBD for short) :he is an Assyrian-Armenian, originally from Iran, and currently living in the U.S since 1989!

Having pursued different paths and and corporate careers, most recently in insurance, he now heads what is slowly and steadily becoming a media empire: Valuetainment! It is a forum for entrepreneurship and capitalism, and lately venturing into politics and the hot culture wars in the western world.

Here is a bit of information about this media company that was founded by Patrick himself:

“An entrepreneur channel created by Serial Entrepreneur, Patrick Bet-David. Valuetainment is referred to as the best channel for entrepreneurs with weekly How To's, Motivation and interviews with unique individuals. About PBD: During the Iranian Revolution of 1978, Patrick's family had to escape to survive and ended up living at a refugee camp in Erlangen, Germany. At 12 years old Patrick found himself collecting cans & beer bottles to raise money that could help his family and get him a Nintendo. Support this podcast”

The channel has millions of subscribers on YouTube, but the brand is starting to get very popular as a podcast, where Patrick and his panel interview and talk about some of the hottest topics and figures in the world of politics, economy, sports, culture wars and more. I personally mostly listen to Valuetainment and Patrick through their podcasts and rarely on their YouTube channel.


Valuetainment stands out with its captivating interviews, including of legendary mafia family members in an ongoing feud. It has also called for a million-dollar charity debate between Obama and Trump. Recently, Valuetainment made a bold $100 million, 5-year offer to Tucker Carlson after his departure from Fox. While Patrick and the show have conservative leaning views, the platform welcomes diverse opinions, propelling its rise in the media landscape.

What is interesting about PBD, is that one of his regular panel co-hosts of late is Vincent Oshana, a name many may be familiar with: he is an Assyrian-American actor and comedian. Mr. Oshana has been a great addition to the team, not just a funny prospective, but yet another diverse take on things. Interestingly, Vincent Oshana did a comedy show here in Toronto at the Assyrian Society hall, more than 15 years ago, but unfortunately I missed it!

A big name is missing to make it a trio?

With these two Assyrians on the panel, I feel like we are missing one more name that would perfectly compliment and complete this Assyrian trifecta: Assyrian UFC champion Beneil Dariush!

You may be wondering, hold on, how does Beneil fit into this, other than being another Assyrian-American, originally from Iran? Correct, that is his first credential, simply having the same background as the host and his co-host. And while that may mean less diversity of opinion, it will still make for a compelling exchange and entertaining episodes. And it wouldn't hurt in promoting who Assyrians and their presence in the media . While he may not be a regular co-host, it would be cool to have Beneil even if as occasional guest on the show.

Mr. Bet David, it would be cool if you do read this, to get Mr Beneil on the show once, and make it an powerful Assyrian trio!

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So today, while browsing through Youtube, I was shocked to see this! Patrick Bet Bet David had a full Assyrian cast as well guests! But even more exciting, one of the guests was none other than the world-famous Assyrian bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, a figure that has been gaining mass following on Youtube and social media for his sermons and preaching.

This episode has been so popular, in less than 10 hours, it already has 150K views, 10K like and over 1600 comments. Commentary are mixed of Assyrians feeling pride and non-Assyrians expressing their admiration for the bishop and for Patrick Bet David (PBD) for putting this together.

The other guest (to the right of the bishop) is Assyrian comedian George Janko, while co-hosting with Patrick is Vincent Oshana, another Assyrian comedian and regular host on the PBD podcast.