Assyrian Kid Talking in pure Assyrian Accent

I'd be hesitant to call it "pure." First, she uses quite a few words in English, such as "yes" and "no." If we went 200 years back in time to an Assyrian village, would the people understand her? Probably not. Secondly, the Arabic influence is unfortunately too heavy for this dialect to be considered Assyrian. Not to be a hater or anything, because it's great that the next generation is learning the language, but this is far from what I'd call "pure."
lol i love it!,, am also ashtnetha!!!  :blush2:  :mrgreen:

@ moondove, i agree with u!!, this isnt pure LANGUAGE!, but i just looked at what ashoor wrote which is ACCENT! the language isnt pure, yes we know, nobody speaks assyrian pure language,,, but from the accent from the pronunciation, thats the way its supposed to be said, pronounced  :)
Yes shekwanta you are right, I was referring more to her Ashetnaye accent than the language. Sorry if I didn't make it clear.

She's talking in a pure Tyari accent, not a pure Assyrian language. Is a Texan dialect the purest form of American English?