Assyrian in Steven Segal movie


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I am sure some of you have Senan this. An Assyrian in a Steven Segal movie. Very funny.

Turban-wearing Assyian man in Above the Law

Please don't ask why is he wearing a turban. I think it is just stupid America movie being ignorant about other cultures.


Kosovo, wow I didn't know that!

What I don't understand is this: why did this man agree to play the role of an Indian while speaking Assyrian? If the movie director is clueless about the difference between the two, he should have informed them.

Ashoor, my guess would be that the director wanted some gibberish/broken English/foreign language and everything went spontaneously, producing what ended up being filmed and hence immortalized. He must have thought he was hiring an Indian or someone who knew Indian, and bizarrely someone said that the actually speaks a few words of Indian. Why was the director not informed? Probably because was dealing with an Assyrian who was likely indifferent about the Assyrian identity, who just wantd to take the money and not bother with anything else. One thinks this by judging on how the cards would fall later on, which involved the giving up on acting in favor of the founding of a nightclub complete with belly dancers and hard liquor in Stanislaus County. After that came the priesthood ordination. Thus a future biography will be a must read.
As an Assyrian I wouldn't have accepted this role. Wearing a turban and speaking Assyrian? Wow...

I would've told the director if I could change clothes to showcase my right nationality. Maybe wear Assyrian traditional clothes as unorthodox as it is (since it's in a store)?