An Assyrian singer is the subject of an un-intended controversy


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FB pages are lit up with people criticizing Munathel Tomeka for singing what appears to be part of a prayer. The video surfaced two days ago but the actual wedding is from years ago.

here is a Chaldean priest in Detroit speaking about this , without naming the singer.

I personally dont think Munathel had any bad intention and people are too quick to judge him.

Assyrians are funny Creatures.... The same people attacked him and made him to be the worst Singer in the World, then a week later, praised him and made him a Saint after apologizing :LOL::LOL:
Their reaction made me laugh and angry at the same time.

First off, that "Shemet baba" hymn already has that so-called, danceable Georgina rhythm. Have you guys even listened to it? It has a groove to it... :LOL:🤦‍♂️

Second of all, Protestants dance and jump around to hymns about Jesus. Even the bible tells believers to clap, scream and dance for God (look up parts in Psalms, seriously). So nothing wrong with that they did, if you want to go by the bible.

Just ignorant hypocrites is all I'd say. I'm glad Munadhel didn't apologise and just backed up himself instead. He knows he didn't do anything wrong. And I'm not a big fan of his music anyway.