Amazing quote from ‘Think and Grow Rich’ (1936) and its relevance to Covid19!


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I was reading the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ and this quote caught my attention:

“ During the "flu" epidemic which broke out during the world war, the mayor of New York City took drastic steps to check the damage which people were doing themselves through their inherent fear of ill health. He called in the newspaper men and said to them, "Gentlemen, I feel it necessary to ask you not to publish any scare headlines concerning the `flu' epidemic. Unless you cooperate with me, we will have a situation which we cannot control." The newspapers quit publishing stories about the "flu," and within one month the epidemic had been successfully checked.”

Can you imagine how that would work out today? Can you imagine the mayors of LA or NY calling CNN or three NYT and telling them to tame it down or even completely stop negative coverage of the pandemic. What would their response be? To them, this is pure gold, given the amount of viewership their fear spreading is generating. On the flip side, we recognize the media has a role to play to inform and educate the public. But unfortunately their role has been more hurtful than helpful.