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About osroene


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Simo parpola says osroene had an assyrian identity, but l am not sure about that. I haven't found one singel evidence that the inhabitants of edessa was assyrian, according to simo parpola the people of osroene worshiped mesopotamian gods which may be correct but we know that arameans indeed worshiped mesopotamian gods too, not only assyrians. One source i found was that the inhabitants in osroene and edessa was mixed, which is true, but that osroene was influenced by aramean culture. And that the inhabitants was arameans plus other etnicities. We know that syriac was born in this kingdom but turoyo, assyrian and chaldean isn't syriac, it's influenced by it. Sure, syriac is classified as an east aramaic language but maybe arameans spoke east aramaic too???? there are so many question that l don't know which if you know, you could help me with that.

If you have any reliable source that osroene is assyrian then l would by thankful if you showed it to me. What are your opinion about this?