A Surprise For ASHOOR!!!!

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I've written his entry in the Yearbook, so add mine to the list:

Salem said:
Being the co-administrator, I guess I should be writing your entry in the Yearbook.

ASHOOR: Still reeling after the Brazil loss in the WC, he needs to find another team!!! A die-hard Christian, in fact, he's extra passionate about all his beliefs, which unfortunately include support for the US administration and it's "legendary" leader. Extremely nice & diplomatic, and he must have some Jewish blood because he's a shrewd businessman who sees an opportunity in everything around him. He started banning offending members more frequently this year, I'm so proud of him!!! In fact, he is responsible for the last ban in the year!!! LOL. He is the No.1 poster of original & strange topics, topics which make us smile & think "how the hell did he think of that!!!". Our good cop-bad cop combination have lasted 3 years now, it's a pleasure to work with him, even when we disagree, so khayya ganokh Ashoor for your work on AVN and keep up the good work.

PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ add me I was an active member!!!!!!

I know Ashoor for 6 years now as a very hard working and smart guy. I am so proud at him what he has achieved with avn. look all the friendships that arised just through avn. you changed people lives in good ways! thank you for that! and i want to say a lot more , but can find the right words in english  :blink:

i just came on AVN to PM atourina my 2 cents on ashoor and i saw this.  i guess i'm late but i'll just say it here anyway and then maybe if she's kind enough she'll put it in the first post  :2hearts:

Ashoor is the type of guy that just won't say no to you.  He has always been there for me when i went to him complaining and has always made me feel better. :lol:  There were times when i was very rude and inconsiderate towards him and he just dealed with me with respect and kindess.  He is the type of guy that will do anything he can to make all of us happy.  He is very proud of being Assyrian and takes his nation seriously :).  I wish u the best of the best in 2007 and the many years to come sweety.  :2hearts:
First of all, I would like to give a big thanks to the duo of Atourina and Shamirum  (is it a coincident that their names are 2 of my 5 favorite Assyrian names?  :blush2:) for coming up with this extremely unexpected idea. You two have the true 'AVN Spirit', or someone who is fully of excitement, suprises, and good time!  :yourock:

To everyone else, and I truly mean everyone else, who had something to say about me, I truly thank you. I would never want something as big as this in my name only, but khena Atour and Shami have done it, and I can't just delete it  :lol:

It is not about me, but about the website. It is a great feeling, seeing how much it has done for the Assyrian community, online and offline too. The friendships, the great times, the amazing momemnts and everything else in between. I had said this years ago and I will say it again: 'This is a truly God-blessed community...'

Thank you all again, and I really hope this is the last time I see something like this in my name, and I mean it. You don't have to say it for me to beleive it. I truly beleive we all love this place and what it has to offer us.



p.s: some of these comments were hillarious guys, keep them coming. I didn't know my 'radnomness' was such an obvious thing  :giggle:

wellllllll ashoor.. dont be surprised if we do this next year... i think ur giving shamirum too much credit.. all she did was dish out PMs  :beee: :beee:

can i have my assyros now?1 :razz: :razz:

oh, and for everyone else.. ill add ur entries in too :)
lol omg plz no, not again. I appreciate it a lot, but you can just add all the comments in one PM or email, and send it to me. NOT PUBLIC THOUGH  (don't make me blush plz JKK lol)


p.s: after all this, you put me in a hard situation, and I have to shell out some assyros :lol:
hey.. if u feel the need to put our names in  yearbooks and our pics in photo albums.. then we all feel the need to do the same to you  :razz: :razz:

u should feel special... i know i would  :blush2:
Sorry I was late on replying to this :cry:  I hope you'll still take my thoughts on ashoor:

Ashoor, you've been a great inspiration and help to the Assyrian community.  Without AVN, I wouldn't have had the honour of meeting some of the most fabulous people around, as well as enriching myself with more knowledge of our culture.  You are a phenomenal individual and may the Lord bless you for having such a great heart.  You rock! :) :kiss:

I was on vacation as I read the PM for this and didn't have any time to reply, but I'd like to thank you ashoor for giving me the opportunity to meet the most amazing people I know, and a place to kill many brain cells, cheers :)
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