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    According to a New TikTok Trend, Men Think About the Roman Empire All the Time

    I have a different take on this? Maybe, just maybe, this is a secret strategy by Italy, to eventually get more people to visit the country, even if they don't really lack in tourists? You know, given the state of Italian economy, more tourism revenue is always good lol :) Crazy theory, but why...
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    According to a New TikTok Trend, Men Think About the Roman Empire All the Time

    What do Nicki Minaj and Marcus Aurelius have in common? Both have strong ties to the Roman Empire and both are currently trending in pop culture. Minaj, who has an alter ego named Roman and a song called “Roman’s Revenge,” hosted the MTV Video Music Awards this week ahead of a new album due in...
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    Congratulations to the new patriarch of the Ancient Church of the East

    Sad news: his holiness's mother, who was at his official consecration ceremony in Baghdad a few months ago, has passed away! May she rest in peace! ASHOOR
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    Summary from amazing episode from Ed Mylett about managing money

    Top points from Ed Mylett amazing Podcast: These financial tips will CHANGE how you look at MONEY View: I summarised the main points below for anyone interested: 1. The importance of saving and accumulating money should not be...
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    The NEYMAR thread: Goals, Stats, Videos, News and more

    Updated table of top scorers for Brazil, sorted by goal ratio
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    The NEYMAR thread: Goals, Stats, Videos, News and more

    Neymar has done it! He scored two goals against Bolivia to break Pele's 52 year record of most goals for the Brazilian national team! He now has 79 goals in 105 games. No matter what you think of him, this is a huge accomplishment. ASHOOR
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    Assyrian Convention needs to come back to the east coast! And other observations...

    The 90th AANF Assyrian convention recently concluded in the city of Anaheim, CA. I don't have the exact numbers, but it has been at least one decade or longer since the convention was held in an eastern city, be it Chicago, Detroit, Boston or others. And while I totally understand the lure of...
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    Brazilian comparison: Neymar vs. Gabriel Jesus

    Here is a strange comparison, as they are neither at the same level or age, but one thing is common: a lot was expected of both when they were coming out of their respective youth careers: Neymar vs. Jesus The question is not who has been the better player (we all know the clear answer here)...
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    Notable Assyrian Instagramers (2000+ followers)

    Wonder what this list is like and which Assyrians are on top now? Some 6.5 years later, I am still not on IG and not missing much :)
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    Assyria TV interview with His Holiness Catholicos-Patriarch Mar Awa III

    Assyria TV interview with His Holiness Catholicos-Patriarch Mar Awa III This happened during his visit to Sweden, where the station is located.
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    Post pictures of what you are eating?

    From our recent family trip to Niagara Falls, at Applebee’s
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    How my 2.5 year Apple Watch steak almost came to an end!

    I am pleased to update you and let you know that my move streak continues, now at 3+ years (1140 days to be exact) and hope to continue this for as long as I can :)
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    South American XI According to AI

    South American XI According to AI Agree with most of the selections, however I am not sure about the goalie. How about Emilio Martinez who won the recent WC with Argentina, or Taffarel who won it for Brazil in 1994 or Dida from Brazil 1998/2002/2006? Also, while Riquelme was agreat player...
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    Top 10 Athletes of all time according to AI: do you agree with this list?

    Top 10 Athletes of all time according to AI Mostly agree with this, though I think Pele should have ranked higher, if not top (don't have much issue with Jordan being top) Interestingly, In 1999, Pele was named Athlete of the Century by the International Olympic Committee. What do you think...
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    Captivated by the Vegas Sphere: From First Glance to Investment Plans

    It all started with a trip to Vegas on August 9, 2022, our family’s first since the pandemic started in 2020. As the Uber driver was taking us from McCarren airport to the Venetian, a big sphere-shaped structure caught my attention. For a split second I thought to myself: hold on a second...
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    Assyrian Links from 20 years ago! Where are they now?

    I was going through some old inactive sections on the website and came across this gem: list of Assyrian websites from around 20 years ago or so. The big question is: how many of these are still active? I didn't go through the list and just glanced quickly through it (clicking on a few random...
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    Re-posting - My 'Time Travel' story from some 20 years ago.

    My Meeting with Ashur Panipal: Using a Time Machine to Explore our Past! ( Part 2) By: Ashur Sada. July 15th, 2005 I am now about to sit in the machine to go back in history. As I am about to sit down, my friend remembers something: the setting was wrong, and had he not remembered, the...
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    Re-posting - My 'Time Travel' story from some 20 years ago.

    I accidentally came across the post below which I had made to the Assyrian Voice Emagazine section. I found it a bit cheesy, but still decided to share it here, and how things evolve over time :) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My...
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    X’s (Twitter) 100x and explosive 48 hrs

    It has been a wild and electrifying 48 hours for Elon Musk's social network 'X'! Let us go through some of what happened an why these numbers you are about to read are out of this world. Trump’ interview with Tucker Carlson on X (Formerly Twitter) which has garnered a record over quarter...
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    MSG Sphere at Las Vegas is now complete (officially opening Sep 2023)

    I wrote about the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas in my 2022 trip report. Since then, it has been completed and although the venue is not open for concerts yet, its outside LED display has been in action and it is absolutely spectacular.
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    Assyrian with a voice so similar to Fairouz!

    Amazing voice: meet the Assyrian Fairouz, Julia Markos Short clip from one of her Fairouz performances View: Full interview here View: ASHOOR
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    Hosat Iraqia

    I thought I would share this funny viral video of Irqai hosa from a southern Iraqi city. For those not familiar with this term (which we also use in Assyrian to denote something that is crowded or loud) : In English. هوسات عراقيه means Iraqi obsessions or Iraqi rashes. They are popular poetic...
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    The new and beautiful Assyrian Church of the East Cathedral in Arbil, Iraq

    Great sneak peek video, both inside and outside of the new cathedral, by Assyrian priest George Bet-Rasho from St. Mary's Assyrian Church of the East in LA, CA USA. He happened to be in Iraq in early August for the Inaugural Youth Conference by the ACOE...
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    The new and beautiful Assyrian Church of the East Cathedral in Arbil, Iraq

    Good article from AINA about this historical event:
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    How one person has already created so much change in such a short time!

    Take a look at this amazing picture, taken in Arbil, Iraq, in front of the new patriarchate of the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East. Then zoom your attention on the man in the middle, sitting on the patriarch's seat: of course, that is Mar Awa III , the 122nd...
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    The new and beautiful Assyrian Church of the East Cathedral in Arbil, Iraq

    The new and beautiful Assyrian Church of the East Cathedral in Arbil, Iraq New Patriarchal Cathederal of the Apostles of the Easy, SS Mar Thoma, Mar Addai, Mar Mari It opened with an official ceremony on August 5th, 2023.
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    Turning 50: Life Lessons for Limitless Living (Part 1) - by Jim Kwik

    Turning 50: Life Lessons for Limitless Living (Part 2) View: Your comfort zone is a nice place to visit but not much grows there Sometimes a loss is really a gain in disguise You have permission to rest Control the controllables Be a...
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    Why waking up earlier beats staying up late when it comes to being productive

    We often hear about the benefits of waking up earlier to get stuff done : but I have always wondered, instead of waking up 1 or 2 hrs earlier before everyone has waken up, why not do the same thing but at night by staying up 1-2 hrs after everyone else has slept and get stuff done. What is the...
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    Turning 50: Life Lessons for Limitless Living (Part 1) - by Jim Kwik

    Jim Kwik is one of my favourite podcasters and I happened to read his book “Limitless” . He is an American brain coach, podcaster, writer, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Kwik Learning, an online learning platform; the host of the Kwik Brain podcast; and the author of Limitless, published...
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    The new Chaldean rift: Chaldean Patriarch vs. Rayan Al-Kaldani

    Back in 2014/2015, I wrote extensively about the rift within the Chaldean church, between its patriarch at its Baghdad HQ and those in San Diego. Well, as that dispute seems to have gone quiet of late, there is a much hotter one brewing of late: that between HH Mar Luis Sako (patriarch of the...
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    Deadly creative way by an Iraqi man to prevent people parking in front of his house

    An Iraqi man in the central city of Kut is literally using a casket to prevent people from parking in front of his house. His house happens to be located in a street that has a government office which adds to the congestion. Cue the puns and jokes but for now I think my title speaks for this...
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    تسمية الكلدان تزوير مُتعمد

    تسمية الكلدان تزوير مُتعمد من هم الكلدان؟ ظهرت تسمية (الكلدان) لأول مرة في التاريخ عام 1552م. وظهرت تسمية الكلدان كطائفة مسيحية كاثوليكية أسسها مبشرون غربيون أتوا من الفاتيكان الكاثوليكي إلى بلاد النهرين عام 1552م. من هم الكلديين؟ الكلديين لقب لعشيرة انتشرت في بابل في زمن الملك الآشوري...
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    Congratulations to the new patriarch of the Ancient Church of the East

    Beautiful pictures from his visit to the Nahla region and various villages there. View: View...
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    Rest in peace Assyrian journalist Maryam Zindo

    Today, around 5 PM local Toronto time (7 AM in Sydney) I checked FB after work, and noticed so many were mourning the loss of the same person. So much so, I started asking myself, despite not living in Australia, I should have heard about her at least? You know, especially if she was well-known...
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    Congratulations to the new patriarch of the Ancient Church of the East

    The new patriarch was born in Baghdad on July 15, 1980 and was only 40 days old when his family left Iraq for Greece, where they would stay for 2 years, before arriving and settling in Chicago, USA. And that is where he has was raised and lived for the last 40+ years, before relocating to his...
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    Why are we expected to marry other Assyrians?

    Here on Assyrian Voice! :P All kidding aside, and I know most people have migrated to other social networks last 10 years, but so many couples met here and got married, and are still happily married and have kids too. The thing about meeting people on websites like this is that you get to see...
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    Assyrian Dating App for Assyrians by Assyrians!

    I just clicked on it and it seems to be working fine on my iPhone (not that I I am trying to download it lol)
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    Which one of these two is more likely to happen in 2026?

    What do you predict is more likely to happen in 2026 (exactly 3 years away) -39 year old Messi playing in his 6th WC (to me this is almost greater than winning a WC) Or -34 year old Neymar playing his 4th WC?
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    The best starting 11 of all time according to ChatGPT.

    Wondering what answer will you guys get if you ask the same question. ASHOOR
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    The best starting 11 of all time according to ChatGPT.

    I asked ChatGPT the following question and here is the answer. What is the best starting 11 in soccer of all time: Formation: 4-3-3 Goalkeeper: Lev Yashin (Soviet Union/Russia) Defenders:2. Cafu (Brazil) Franco Baresi (Italy) Franz Beckenbauer (Germany) Paolo Maldini (Italy)...
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    Muslims protesting about Gays

    Bani, your version is 100% accurate 😃 It was absolutely hilarious. To say radical liberals or just woke liberals in general were stunned is an understatement lol. How dare you come here as immigrants and go against our narrative??? While some did voice their displeasure with the Muslim parents...
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    Brazil have missed their chance to avenge their 7-1 loss to Germany!

    That is amazing historical info Bani, I had no idea the two have mostly avoided each other for over 26 years now! The thing is, both have been making the world cup almost regularly last few times, so all is good for both nations lol.
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    Brazil have missed their chance to avenge their 7-1 loss to Germany!

    Earlier I was looking at Germany’s roster from their loss in a friendly game to Poland and I noticed not a single name remains from the 2014 teams. And it makes sense since that was 9 years and 3 World Cups ago. Just like how Neymar is the only remaining player from our 2014 roster (assuming...
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    Back to Back titles for Serbia: Tennis, now Basketball

    On Sunday it was Jokovic winning his record 23rd grand slam title and on Monday, another Serbian was on top of the world: Nikola Jokic winning first NBA title for the Denver Nuggets. I found this amazing picture of 5 year old Nikola in his native Serbia wearing a Denver Nuggets tshirt before...
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    Breaking: Messi to join Inter Miami!

    Bani, remember that time (some 10-15 years ago) when suddenly we saw some big names play in Australia. Unfortunately that was a temporary and didn’t last, not aware of any big names playing there lately, even if at the twilight of their career. ASHOOR
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    Novak Djokovic wins record 23 grand slam!

    Men's Slam Titles in 2010• Roger Federer: 16• Rafael Nadal: 9• Novak Djokovic: 1I n the twinkle of an eye.. Men's Slam Titles in 2023• Novak Djokovic: 23• Rafael Nadal: 22• Roger Federer: 20 ASHOOR
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    Novak Djokovic wins record 23 grand slam!

    Despite the media and hostile fans, the silly ban from US and Australian open due to being unvaccinated, The Joker has come back and now is on top with record 23 grand slam titles. Nadal has 22 while retired Federer is at 20. What is it about Serbia and their ability to produce some great...
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    Congratulations to the new patriarch of the Ancient Church of the East

    Congratulations to His Holiness Mar Gewargis III Younan , the new Catholicos-Patriarch of the Holy Apostolic Catholic Ancient Church of the East. We wish him all the best in his new role.
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    Manchester City wins first champions league and treble, but are no special team!

    Manchester City have finally done it and won their first champions league title in history, and with it completed their first treble (CL, EPL and FA Cup). Even more impressive, it is Guardiola’s second treble, having previously done it with Barcelona in 2009. With this second treble and his...
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    Breaking: Messi to join Inter Miami!

    Actually didn’t even think of that! But you can bet it will be such a hot ticket that there is no point even asking. This is Toronto we are talking about and things already cost a fortune. You can imaging this will be one expensive ticket.
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    This is what the Assyrian girl abducted by ISIS a few years ago, looks like now!

    For those not familiar with the story, here is the original topic: Christina was only 3 years old (born in 2011) when she was abducted by ISIS in 2014, and later freed...
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    Inspirational Assyrian Posters

    Time for a long overdue update to this, with none other than Evin Agassi and one of his classic songs from the 80s! ASHOOR
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    ANTIFA have messed up with the wrong group now!

    People in both U.S and Canada have had it with this extreme left woke ideology, especially when it comes to sexual content in school, which is borderline grooming of minors: there is a big difference between making kids aware of sex education and blatantly teaching them about sex acts or even...
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    Breaking: Messi to join Inter Miami!

    View: I think it is a good move, since he doesn’t have anything to prove in Europe anymore and this will be a massive boost for MLS, the way Beckham’a move 16 years ago did. ASHOOR
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    Assyrian Powerhouse Takes Over Podcasting and Media World: But one big name is missing!

    Did you know that one of the most popular and fastest rising podcast and non-MSM personality is an Assyrian and so is his co-host? but a third is missing which would make it a perfect Assyrian trio! You have likely heard of Patrick Bit-David (PBD for short) :he is an Assyrian-Armenian...
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    Floating garbage bin?

    Is the garbage bin floating? Look again!
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    This is pretty cool and never thought of it!

    When Sweden plays against Denmark, the scoreboard will display SWE-DEN. The unused letters remaining are DEN-MARK.
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    I didn’t photoshop this! Sensational picture of a reddish sun!

    Thanks to extreme fires both in eastern and western Canada, our local skies have been getting smoky and as a result, you see this rare red looking sun. Not wanting to waste this rare and spectacular view, I took this picture of a ‘hellish’ looking sun ☀️
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    An Indian official did what?

    I thought this was hilarious and was going to post it in the jokes section but it is something that happened in real life that I read about earlier on. Blog site (HubSpot): “A government official in water-scarce central India ordered 2m+ liters of water drained from a reservoir. Why? To...
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    القرى الثلاثة لشعبنا الاشوري في منطقة ريكان

    القرى الثلاثة لشعبنا الاشوري في منطقة ريكان
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    Greek Town's Fading Legacy: The Changing Face of Toronto's Greek Restaurants

    Ask 10 random ethnic Greeks in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and there is a good chance majority will tell you either their dad, grand father - or both - had a restaurant. This could be a breakfast place or traditional Greek food like Gyros and Souvlaki. That is fading and it is sad, at least...
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    Assyrian Alexander Aoraha playing for Iraq at U-20 World Cup

    Iraq played a decent game and managed to get a 0-0 tie with England, and are thus out of the tournament. Despite scoring no goals, Alexander is actually getting high praise from Iraqis in general and soccer pundits. I just ready this FB in which the poster says that ‘he is only played with...
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    Assyrian Alexander Aoraha playing for Iraq at U-20 World Cup

    Bani, who is at Brighton, do you have more info on him?
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    The end of an era! Zowaa has a new leader!

    Just read breaking news from Alqosh, Iraq, where Zowaa waa holding its bi-annual conference and general elections, that after 23 years at the helm, Younadam Kanna has been replaced by Yacoob Gewargis as the new secretary of the Assyrian Democratic Movement. A lot of those who had grown tired of...
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    Assyrian Alexander Aoraha playing for Iraq at U-20 World Cup

    Game highlights View:
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    Assyrian Alexander Aoraha playing for Iraq at U-20 World Cup

    Iraq played a very good game and has so many shots on goal. But despite that, and Tunisia being a man down, they still lost 3-0, a result that is very deceiving based on how the two teams player.
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    Assyrian Alexander Aoraha playing for Iraq at U-20 World Cup

    Assyrian Alexander Aoraha is playing for Iraq at U-20 WC. He was born in England to two Assyrian parents originally from Iraq. He is currently starting for Iraq’s second game in the group, against Tunisia. He plays for Queens Park Rangers in the the EFL Championship, the second tier of the...
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    I thought this was funny!

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    Clay tablets from ancient Mesopotamia date earliest recorded kiss to 4,500 years ago

    It is not a matter of pride, but amazing how our ancestors were indeed the first to so many things, including something as a taboo in the middle east as a kiss. ASHOOR
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    Clay tablets from ancient Mesopotamia date earliest recorded kiss to 4,500 years ago

    The romantic kiss may have existed for 1,000 years longer than previously estimated, dating back to ancient Mesopotamia, a new scientific article suggests. The article, published in the journal Science on Thursday, looked at surviving clay tablets from Mesopotamia and dated the earliest...
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    Looking for a Russian book about Surma: Сурма-ассирийка (1883–1975) в бурной истории Месопотамии

    Honestly, never heard or came across it before. Best of luck, hopefully someone can help you find it! ASHOOR
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    Assyrian Church of the East patriarch meets the president of Iran

    ܬܦܩܠܗ ܩܕܝܫܘܬܗ ܕܐܒܘܢ ܡܥܠܝܐ ܡܪܝ ܐܒܐ ܬܠܝܬܝܐ، ܩܬܘܠܝܩܐ ܦܛܪܝܪܟܐ ܕܥܕܬܐ ܕܡܕܢܚܐ ܕܐܬܘܖ̈ܝܐ ܒܬܒܝܠ، ܒܡܥܠܝܘܬܗ ܕ. ܐܒܪܗܝܡ ܪܐܝܣܝܼ، ܪܫܐ ܕܩܘܛܢܝܘܬܐ ܐܝܣܠܡܝܬܐ ܐܝܪܢܝܬܐ، ܒܣܝܩܘܡ ܬܪܝܢܒܫܒܐ 15 ܐܝܠܘܠ 2023. ‏‎ܘܝܼܗܘܘ ܒܠܘܝܘܬܐ ܕܩܕܝܫܘܬܗ ܟܠ ܡܢ ܛܘܒܬܢܘܬܗ ܡܪܝ ܐܦܪܝܡ ܢܬܢܝܐܝܠ ܡܝܛܪܦܘܠܝܛܐ ܕܐ̄ܣܘܪܝܐ، ܘܚܣܝܘܬܗ ܡܪܝ ܢܪܣܝ ܒܢܝܡܝܢ ܐܦܣܩܘܦܐ ܕܐܝܪܢ...
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    Assyrian Language College; good on you Sydney!

    This is great to see and hoping as many of our youth as possible can get in.
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    Suddenly, this is now the coolest and most trendy Assyrian thing to do?

    I wanted to share with you all an interesting trend that I observed back in 2005 regarding the changing trend of Assyrians returning to their homeland in northern Iraq for rebuilding and reconstruction efforts. At the time, I wrote an article emphasizing that the rebuilding efforts were creating...
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    Toronto, we have finally done it, after 19 year wait

    And it gets better: Toronto won’t have to face the Boston Bruins in the second round, thank god! The Bruins lose to the Panthers in OT 4-3, despite being up 3-1 both in this game and in the series overall. Yet they let the Panthers come back in both categories. What is interesting is that...
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    Toronto, we have finally done it, after 19 year wait

    How the city was back 19 years ago, where so much has changed! That is the last time Leaf’s had won a playoff series , until they finally did it yesterday...
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    Look who turned 24 today on April 15!

    Thanks Bani and I still remember that infamous gathering, which happened around the time of the 2006 World Cup? I remember, you were like a superstar that day, with all the Dutch and UK members. ASHOOR
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    Toronto, we have finally done it, after 19 year wait

    Toronto Maple Leafs have finally done it and won a playoff series after 19 year drought. Wild2-1 OT win over the Tampa Bay Lightning to take the series 4-2. The Maple Leafs have missed the playoffs a total of 10 times, amade the playoffs eight times, and lost in the first round seven of those...
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    Look who turned 24 today on April 15!

    I am technically one day late, but Assyrian Voice turned 24 years today (April 15) Next year, it is the big one: 25th anniversary. Quarter century of online existence which is like eternity in online terms. Although most old members have moved on (some literally!) , and we haven’t had a...
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    The latest Brazilian wonderkid : 16 year old Endrick

    And just like that, after wasting 14 games without scoring, he has now scored 3 goals in 3 games, in 3 different competitions. I thought that once he starts scoring again, the floodgates would open. Hope he makes up for the long goal-less streak and starts scoring a lot of goals. I did notice...
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    A new (Syriac) chapter of the Bible written 1,750 years ago has been unearthed by researchers

    A new chapter of the Bible has been unearthed by scientists after applying UV light to a manuscript housed in the Vatican Library. A small manuscript fragment, or "hidden chapter," was masked behind two layers of writing on parchment paper and dates back to the 6th century. Experts say the text...
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    Hello everyone

    Hi Sally, great to have you. While many left, we have some who have come back and check from time to time. The more we post and make this place busy, the more likely they will stay hopefully :) ASHOOR
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    The latest Brazilian wonderkid : 16 year old Endrick

    Yesterday Palmeiras won the stats championship Of São Paulo (Paulista) and Endrick scored a goal, which is his second in a row after going 14 games without scoring. At just 16, Endrick has already won almost everything there is to win in Brazil, with the exception of a Copa Libertadores...
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    Historical Photo: Assyrians Dancing in Baghdad in 1972

    Yes this is the exact photo! I have been told about this picture from family members, some of whom were there in person.
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    Assyrian New Year Celebrations 2023

    More celebrations from Iraq and locally here in Toronto.
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    Assyrian New Year Celebrations 2023

    Happy Assyrian new year! Here are some pictures from the celebrations from Iraq, where they had massive crowds, the most in over a decade.
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    For the first time ever! Canada’s tallest structure wil light up for Assyrian new year!

    This is amazing! Had to read it twice to believe it. CN Tower, Canada’s tallest structure and the 5th tallest in the world, will light up on April 1st to celebrate the Assyrian new year! Can we wish for Burj Khalifa one day maybe?
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    AVN Returnees - Where are we now?

    Hey guys, how are you all? Been a busy fee weeks for me with some home Reno’s that just wrapped up recently.
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    Strange dream: we have a new World Cup winner

    I saw a strange dream , where the World Cup final was being played and I thought hold on, wasn’t this already done? Turns out the final was between Spain and Portugal and it was tied till like the 80th min or so and as I got busy with something else, I checked later and game is almost done and...
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    Massive earthquake measuring 7.9 hits Turkey and other countries

    Death toll is now over 20K, most of which are in Turkey. In fact I read about an Assyrian mother and son who died in the earthquake as well.
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    Massive earthquake measuring 7.9 hits Turkey and other countries

    Not sure how credible these theories are, but came across videos and articles of some scientists (French and Arabs) saying that Turkey’s relentless building of dams - against the wishes of Iraq - contributes to this earthquake. What is interesting, this earthquake did occur in the same region...
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    Assyrian continuity after the fall of the empire:612 BC-1900 AD

    Credit to Mark Gewargis on FB.
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    Post pictures of what you are eating?

    It has been a while since I posted here Amazing Salmon Power Bowl dish I had at Boston Pizza recently .
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    Massive earthquake measuring 7.9 hits Turkey and other countries

    Before and after pictures of damage to a 2200 palace in Turkey.
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    Massive earthquake measuring 7.9 hits Turkey and other countries

    This is one of the biggest earthquakes to hit Turkey and neighbouring countries like Syria and even parts of north Iraq. Entire cities and villages are almost gone, with thousands dead. I remember the 1999 earthquake that hit Turkey that caused so much destruction. This seems to be even worse.
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    My city seems to be on a roll with strange and headline grabbing crimes: latest in Vaughan’s bizarre crimes

    In early December, my city it Vaughan ON was rocked by a shock murder case, where a man in his early 70s gunned down 5 people execution argyle in his condo apartment, the result of years of dispute over building matters. Those he killed were part of the condo board. This story was so shocking...
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    What are your views on Assyrian social media celebrity Ramina Rated?

    Here is the video that really got me impressed with how creative she is, with her playing both roles, and singing! View:
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    What are your views on Assyrian social media celebrity Ramina Rated?

    I am sure most of you have come across her funny videos online: Ramina Rated! While I don’t or follow her obsessively, I must admit she is funny. Actually, I believe she is even more creative than funny, with the way she comes up with some funny ideas and stereotypes about middle easterns and...
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    Amazing Vegas trip : Aug 2022!

    Here are some more videos of our trip Flying over Lake Mead and landing in Las Vegas View: World’s biggest airplane shop, in Las Vegas, NV, U.S View: Quick tour of the amazing new Resort World Las Vegas View...
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    From a Midlife Crisis to a Midlife Investment: How One Reflective Moment Led to a Personal Decade of Financial Growth

    I wrote this article on another Budgeting and personal Finance blog I run and I thought I should share here in hopes of helping others in their financial journey. From a Midlife Crisis to a Midlife Investment: How One Reflective Moment Led to a Personal Decade of Financial Growth...
  101. A

    AVN Returnees - Where are we now?

    Hello, great thread and thanks for sharing! Here I am too, and not thinking about going away anytime soon :) BTW, just thought about this, but Assyrian Voice celebrates a quarter century next year, can you believe it? (1999-2024) . In internet age, that is like an eternity, since few things...
  102. A

    Movie 'Journey of Eternity'

    This is a movie about the three Assyrian martyers who were hanged by the Iraqi government in the mid 1980s and is was in premiere in Toronto over the weekend and various cities around the world. It is by Assyrian director Frank Gilbert. View:
  103. A

    Daily rules to follow at an Assyrian school in Northern Iraq!

    This is beautiful: rules students have to follow at Bahra Assyrian high school in Northern Iraq!
  104. A

    So Good To Be Back

    Great to have you and thanks for coming back :)
  105. A

    So Good To Be Back

    Wow Enki so nice to see your name here :) Hope all is well brother!
  106. A

    This man is stealing the show in Iraq during the 25th Gulf Cup!

    Iraq is currently hosting its first major tournament in over 40 years! Yes you read that right. Following the 8 year was with Iran in the 80s, then the invasion of Kuwait and the ensuing sanctions and international isolations, Iraq didn’t get a break as they had to deal with the U.S war and...
  107. A

    Rest in peace king! Pele, dead at 82 years old

    Then you have those clueless FB and Twitter sports accounts that have become cheerleaders for Messi and like to tell us that Pele never won a CA.but they conveniently forget that Pele only played in 1, while Messi is literally second all time in terms of CA participations at tournaments.
  108. A

    Rest in peace king! Pele, dead at 82 years old

    One of the most surprising facts about Pele is not so much that he never won the Copa America, but that he only played in 1 of them , out of possible 5. Even worse, between 1960 and 1975, seems like a various CA editions were never played, denying Pele the chance to play in more than just 1 CA...
  109. A

    Rest in peace king! Pele, dead at 82 years old

    Great article about Pele. The author makes a CL case that he had a good chance to win the WC in 1974 “Brazil lost to the Dutch in the semifinals of that World Cup. Still 33, and coming off a season that saw him finish as top scorer in the Brazilian league, it may well have been a different...
  110. A

    Rest in peace king! Pele, dead at 82 years old

    Amazing post and very interesting historical insights, some of which I didn’t know! There is another question I have been interested in and would be interested to hear your opinion : what about 1974, where Pele would have been 33 years old or so. Would he have helped Brazil for the title, since...
  111. A

    It is 2023 and I refuse to get into the TikTok craze!

    TikTok really took off just as the Covid19 pandemic lockdowns were getting started in March 2020. Since then, the platform has spread like wildfire. In fact it is predicted that its market cap will hit an astonishing $1 trillion in 2023. Not only that, but recent survey of GenZ reveals that...
  112. A

    Rest in peace king! Pele, dead at 82 years old

    I know i am not the first to mention this, but isn’t it astonishing that in all 4 WCs Pele played in, he never truly lived up to the hype in any of them. In 1958, he was a true revelation but no one knew about him In 1962, he was supposed to be on top of the world, but we only got two games...
  113. A

    Why Messi winning the WC doesn’t put him in the GOAT conversation but does get him close

    Well said Bank and you brought another angle to the whole debate and expressed it better than I did. I am ready to debate that AVNer here, bring it on! 😎
  114. A

    Rest in peace king! Pele, dead at 82 years old

    My story with Pele began in 1987! That is when my late father bought me a series of kids cartoon books about the life of Pele, titled ‘The Black Jewel, King of the Field” And despite not being into soccer at that time, but interested in reading books from an early age, I started reading them...
  115. A

    Rest in peace king! Pele, dead at 82 years old

    بدأت قصتي مع الاسطورة بيليه في سن السابعة من العمر! في العام١٩٨٧، اشترى لي ابي المرحوم سلسلة قصص كارتون للاطفال بعنوان"الجوهرة السوداء، ملك الملاعب" واذ كنت ملهم بالقراءة من الطفولة، بدأت بقراءة هذه القصص بشغف كبير، بالرغم اني لم اكن اهتم بمتابعة كرة القدم انذاك! وبعد ان انتهيت من هذه...
  116. A

    Why Messi winning the WC doesn’t put him in the GOAT conversation but does get him close

    Why Messi winning the WC doesn’t put him in the GOAT conversation but does get him close: At 35 years old, this was his 5th attempt to win a WC. If you keep giving someone a shot at something , they will eventually win it. In comparison, Pele had long retired by age 35, and had already won 3...
  117. A

    Italian diaspora Greatest All-time 23 member team Some of you will enjoy this, especially those who are fans of the Azzuri. My two surprises are Dunga and Platini being of Italian background! I thought Dunga was of Portuguese background while for Platini, never...
  118. A

    Couldn’t resists this double bad luck number!

    I was driving around yesterday and this gas station price caught my attention. So I took a pic the of it and added my own caption 😎😄
  119. A

    What does a Turkish restaurant owner have to do with Argentina winning the World Cup?

    This is such a funny story from yesterday’s word cup celebration. So called ‘sale bae’ , a man who became famous for extremely expensive steaks and essentially sprinkling salt on steaks, somehow made it to the field to join the players in their celebration and they wanted nothing to do with it...
  120. A

    This World Cup opened my eyes to this , and I had no idea it was this bad!

    I would like to talk about something that many of you may have already known about but I am only started to discover during this WC, or at least it became more clear to me now. Basically, this World Cup was like a proxy war between Real Madrid fans (CR7 is the greatest) and Barcelona fans...
  121. A

    Congratulations to Argentina for winning the World Cup

    Still can’t get over the fact that Argentina surrendered two different 2-0 leads in the knockout rounds, and still managed to come back and win, and on penalties out of all possibilities. How much emotional resilience do you need to have to overcome such an adversity? So to think about it...
  122. A

    Congratulations to Argentina for winning the World Cup

    Congratulation to Argentina on winning their 3rd World Cup and to Messi for finally winning a WC in his 5th attempt. The team truly deserved it as they really worked hard for it. ASHOOR
  123. A

    Qatar uses Messi to advertise for their culture!

    Messi had no choice but to wear the Arab robe, which ruined the whole moment , where you don’t see your NT jersey properly, a moment that is captured and viewed by billions around the world, and for generations to come. The Qataris gave them the WC, but Messi paid back for it with a free...
  124. A

    What would it take for Neymar to get the same love and support as Messi?

    The amount of support Messi (not as opposed to Argentina as a team) to win the World Cup is unprecedented! Honestly, the only ones I am yet to see wishing he wins is members of the French team (and of course CR7 fans lol) Otherwise, I have even seen former French players saying he deserves it...
  125. A

    As next Brazil coach, I would ban those

    As the next Brazil coach, would you be in favour of banning those during the World Cup, as I feel Brazilian players went overboard and distracted them, instead of being fully focused on the task at hand: -No social media. We all know how addicted Neymar and most of the team is to Twitter...
  126. A

    If this doesn’t happen, it will be the biggest global sports funeral in history!

    I am sure you guys are seeing the same articles and posts online and specifically social media and how Argentina have virtually won the WC. I literally see FB friends celebrating the final step and that the WC is all but his and there is no way he will not be hosting it on Sunday. I don’t know...
  127. A

    His teammates put him down but he didn’t and has been all classy about it!

    Do you guys remember all these online memes that became popular between 2014-2019, where Messi is telling his teammates- specifically Higuain - that when he dies, he wants his teammates to bury him, so they can let him down one last time. While can’t Brazil not winning 2018/2022 WC and 2021 CA...
  128. A

    How my 2.5 year Apple Watch steak almost came to an end!

    I have a long 880+ day move steak on my Apple Watch, that goes back to July 2020. This streak has remained intact through some hardships like 3 days of extremely Covid sickness, being sick and barely able to move, snow days etc. So there is no way I would let this steak come to an end easily...
  129. A

    How Brazil’s loss in 2022 WC QF ranks in terms of World Cup heartbreakers and upsets

    From all that I have gathered last few days, these are Brazil’s worst heartbreaks and upsets at world cups: -1950: nothing tops this and in fact if not for this, you can argue there is no Pele and the 1958-1970 generation and the 3 world cups -1982 loss to Italy any you could also argue this...
  130. A

    The nightmare I was fearing.

    This was my blood pressure yesterday between the time Croatia scored in ET and going to penalties. I gave my heart a lot of hardships last two weeks and it is time to give it some rest and rehab.
  131. A

    The nightmare I was fearing.

    The frustrations and disappointments of 1974-1990 (even with Zico, Socrates, Careca) is what eventually led to the golden generation of 1994-2002. As soccer cycles go, it is inevitable that the disappointments of 2006-2022 will hopefully lead to the cycle of victory repeating again. Yes, the...
  132. A

    The nightmare I was fearing.

    I don’t have much to say about the Brazil vs Croatia as it all feels like a bad dream. It hurts so much, I am trying to completely tune it out and forget about the World Cup. At the end of the day, Tite’s inferiority was greater than our players’s superiority. While not all our players were...
  133. A

    I have a dream!

    It is the final and Neymar has already scored number 77 in the SF to equal Pele’s record. He scores to help Brazil win the cup and break Pele’s record . Can you even imagine IF that was to happen and how within 90 mins he Is instantly elevated to a Brazilian legend and God, in the same...
  134. A

    So Good To Be Back

    How is life in Germany , did you get married and what are you doing for a living? Oh and hope you are not too sad Germany is out of the WC 😜
  135. A

    10 thoughts on Brazil delicious 4-1 win over South Korea

    [OptaJohan] 38y 74d - Thiago Silva is the oldest player on record to assist at the World Cup (since 1966), overtaking Roger Milla for Cameroon in 1990 (38y, 42d). Evergreen
  136. A

    10 thoughts on Brazil delicious 4-1 win over South Korea

    Dani Alves passes Roberto Carlos to become the second-most Capped player in Brazil men's NT (126). He is also now Brazil's oldest WC player, at the age of 39, as well
  137. A

    10 thoughts on Brazil delicious 4-1 win over South Korea

    [Opta Joao] Neymar has become the third Brazilian player to score in three different editions of the World Cup, alongside Ronaldo and Pelé
  138. A

    Australia, you game me a lot of hope!

    Love it lol. For a game this close, the what-ifs are inevitable man. I hear you! Ashoor
  139. A

    10 thoughts on Brazil delicious 4-1 win over South Korea

    10 thoughts on the win 1-We may not like his selections, subs and tactics at times, but Tite is a classy coach in every sense of the word and that was evidenced by his unprecedented decision to sub a third goalie in a knockout round, to ensure every player has had a hand in this (Wish CAP had...
  140. A

    Australia, you game me a lot of hope!

    Despite the loss to Argentina that came to the wire, Australia gave it their all and in long stretches looked better than Argentina. Great job overall, considering they barely qualified and not much was expected of them.
  141. A

    Brazil’s B team is worth over half a billion dollar!

    Unfortunately the B team disappointed and couldn’t even score!
  142. A

    Brazil’s B team is worth over half a billion dollar!

    This was on TV just now. Brazil’s B team is worth over half a billion dollar, based on their club prices! Basically equivalent to the GDP of some small countries out there. Absolutely hard to fathom. RESERVE TEAM!!! And we are worried we would need Neymar for the 16th round? Come on, if this is...
  143. A

    Brazil vs. France or Argentina vs. Portugal : which final sounds better?

    Guys, interested to hear your view on this, something I was debating my friend on. This is more of a ratings/business question that is probably pure soccer: My friend thinks an Argentina vs. Portugal final would be a lot more lucrative and attractive for FIFA, as it will serve as a final and...
  144. A

    Australia made it out of the group? Can’t believe it!

    Yes amazing that they didn’t just qualify but were always the first to score. Actually, I know this is too much to ask but imagine if France had somehow managed to get a tie vs France, they would come too of the group and now would be playing Poland in second round!
  145. A

    Germany is out for the second WC in a row!

    Germany is out. Good riddance 😏 Someone posted this online and if it does happen , then will go from bad to worse for Germany in next 8 years. Was the 7-1 and the WC win worth all of this??? lol jk, I am sure even Brazil would take a WC even if they knew it would be followed by 16 years of...
  146. A

    Who bad covered the most ground at the World Cup?

    Who bad covered the most ground at the World Cup?
  147. A

    Perfect way to describe Argentina’s group and how it came down to a photo finish

    Saw this online and it perfectly sums up the way Argentina’s group finished up today. Speaking of Argentina, how lucky can they be? They were in danger of missing qualification, but not only did they make it out, they won first spot and will not meet Australia instead of France had they...
  148. A

    Australia made it out of the group? Can’t believe it!

    Never in my wildest dream did I think Australia would make it out of this group. Especially since many had through Denmark would not only make it out of the group with France but even go far. And wow what a goal it was that Australia scored, the way he tricked the defender twice. All the best...
  149. A

    The Brazilian goal that broke the internet with +1 billion views in 24 hrs

    I thought this one goal would go a long way in making Richarilson a bigger name than he already was. It is too bad he didn’t score last game and assuming he doesn’t play against Cameroon, he won’t get a chance to build on his overnight success. Of course, his story will be even more sensational...
  150. A

    If the knockout started today!

    If KSA beats Mexico and Poland ties Argentina, Argentina gets eliminated. If both games finish in a tie, Argentina will be second and we will have a repeat of the 2018 second round matchup against France. Only way for Argentina to finish first and avoid France Is to beat Poland. So you know...
  151. A

    Forget the Hand of God Goal, CR7 almost scored ‘Hair of God’ goal!

    This is why I love the World Cup, it is so much more than just soccer , but all the funny and narratives that are crated in the way. Today, everyone thought Cristiano Ronaldo scored the first goal for Portugal when he lightly headed a ball already going into the net after his teammate Bruno...
  152. A

    If the knockout started today!

    If the knockout started today, these would be the matchups! Of course we know by Friday most of this will look different.
  153. A

    Brazilian TV coverage of the World Cup

    I am lucky to have one of those IPTV boxes which has Brazilian channels, so for first time ever, I am watching the World Cup from a Brazilian prospective (in addition to my main English, as well as Arabic channels. Even though I understand zero Portuguese, a language I have come to love so much...
  154. A

    Messi scores and has a new record

    Lionel Messi is now both the youngest (18y 357d vs Serbia in 2006) and the oldest (35y 155d vs Mexico today) player to both score and assist in a single World Cup game since the start of the 1966 tournament. Longevity.
  155. A

    Cool tool to check who will qualify to second round based on on remaining matches

    For anyone interested, came across a great tool to check all the possible permutations for who will qualify from each group, based on their remaining games. For example for Argentina’s group C: -If Argentina and Poland tie 0-0, then both go through, unless Mexico beats KSA 4-1 or more. But if...
  156. A

    Team of the week (week 1)

    Team of the week (week 1)
  157. A

    Amazing job Australia

    Didn’t give Australia much chance to beat Tunisia or a tie at the most , but they did it. Not sure if they can beat Denmark but a tie could help them too.
  158. A

    Four players are playing their 5th World Cup in Qatar

    I am not a Mexican soccer expert or know their players extensively, so was shocked to find out that they have a player who is also playing in their 5th WC! Andrés Guardado At first I thought it was CristianoR and Messi only, but later realized Ochoa too and now Guardado!
  159. A

    Legends table at the World Cup

    The who is who of World Cup legends, with Brazil represented by the most! Bani your boy has really gone old! Only person I don’t recognize is the one standing next to Youru Djorkaeff?
  160. A

    The Brazilian goal that broke the internet with +1 billion views in 24 hrs

    By now, unless you don’t know what a WC is, you must have have seen Richarilson’s wonder goal against Serbia. Would it be an exaggeration to say it has been viewed over one billion times in last 24 hrs? I personally have seen it at least 25 times and can’t get over it. Never mind this already...
  161. A

    State of play after 1 match

    Great overview Bani, very accurate assessment! While I don’t want karma to bite me in the @$$ , the game I am most looking forward to is Argentina vs. Mexico tomorrow and whether Mexico can pull another shocker and eliminate Argentina. Mexico has always given it their all when playing Argentina...
  162. A

    So Good To Be Back

    Ah you scared me , I thought you haven’t been online for years. I was like how is this guy living? Lol
  163. A

    Neymar is out to injury. Did Pele have anything to do with it?

    Prior to the game and as I kept reading and hearing about Neymar’s quest to match and beat Pele’s record for most goals scored for the NT, something funny came to mind. I thought I hope the Pele curse doesn’t get him and he end up not scoring enough goals. But I never thought of an injury. But...
  164. A

    Cristiano Ronaldo has done it and broken the record!!!

    CR7 has just scored against Ghana , becoming first player ever to score in 5 WCs. A record that is unlikely to ever be broken by CR7: Scoring in 5 straight WCs / Euros. Some players are lucky to just PLAY in few of those. This guy has played and scored in 10 straight tournaments , spanning...
  165. A

    World Cup so far: shocks and surprises!

    Don’t understand it bro. This wokeism is like a cancer. They push it so much and hard, pishla pakhta. It is admirable that these teams care about gay rights etc but it is not like Qatar has an agenda to get rid of gay people from existence lol. They simple don’t allow homosexuality just like all...
  166. A

    How many international tournaments Guillermo Ochoa played in for Mexico? This will shock you!

    It is indeed , even if he didn’t start all of them. The longevity is legendary. Some players can barely make it to one tournament.
  167. A

    So Good To Be Back

    You mean not just AVN but online in general ???
  168. A

    Cristiano Ronaldo and the science of spotlight mastery!

    CR7 has a 6th sense for where the camera is lol. He is a genius when it comes to absorbing and capturing the spotlight. With the recent milestone of getting to 500 million Instagram followers, the interview with Pierce Morgan and the whole United saga, he has created the perfect conditions to...
  169. A

    World Cup so far: shocks and surprises!

    With 4 games to go tomorrow, the World Cup has so far been about surprises and big shocks. Biggest one is Saudi Arabia beating tournament favourites Argentina. Today you had Japan stunning Germany. Germany faces Spain on Sunday in a must win show-down. Other surprises was Tunisia and Morocco...
  170. A

    Australia, you briefly gave me false hope !

    I yelled as hard as I can when Australia ventured into French territory undetected and landed that perfect rocket into enemy territory. But as it was still early in the game, I thought they probably can’t cling to this for too long. And unfortunately I was right! Overall, despite the final...
  171. A

    How many international tournaments Guillermo Ochoa played in for Mexico? This will shock you!

    Look at how many international tournaments Ochoa has been part of for Mexico NT. Amazing! In fact I had no idea this was his 5th World Cup, joining a very rare and small list of players with 5 WCs! FIFA Confederations Cup 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 2008 Olympics 2020 Olympics 2007...
  172. A

    WOW Argentina loses to Saudi Arabia!!!

    WOW, did I read the score right? I was so sleepy when I woke to to check the score , my eyes could barely open and had to look at the score for a few seconds to confirm what I was reading. Couple of thoughts about this lose - this should be a huge wake up call for Brazil. As we know, if...
  173. A

    Alisson vs Ederson: which GK should Brazil start?

    Interesting discussion about Brazil’s choice for the number 1 GK. Basically it goes like this: Alisson : above average shot stopper, abovr average ball distribution , while the Ederson is only good in ball distribution. To me it is a no brainer, I care about shot stopping first if each is...
  174. A

    Assyrian Church of the East patriarch meet with the Pope

    On Saturday morning, November 19, 2022, His Holiness Mar Awa III, Catholicos-Patriarch, was received by His Holiness Pope Francis at the Apostolic Palace in the The delegation accompanying His Holiness were: His Eminence Mar Meelis Zaia, Archbishop of Australia, New Zealand, Lebanon, and...
  175. A

    Breaking News: Benzema is out of the World Cup due to injury!

    I am reading that it is now official and Benzema is out of the WC, due to an injury he picked up during team training. After all, he was already recovering from an injury with Real Madrid. Though I still think France is deep enough to withstand his absence, I feel so bad for him, to have come...
  176. A

    Happening now : Brazil team airplane finally touches down in Qatar! (PICTURES)

    After completing their training in Turin, Italy, Brazil team plane finally lands in Doha, Qatar.
  177. A

    Players with most WC goals at current 2022 WC

    Players with most WC goals at current 2022 WC. Neymar looking good while Messi and CR7 with so many games but not good scoring record.
  178. A

    From Neymar to Jesus, Brazil’s brilliant forwards can turn any match in Qatar

    Great article about Brazil’s team, especially this part: “Tite could start with Neymar, Vinícius Júnior, Richarlison and Raphinha and if things are not going their way he has Gabriel Jesus, Gabriel Martinelli, Rodrygo, Antony and Pedro in reserve. They will take some stopping in Qatar.”...
  179. A

    Why not give the World Cup to Argentina already?

    This is what is on Bein Sports: literally a whole live segment to show the Argentinian team airplane landing in Doha, Qatar. I am sorry but this is going way overboard.
  180. A

    My prediction on two special match-up and historical revenge

    I am not sure if it is possible for the two to meet in the final , but I have a prediction that both Argentina and Brazil will avenge their losses to France in 2018 and Germany in 2014 respectively, on their way to the final. In other words, if these two meet their European counterparts, they...
  181. A

    Welcome to 2022 World Cup

    Love it man, especially the first one!!!! Very curious about the last prediction haha!
  182. A

    Why not give the World Cup to Argentina already?

    Can we give the World Cup to Argentina already? Why even bother play? It is like they have now became the default favourites. Let me explain: -I have one of those satellite boxes that allow you to watch different channels from around the world, including all BEIN sports packages , specifically...
  183. A

    Fun fact that may shock some about Brazil in the World Cup!

    Pele was the last Brazilian to score a hat trick, back in the 1958 World Cup at age of 17! No other Brazilian has managed to score a hat trick since, a span of 64 years! Think about that! Not even Pele himself managed to score another hat trick in next 3 WCs he played (yet he was injured for...
  184. A

    Groups and Brackets

  185. A

    Welcome to 2022 World Cup

    The World Cup is almost here, after a long 4.5 year wait! As we have traditionally done, we are dedicating a special sub-forum to this special occasion, to discuss all things related to this tournament including matches, players, predictors, news and anything else you wish to talk about...
  186. A

    Did an Assyrian store owner sell the largest lottery ticket in history!

    Someone finally won the biggest jackpot in history: massive $2.01 billion Powerball ticket was sold somewhere near LA, California. But you know what is even cooler? The store owner where the the ticket was sold will get a cool $1 million! How awesome is that? But here is something even cooler: I...
  187. A

    So Good To Be Back

    Hey man, wow long time. Hadn’t seen your name even before the forums had gone down from 2018-2020. Are you still in Germany?
  188. A

    The latest Brazilian wonderkid : 16 year old Endrick

    given how young yet talented Endrick is, I was thinking he could win the 2023 U-17, 2023 U-20, 2024 Olympics, 2025 Copa America, 2026 World Cup, and still only be 20 years old!!! How crazy is that???
  189. A

    The latest Brazilian wonderkid : 16 year old Endrick

    Yesterday, at just 16 years of age, Endrick won the Brasilisro with Palmieras! In fact, having been started playing with the senior team 4 games ago, he already scored 3 goals and assisted another.
  190. A

    World's oldest complete star map, lost for millennia, found inside medieval manuscript

    Scholars may have just discovered a fragment of the world's oldest complete star map. The map segment, which was found beneath the text on a sheet of medieval parchment, is thought to be a copy of the long-lost star catalog of the second century B.C. Greek astronomer Hipparchus, who made the...
  191. A

    My World Cup article for Apple iSports

    Great article and well written Bani! Love how Bebeto was the first name mentioned lol.
  192. A

    The NEYMAR thread: Goals, Stats, Videos, News and more

    Very interesting post Bani and wow how did I forget to mention that if CR7 scores, he will have achieved something that will be close to impossible to match or break, which is to score in 5 World Cups! Imagine how hard it is to play in multiple world cups. Now imagine playing in 5 and scoring in...
  193. A

    The NEYMAR thread: Goals, Stats, Videos, News and more

    If Neymar manages to score at this WC, he will have accomplished a rare feat that I believe only Cristiano Ronaldo has? It is a streak of scoring at every international tournament he has played in: 2011 CA 2014 WC 2015 CA 2018 WC 2021 CA And if you include the Olympics and...
  194. A

    Rest in Peace: my 21 year old cousin dies in motorcycle accident in Melbourne, Australia

    We received the shocking news last week: on Sep 2nd, my 21 year old cousin died in a motorcycle accident in Melbourne, Australia. He had just turned 21 the week before. View:
  195. A

    Brazil’s next crop of young talent!

    Keep an eye on these names. Let us look back at this thread in 5 years to see if they have lived up to their potential.