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  1. Phenomenon

    Assyrian based software?

    This is a sqlite file containing english -> assyrian words. If somebody want to make something interesting... https://gitlab.com/process_spawner/english_assyrian_sqlite
  2. Phenomenon

    My beef with Assyrian music lately

    I only listen to old school. I even started to collect LPs man & I do have a nice collection...
  3. Phenomenon

    Who likes rock/ anything other than hip hop?

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1hGXMV-gnw
  4. Phenomenon

    Assyrian Podcast

    One in Assyrian would ve been nice..
  5. Phenomenon

    Assyrian based software?

    text to speech?
  6. Phenomenon

    Assyrian Podcast

    Is this the only Assyrian Podcast?
  7. Phenomenon

    Hello? Anyone out there?! Remember me?!

    Last time i was active here, i hade 0 children. Today, I have 4 \m/
  8. Phenomenon

    EA sports active

    I started training for like a week ago & it seems to work. Still did not lose weight but it defently made me feel better & i do sweat after every training session. Recommend the game if you wanna keep your health/body in shape. 0C9ggFU10qE
  9. Phenomenon

    Betting !?

    I've been lucky the last 2 weeks playin on Hockey & some football. For those interested in betting, I thought if we could share interesting picks :) These are my last 3 lines Plzeň - Vary @ 1,80 Kladno - Sparta Prague Totals over 5.5 @ 1,75 Slavia Prag - Liberec @ 1,50
  10. Phenomenon

    Since there is not any assyrian music on Spotify...

    I got the idea of making a spotify-like application with only assyrian music. It's gonna be on my spare time, nothing proffisional but kickin ass :) Sounds c00l ha?
  11. Phenomenon

    Guess what I remembered today?

    I just added it to my blog :) http://bull****4free.blogspot.com/
  12. Phenomenon

    Fallout 3

    So, nobody plays Fallout3. Long time since I were addicted to a gam. Was listning to the soundtracks of the game :) cKbSWaqa8Z8
  13. Phenomenon

    Assyrians Chaldeans Suryoyo...

    This is a 100% Assyrian & it's his world :drunk: AfJcIm4TkHQ
  14. Phenomenon

    Cheech & Chong-Things are tough all over

    Forward to 04:07 & watch  :loool: e00tIRsYWfM
  15. Phenomenon

    Know your roots (DNA & ****)

    DNA tests are now available online! foxutah
  16. Phenomenon

    an Online Assyrian Dictionary Project

    http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/4472/assyriandictro8.png I'm gonna launch it if I c enough interest in the project. And with the "interest" I mean that ppl are willing to join developing the dictionary. I do have an english wordlist and what I want is that ppl are gonna translate these...
  17. Phenomenon

    car parts software

    I know that such a software exist & forgot the name. Can some1 refresh my memory ?
  18. Phenomenon

    Some Quarter tones

    Very Nais man!! r91BjPJ2WAE zpJ9rLUaSYI lOXYrjxBYLU This guy is playin quarter tones on a fretless guitar ! SwFZhaygCHs
  19. Phenomenon


    Skype developer's new project. Take a look! http://www.joost.com/
  20. Phenomenon

    Funny iRaQi Comedy كارتون عراقي معيدي

    hehe FLg0_hhDTxU