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  1. Phenomenon

    EA sports active

    I started training for like a week ago & it seems to work. Still did not lose weight but it defently made me feel better & i do sweat after every training session. Recommend the game if you wanna keep your health/body in shape. 0C9ggFU10qE
  2. Phenomenon

    Betting !?

    I've been lucky the last 2 weeks playin on Hockey & some football. For those interested in betting, I thought if we could share interesting picks :) These are my last 3 lines Plzeň - Vary @ 1,80 Kladno - Sparta Prague Totals over 5.5 @ 1,75 Slavia Prag - Liberec @ 1,50
  3. Phenomenon

    Since there is not any assyrian music on Spotify...

    I got the idea of making a spotify-like application with only assyrian music. It's gonna be on my spare time, nothing proffisional but kickin ass :) Sounds c00l ha?
  4. Phenomenon

    Guess what I remembered today?

    I just added it to my blog :) http://bull****4free.blogspot.com/
  5. Phenomenon

    Fallout 3

    So, nobody plays Fallout3. Long time since I were addicted to a gam. Was listning to the soundtracks of the game :) cKbSWaqa8Z8
  6. Phenomenon

    Assyrians Chaldeans Suryoyo...

    This is a 100% Assyrian & it's his world :drunk: AfJcIm4TkHQ
  7. Phenomenon

    Cheech & Chong-Things are tough all over

    Forward to 04:07 & watch  :loool: e00tIRsYWfM
  8. Phenomenon

    Know your roots (DNA & ****)

    DNA tests are now available online! foxutah
  9. Phenomenon

    an Online Assyrian Dictionary Project

    http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/4472/assyriandictro8.png I'm gonna launch it if I c enough interest in the project. And with the "interest" I mean that ppl are willing to join developing the dictionary. I do have an english wordlist and what I want is that ppl are gonna translate these...
  10. Phenomenon

    car parts software

    I know that such a software exist & forgot the name. Can some1 refresh my memory ?
  11. Phenomenon

    Some Quarter tones

    Very Nais man!! r91BjPJ2WAE zpJ9rLUaSYI lOXYrjxBYLU This guy is playin quarter tones on a fretless guitar ! SwFZhaygCHs
  12. Phenomenon


    Skype developer's new project. Take a look! http://www.joost.com/
  13. Phenomenon

    Funny iRaQi Comedy كارتون عراقي معيدي

    hehe FLg0_hhDTxU
  14. Phenomenon

    I got a new hobby !

    Readin the comments of those members of the torrentsites. The youngsters nowadays have really sick swearings man. --------------------------------------------------- :loool: karlsson_patriot - 2007-06-30 00:02 CET: IS THIS REAL?? Jocke111 - 2007-06-30 00:04 CET: as real as your mothers tits
  15. Phenomenon

    Cakewalk 6 Sonar

    THis app owns o1j1Pc2h8A8 qUExdsmNNrE Q2UI1daUNvU X15y4LrbLHc b5K2RhXW0bM 5FQau2uZZXc sQzpHPvWSnk 0TyETtm8SVo
  16. Phenomenon

    Magix music maker

    Just a question!? Can you plugin your instrument, like an usb synth or guitar to it ? Or it's just a drag & drop zebla program ?
  17. Phenomenon


    My mom have to c this ! m4l2UUueH5Q
  18. Phenomenon

    MS Silverlight !

  19. Phenomenon

    A question about CVV 2/CVC2

    How usual is it to use tthe cvv code when you are buyin online if u live in N. America. I've read that the cvv code is not required when buying online as much as for example in Sweden. Lets say that I'll create a webshop. As a payment method, I would ask the American customers to input the...
  20. Phenomenon

    My new k00l case

    my living room iz frosty cuz of all the fans http://www.logisyscomputer.com/viewsku.asp?SKUID=CS888UVBL&DID=C001