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  1. Senalco

    Has Facebook Killed our own AVN?

    I am not going to lie, but I havn't been on AVN for a very very long time, and I honestly don't know why lol. I havn't had any problems with anyone nor any issues with the Forum or the way its been Run. I just Stopped coming here because I kinda grew Old and had no motivation to post anymore...
  2. Senalco

    The Descendants- George Clooney

    Has anyone seen the Movie " The Descendants " by George Cloney? They said it was the Performance of his life and he has won an Oscar for it... So I went and saw it today!!! ARE you for real?????? that was the most boring basic films I ever seen. Very basic story line, very little Drama, very...
  3. Senalco

    The Youth of Today: Why Did they abandon their faith?

    This Topic deserves a Blog for it is so BIG and sensitive, yet it plays a key Role for the Future of Our Church & our Nation. It has been a Trend of recent years that Our churches are filled with the Old Generations whilst our Youth are almost no where to be seen. Our Youth today has...
  4. Senalco

    The Jesus Files: Jesus the Prophet

    Putting Aside what Christians believe of Jesus to be, the Majority of the World including other religions and critics Consider Jesus to be a Prophet, sent from God to Deliver a message of repentance to all People. Like all Prophets, he is also considered to be a Human being who once lived and...
  5. Senalco

    The Jesus Files: Answering the World of Critics

    The Jesus Files is a new Project that I been working on for almost two years now... There has always been a Hostile reception whenever religious topics were brought to the table. Over the last 10 years, there has been a popular Rise in Secular Societies that are anti-Christian and Anti...
  6. Senalco

    Single Mums with kids: is it the New Phobia in our Culture?

    The Number of Single Mums with kids in our community has reached an alarming level....What is causing the Divorce rates to be so high? who is to blame? how do we fix Such problem? Please Discuss and give your Opinions!!!
  7. Senalco

    Salvation: The Big Question-How we do obtain it?

    The Word " Salvation ", we often hear about it but not fully understand it. We hear many Religions call for it but its not Clear how to Obtain it and why We need to Obtain it... Salvation in simple Words is the Reunion between Man & God. It is the Ultimate and Final Destination of human kind...
  8. Senalco

    A Biblical Defense of Catholicism

    A Biblical Defense of Catholicism Source: Dixon Te The Holy Bible (in 1st Timothy 3:15) says that the Church is the pillar and foundation of truth. Jesus promise (in Matthew 16:18) that the power of Hades cannot prevail against the Church. The Spirit of Truth will guide the Church into all the...
  9. Senalco

    Gold Coast Trip 2012: Australia

    GOLD COAST 2012: IT HAS ARRIVED I have just launched a Great Sale for the Australian Market involving a 4 Day Trip to the Gold Coast, which is a Tourist Area in Queensland, Australia. THE 2012 GOLD COAST SALE CONTINUES TO OFFER THE CHEAPEST AND MOST OFFORDABLE HOLIDAY FOR MANY FAMILIES AND...
  10. Senalco

    The End of the World 2012: Are you ready for it?

    oh yes Folks, According to some Christian groups, The World is Set to Finally End in 2012. The Big Bang is set upon us and is going to Wipe human kind before eventually the Second of Coming Christ and the End of Earth..... The 2012 Theory is even supported by a supposed prophecy of some Kind...
  11. Senalco

    Toronto, Canada: your Top 5 Attractions

    Hi Folks, for those that live in Toronto or have visited it before, What are your Top 5 Destinations or things to See in Toronto? I would like you to put your list in the following order: A- Your Must See places & if you didnt, then your a bloody idiot lol B- Places Worthy of seeing if you...
  12. Senalco

    The Grand Canyon: has anyone been there after 2004?

    The Grand Canyon is one of America's Miracle wonders and one of the top Tourist attractions for people from all around the World. I would like to ask AVNers few Simple Questions? if you can answer them in order, it would be great Q1. Have you been to the Grand Canyon? if So, what did u think...
  13. Senalco

    Sick of AVN & Life???

    Who if feeling Down? who is feeling lost? who is fed up from this World and the people of this World? who Feels that life just goes round Circles and things just gets repeated? who has too much pride and just can't let go? I have the Answer to all of life's troubles. Its One Word that will...
  14. Senalco

    Congratulations to Knight & Jojeee

    Another Milestone for AVN & Another Great Event....Two Avner's come together to become one Body and pledge to live the rest of their Lives together.... Congratulations to Knight & Jojeee on their Wedding, I Pray to the Lord to bless their marriage and give them an endless Journey of happiness...
  15. Senalco

    The Holy Spirit: is it a Force or a Person ( Qnuma)

    Hello Brothers & Sisters in Christ.... New Age groups have often spoken against the Holy spirit and provided what they think is evidence to Show and prove that the Holy Spirit is a mere Force only, nothing more to it. In their Argument, they brought up the Following Points: 1- The Holy Spirit...
  16. Senalco

    Salvation: Is it by Faith or Works?

    This is a very important topic that we need to discuss and it forms the Core of the Christian Belief. If you can grasp it, understand it and then apply it to your life, i can assure you, your almost there!!!! for many centuries, churches argued this topic to death and many rejected to include...
  17. Senalco

    Q & A : The Virgin Mary... Everything is Revealed

    Last Weekend, i was invited to a Catholic camp some 2 hours away from my City. After meeting and greeting everyone there, they were a bit taken back and shocked to learn that I was an Evangelist. They insisted that I give them a lecture of some sort. The idea was not welcomed by the priest...
  18. Senalco

    Bible Studies: The Parable of the Sower

    :loool: :loool: :loool: hey folks, look who is back??? this Section has been dead for months if not years but the beauty of AVN is that Ashoor is very patient with us and he is giving us chance after chance to keep this Forum alive... so lets make the most of it... The Parable of the Sower is...
  19. Senalco

    الكردي وزاج الكلدو اشورية

    واحد كردي شاف بنت مسيحية كلدو اشورية فاصر على الزواج منها وطلب ايدها . ذهب الكردي الى ابو البنية حتى يطلب ايدها فسئاله الاب: ابني شعندك شهادات؟ جاوبه الكردي وقال " والله عمو ماعندي غير شهادة وفاة الوالد " ههههههههههههههههههههههههه
  20. Senalco

    Gold Coast Trip: QLd Australia ( A Big Sale is on )

    Hey Guys, This event is for Aussie Travellers..... Some of you might not know But i Work as an Account Manager for Jet Star Airways & my job is basically Organising holiday packages for a Cheap and Disconted prices all Across Australia & the World. Next Summer in Febuary, We have a Big Sale to...